One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 27

Chapter 27 Turns Faces and Doesn’t Recognize People

As long as he imagined that Nami put on the swimsuit, Luo Qing felt that he definitely sprout his blood from his nose!

It has been more than a year since he came to this world. Luo Qing found that his resistance to beauty is getting weaker and weaker, especially in the face of the very popular role of Nami. He is really afraid of being unable to control!

In the face of Luo Qing’s hot eyes, Nami, who wanted to give him some color, suddenly found that she was not so angry, but rather shy.

It is undeniable that in the face of Luo Qing, Nami thinks that she is actually grateful.

There are some good feelings that are certain, but it is not clear to her whether it has risen to like it, but at least Luo Qing is her first man who is not annoying and similar in age.

After the first come to this advantage, Luo Qing’s order has already reached one!

After a glimpse of his style, Nami ignored the two belts and tried a few other swimsuits with great enthusiasm. He had a relatively conservative one-piece style and a warm but healthy two-piece style.

At the time of paying, Luo Qing’s brain is still ‘out of the picture’.

And Nami is taking the opportunity to buy the two black belts bikini and put into the bag…

When she left, Nami seemed to have seen the store manager and the shopping guide looking at her and Luo Qing with a smile.

It’s really a pervert old man!

Nami’s face was covered with shyness. She didn’t know why she buy it. I was so good, how could I be laughed at by the back?

“What’s wrong, Nami? How is your face so red? The weather is not so hot~”

Luo Qing, who has returned to reality from fantasy, suddenly noticed the strangeness of Nami, so he asked strangely.

Not all because of you!

Nami hated him with a glance, and then did not speak, just panicked and accelerated her pace to ease her uneasy mood at the moment.

Is that her periods started?

Luo Qing has bizarre thinking, and soon he was relieved. Women, when there are so few violent times every month, you can understand!

After Nami lost her desire to continue shopping, Luo Qing finally breathed a sigh of relief to end the big purchase, and then returned to the ship with Nami.

As for the things they bought, there are naturally merchants coming over to let them load, so they don’t have to worry.

Only those underwear and swimsuits that Nami bought were directly picked up by her. This kind of private object is still not safe to pass to the hands of others. If someone did something disgusting, then she really vomiting blood to wasted her dress!

After Nami once again took a look at Luo Qing without a trace, she closed the door with a sigh!

Look at your share, I don’t care about you!

Inexplicably Luo Qing had to comfort himself.

However, if someone let him know that he has just been arranged into a ‘perverted’ category by Nami, I don’t know what he will think!

“Kobi! Someone will send the material what we have just bought. You arranged it everything and cleaned up the oranges in the cabin first.”

After hearing the words of the orange, Kobi feels that his face has turned into the orange, and finally no longer need to eat oranges!

Kobi cried a lot and then ran out, this is his most positive moment in these days!

No way, the oranges sent by the villagers are too many, depending on how many of them can eat in one day!

Fortunately, the inner space of the infinite gloves is large enough, and the space of one hundred cubic meters can hold too much!

So Luo Qing directly manipulated the infinite gloves to put all the oranges in the cabin, and then found a corner and took out some of the fruit brought out from the beast island.

After these days of consumption, the variety of native products he brought out from the Beast Island is not much, but it is not something that is rare. Otherwise, he will not go back to Grand Line before going to that beast Island.

Just after he had just finished cleaning up, Nami suddenly opened the door and came out.

Still the cool and eye-catching dress, but the mask on the top was replaced by the newly bought blue stripe. Below is a warm and ultra-short beach skirt!

The experianced old man Luo Qing was decisive and amazed. The money was really no white flowers, but it was a pity for that the black one… Ufff!

“The sea air is damp, remember to drink more water.” Luo Qing, who was fascinated by some of his eyes, said a nonsense.

“Why should I drink water, didn’t we bought a lot of juice and drinks? Of course, I want to open a party tonight!” Nami said with a very domineering look.

Luo Qing would like to say that it is not good to drink, but if you think about it, forget it. After all, there seems to be no ‘normal person’ in this world!

After Luo Qing nodded, he wanted to go out and see how the materials were prepared outside. After all, Smoker could bring people to kill him at any time. Although he was not afraid, there was no need to wait for him to come. Everything was still prepared step by step!

But Nami was in front of him and kept him from passing!

“Oh… is there something else?”

“Give me!”

Nami suddenly reached out!

“What?” Luo Qing was a little embarrassed.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid! Give the rest of the money out. As a nautical and steward of this pirate group, I think it is safer to put it here. If you accidentally die, I can bring the money and run away.”


It seems to make sense… it’s strange!

What the fuck, I accidentally die!

Why do you want to retreat at this time!

Say goodbye to the unstoppable embarrassment between the companions?

If I really die someday, shouldn’t you go to help me take revenge or die on the same day of the same year?

And who gave you the steward title for you? Don’t you feel bad?

Shouldn’t it be my job to give title as a Captain?


There are too many places worthy of questioning. For a time, Luo Qing did not know where to vomit!

“Don’t you… Do you not believe in the captain?~ Hey~”

Seeing Luo Qing’s face and not talking, Nami immediately changed her attitude and began to sell cute and pitiful look. That acting is really proper!

“Okay, don’t show this type of face!”

In desperation, Luo Qing had to take out the remaining more than 10 million Bailey and handed it to Nami.

After getting the money, Nami immediately mentioned the box, and then turned her face and didn’t recognize it!

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