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One Piece Enhancement ch 7

Chapter 7: One-sided killing

Kazick’s figure suddenly appeared in front of a person, and the two sickles passed through the cold light.

‘Tak Tak Tak’.

A person heads directly put on the ground.

Blood splashes.

“Oh… this, what kind of monster is this.”

“It’s terrible.”

The rest of the people saw this and got shocked, and stopped involuntarily, looking at the monster that suddenly appeared out of air.

“I will Kill you all!!”

The pirates stopped, but Kazick did not.

At the command of Avishek, Kazick wanted to kill all these people.

Once again, the purple light flashed.

‘Tak Tak Tak’, another person died directly, blood sprinkled on the deck, and the air was filled with blood.

Everyone suddenly returned from their thoughts.

Their body couldn’t help but tremble.

This kind of monster, they have never seen. They are equivalent to the cannon fodder in front of this devil.

In front of Kazick, these people do not have any resistance, and it converted into a one-sided slaughter.

For these, Avishek has not paid any attention.

At this time, Avishek starts moving forward step by step.


Sadie turned white and noticed Kazick next to him, his eyes flashing in fear.

He knew he kick the iron plate, today.

But when he think about his 30 million bounty, how can he beg for his life from the unknown person?

“Kid, you are looking for death!”

Sadie screamed and waved his sword in his hand, the target is the forehead of Avishek.

“It’s not me who is looking for death, but you.” Avishek turning slightly, and directly punched.

Although the pirate captain is strong, it can only be limited to the scope of the four seas.

This may be a pirate group that has just arrived at the Grand Line. They don’t know the terrible path of the Grand line. 30 million bounty pirates have only one dead end in front of Avishek who has the power of Captain in Navy.


Avishek whispered softly.

The index finger sticks out.

A blue current condenses directly at the fingertips, then shoots directly and slams toward Sadie.


Sadie lifted his sword in front of his chest, just blocking the current attack, but then his face turn even more pale.

The current is diffused through the sword.

Directly conveyed to his wrist, now his wrist is actually paralyzed.


Avishek sneered and Sadie tried to kick. “How do you want to die?”

“It’s better, let me help you choose the law of death.”


Hearing, Sadie couldn’t help but panic in his heart. He saw the decisive killing from the eyes of Avishek and shouted in horror. “No, don’t. Let me go, let me go!!”

“It’s late!”

Avishek was cold, and suddenly stretched out his right hand and shot directly on Sadie’s head, and shouted directly. “Discharge!”


A powerful blue current emerges from the palm of Avishek for a moment and directly entered into the head of Sadie, and rushes into his body.

Powerful current.

Sadie’s body twitched directly.

The pupils of the eyes began to spread.

“No, don’t.”

Sadie muttered. Under the gaze of Avishek, the current was poured from the brain, without any possibility of survival. After two minutes, he finally died.

The body fell directly to the ground.

Looking at the body, Avishek did not have any discomfort, but slowly turned to look at Kazick.

At present, only 7-8 pirates are left on the ship now, under the killing of Kazick.


He saw Kazick flashing like a purple, moving through the crowd with the speed that ordinary people can’t see with the naked eye. The two sickles are like the deadly sickle of death, harvesting human life.

When only the last person is left.

Avishek said: “Stop, Kazick.”

“Yes, Master.”

The sickle that had been almost reached on the neck of the last pirate, stopped.

Kazick took back his own sickle and left the last surviving pirate, hiding in the void and coming behind Avishek.

And this pirate is still caught in the horror of the imminent death.

“If you don’t want to die, take me to the nearest island, the island where someone lives.”

Avishek looked at the man and said slowly, turning a blind eye to the bodies lying on the deck…

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