One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 25

Chapter 25: He loves her

Ten minutes later, Luo Qing finally able to escape from the idiot girl.

“Nami…it’s really not what you think.” Looking at Nami’s faceless expression, Luo Qing explained the sentence with a hard scalp.

“How much confusion does your emotional life have to do with me? It is really not my business, Captain Luo Qing!”

“Oh… I can’t say that. I think this kind of misunderstanding is not necessarily better. I am a young man of the new era who believes in pure love, since I came to this world, I have never been to any woman!”

It’s not a lie. In the pirate world for more than a year, he really hasn’t had a chance to do it.

The only girl who was sent to the door was just interrupted by Nami.

Listening to him, the expression on the face of Nami seems to have a sign of warming up, and she does not know why she feels inexplicably angry when the girl rushes into his arms.

Moreover, the more she think about it, the more strange it is, and what kind of relationship does he have with a woman, and what kind of anger she has.

However, after seeing his nervous explanation to himself, it was a bit of joy and happiness.

Do you yourself…

Impossible! Impossible!

How long did they know each other, even if he saved the village more than once and saved her, it was too much!

Be grateful!

Because of my gratitude, I went to his ‘pirate ship’.

Just when Naomi was vomiting in his heart, she heard Luo Qing say, “Or… I will tell you a joke.”

Nami did not speak, but she still quietly erected her ears.

Just listen to Luo Qing and ask her: “With love, me, he, she. Form a sentence in a sentence, what would it mean?”

Nami said, and despite the fact that she was still ‘angry,’ she tried to say one: “I love him?”


“He loves me?”

“Guess again!”

Luo Qing, a deputy high-profile man, let Nami hate the teeth, and then she was not willing to guess a few times, all wrong!

“How can these four words form a fluent sentence! I have to listen to what the answer is!” Nami said with anger.

“Then you listened, the correct answer is: He loves her!”

Ok? its not right!

Nami then asked, “What about me?”

“None of your business!”

“…” Nami.

Luo Qing smiled that it was a happy one. This joke once contracted him for a year of laughter. When he used this joke to tease someone else, he would be very happy. This time is no exception!


Nami’s face turn blue green!

You are a certified bastard!

Nami laughed and walked forward.

“Hey, don’t be angry, just kidding!”

“You can also use it to tease Kobi after you go back!”

The effort of two sentences, the poor Kobi in the boat, was sold by his cheap teacher.

Luo Qing did not dare to challenge Nami’s fragile nerves after he had been so skinned. He said a lot of good words and told a few real jokes to finally make Nami laugh.

Everything has a degree. If it exceeds this degree, it will be not good.

Why are so many couples sweet and lacquer-like when they are in love? After getting married, they will be arguing every day.

It’s not because they only have the advantage of each other when they are in love. Every day she think about her boyfriend who washed her feet. My boyfriend gave me a loving breakfast.

But when marriage happens, woman’s heart is not balanced. He was so good to me when we are in love, and now he doesn’t care about me at all.

In the eyes of most women, as long as a man gives her some habits, it becomes a matter of course!

No matter how good it is, it should be boring after some period of time!

Therefore, Luo Qing, who admits that he really has an idea for Nami, will not turn spoil her every day. The intimate moment is intimate, and she should not be scrupulous when she is angry. This is his exclusive ability as an pervert and intelligent man.

The focus of everything is on the middle degree!

. . . . . . . . . . .

All the way to make noises and laughs, Luo Qing took Nami to the Blue Bird Chamber of Commerce.

“What about Old John? Hurry and ask him to come over and settle my old account!” Luo Qing is not polite, although Old John took a lot of risks, but compared to the benefits that Luo Qing brought to him, it is simply not mention in value!

For qualified businessmen, as long as the interests are in place, he will dare to go to the Tiger Cave!

It should be that Old John had already arranged it, so the comrades of the Chamber of Commerce immediately ran to inform Old John after seeing him.

In a few minutes, Old John walked out and laughed.

“It seems that this sale has not made less money?” Luo Qing looked at him with a smile.

“This is not the place to talk, come with me.”

Luo Qing is not afraid of his tricks. At present, In East Blue Sea only Smoker can create problem for him. It is really bad to deal with the Logia fruit without Haki and sea floor stone.

When he got there, Luo Qing saw at first sight a few black boxes with neatly arranged.

He looked at John deeply, and the people who were able to start from scratch were smart people.

“This is 20 million Bailey!”

Old John smiled and opened all the boxes, and the whole pile of banknotes was piled up inside!

Nami rushed over!

Her savings over the years and the treasures she had found from Arlong were all left to the villagers. She ran quietly on the boat without a penny.

She is really happy to see so much money now!

Handsome, strong and can make money!

“Sell at so much price?” Luo Qing was very surprised. He thought he could burn a million incense.

“The ship sold for a good price, a full ten million!”

“And the newly appointed Navy Colonel Smoker in Louge town is a very upright person in navy, and the 25 million bounty is paid for the heads of pirates.”

“Remove some of the remaining benefits to the crew, I only took 15 million, and the rest are here, and the extra ones are compensation.”

Luo Qing has noticed that the young man who always follows the old John has disappeared. It is obvious that the so-called inner ghost has been smashed by the old John. He wants to have evaporated from the world at this time, so this compensation is to compensates him for his peace of mind.

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