One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 26

Chapter 26: Nami Shopping

“In addition, your business has been told to the Navy in detail, I hope you can understand, after all…”

Speaking of this, old John sighed.

Luo Qing did not bother him. He was very satisfied with this result.

“Isn’t that saying that I have been targeted by the Navy? Then we…”

Nami finally woke up from the joy of 20 million Bailey.

Old John is silent.

Luo Qing has already made the worst plan, even if he has to fight with Smoker.

After all, he knows how serious Smoker’s ‘partial elemental’ is, and he pays too much attention to the power of the devil fruit, which makes his body skills not so strong, and he is not proficient in Navy six styles and Haki.

There are also fatal weaknesses such as sea floor stone!

But Luo Qing, who doesn’t know Haki and has no sea-floor stone weapons. He doesn’t know what to win over Smoker, but running is no problem.

There is a slippery fruits, it is difficult for Smoker to catch up with him on the land. If it is at sea, it will be more beneficial to Luo Qing.

Not afraid of the sea, he can use the sharpness of the ‘infinite claw set’ to easily slash the warship. This is also the customary routine of some fishman to fight, but the Navy has no way to do this.

Who makes the world of fishman and sea kings in the sea!

The strong who can kill the fishman in the water are some, but it is really too little, at least Smoker, who is the devil fruit user, is not listed here.

There is no place to settle, unless Smoker can always be turn into elemental in the sky, otherwise it will be impossible to take Luo Qing.

Of course, this is only the countermeasure that Luo Qing considered in the past few days according to the situation. It is still unclear what it really happens.

“Then we will go first. I hope that when I return to the East Blue Sea one day, I can still see old friends.”

“Then you hurry up, I can’t afford to rip my old bones for a long time.”

Old John and Luo Qing looked at each other, although the position at the moment was completely different, and even there were many unpleasantness in the process of getting along, but the final result was quite good.

Luo Qing appreciates the strength and decisiveness of Old John, and Old John values the infinite possibilities of Luo Qing. This is an investment that does not suffer losses!

“If you need a better boat in the future, if you have enough money then go to Water 7 Island to find a boatman named Kieran John, that is my nephew. If you find him, you can enjoy a 5% discount on my name, it is a gift before leaving.”

“Old John’s face is really worth it~ But thank you.” Luo Qing smiled and waved away.

Of course, before he left, he did not forget to put the money in the inner space of the infinite gloves.

This magical trick, let Nami stare at him for a long time.

In the Cocoyashi village, the gloves that were all made of ‘gold’ appeared for a while, and disappeared for a while, which was very strange.

Moreover, Nami also noticed that whenever Luo Qing was fighting, gloves appeared as before.

In the future, she is a partner on the ship. Such a strange fact has already been noticed.

“What exactly is the golden glove that changes? And where did the money have been hidden? Did you still be a magician before becoming a pirate hunter?” Nami couldn’t help but be curiously asked.

“What golden gloves, it is hard to hear!”

“This is called an infinity glove. It is an artifact. Just the money has been received in its internal space, and it can be taken out at any time. It is very convenient!”

He don’t know if people in this world are very capable of accepting, or are used to seeing all sorts of weird things, or they can’t look at his appearance. In short, Nami no longer asks after he snorted.

Everyone has their own privacy and secrets. Now that she knows this, she has been very satisfied, and at least the foundation of trust between the two has been initially established.

Nami does not ask, Luo Qing naturally will not rush to show off the ability of Infinity gloves and its origins, after all, he is from other worlds, the fact that there is no need to preach, let this secret rotten in the stomach.

After he glanced at several ‘small tails’ with invisible light, Luo Qing said with a smile: “Start shopping, I am in a good mood today. You can buy anything, it is a welfare.”

In an instant, Nami’s eyes began to shine!

“Long live the captain!”

Under the excitement, Nami took the initiative to hug Luo Qing’s head, and the tempting 36D almost made him suffocate and forget!

But when Nami loosened his excitement to go shopping, Luo Qing, who was breathing fresh air, was a bit reluctant. It seems that it is not unacceptable to die in the soft bouncy boobs.

Then, Luo Qing and Nami started their shopping!

Because the next trip Luo Qing has already made it clear to Nami, the goal is naturally a more magnificent Grand Line!

Therefore, this big purchase is likely to be the last time before they enter Grand Line. So, she must buy everything in all aspects of demand.

The first thing that bears the brunt of the nature is that all kinds of food, Luo Qing and Nami are all fed up with the days of eating fruits. Even if they are really delicious, they can’t stand to eat it every day!

Sure enough, meat is the king!

So, a lot of meat, vegetables, drinks… There are also a variety of beautiful clothes that help Koby and his own purchase of various fitness equipment…

Even Luo Qing who had a lot of experience in accompanying women to go shopping, but in front of Nami, he still lost in this battle!

Sure enough, this world is different. Ordinary people have a body that is far beyond the earth, let alone beauty immersed in the ‘shopping’!

But when Nami walked into a shop selling swimwear and put on a two-piece swimsuit with a very attractive sky blue stripe, Luo Qing immediately commented on it!

“This one is perfect for you!”

“But I think there are so many styles to choose from here. It’s better to buy two more.”

“For example, the black one on the shelf is good, it can show your body perfectly!”

Originally, Nami had some sneak peek after hearing his serious comments. No girl or woman did not like the compliments of others, especially men who were not annoying.

But when her heart was really ready to try a few more sets for him to see, she followed Luo Qing’s line of sight to see what he called ‘black one’…

Nami was upset at once!

That is also called a swimsuit!

It is just two black belts!

That’s right, that’s the legendary ‘V-shaped swimsuit’!

Man’s paradise!

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