One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 28

Chapter 28: Smoker Arrives

Luo Qing watches boringly to Kobi and command people to move things into the cabin.

“I didn’t expect Nami didn’t recognize me after getting money!”

“According to speculation, Nami always stood near the 10 million Bailey box for a whole day? Even if she sleep at night, she don’t let go of the box!”

“Loss! It’s a big loss!”

“No, I have to go to Nami to talk, take my money and think of ‘responsible’ for me!”

So Luo Qing, who was ‘angry,’ ran straight to open the door of Nami.

“Nami! Are you supposed to…oh…”

“This is not… are you?”

“Go to death!!!”

Nami, who was ashamed and angry, protected the front with one hand, and took a chair and looked at Luo Qing who was watching it!

“Misunderstanding! Really misunderstanding!”

“But to say, you really bought that black one.”


Nami’s powder punches knocked Luo Qing down to the ground, and then she slammed the door shut heavily!

After a little calmer, Nami, who was wearing only two black strips, leaned back against the facade of the room. In this small room, she seemed to be able to hear the sound of her heart ‘Boom Boom’ jumping fast!

“This bastard!”

As soon as she thought of the scene where she was wearing the ‘clothes’ that he likes, she would have to rush out and bite him!

Although she has always been bold in dressing and willing to show her good body, the two straps are still too much.

“How did you forget to lock the door just now!”

Nami grabbed her chest and tried to calm down her unspeakable shame.

On the other hand, Luo Qing, who was turned into Panda eye by Nami, escaped and left. The scene just now was too exciting!

Nami, who has only two ribbons covering her key position, is looking at herself in the mirror, and she is constantly changing her movements…

Luo Qing subconsciously touched his nose, but fortunately, it was a bit hot, what broke the weather!

Judging from the scattered underwear on the Nami bed, it was obvious that Nami was trying the clothes in the smug, but I am just too lucky to enter at a correct time.

But the question is, when did Nami buy this one?

When he think about it, Luo Qing can only think that it is Nami carrying a secretly wrapping this piece.

This dress is just too good!

Luo Qing started to even sing a song. He even forgot about his 10 million Bailey which he handed over to her.

“Teacher, everything is ready.”

At this time, Kobi said to Luo Qing, who looked strangely at the sky.

Luo Qing immediately put away the swaying color like it didn’t even appear on his face, and then he quickly put on the appearance of a strict teacher. “Well, you have done a good thing.”

“Since the purchase is complete, then we should leave, go and call Nami, then our goal is Grand Line!”

Although it is very strange why it is not Luo Qing teacher to call, but Kobi is still very good to knock on the door.

After a few seconds…

Kobi was beaten and flew out!

Then Nami sat down with her beautiful legs and took a clap.

“When your teacher is a pervert, how you be a good student!”

After walking to Luo Qing, Nami said with impunity and glaring at him.

“Oh, misunderstanding, it is a misunderstanding!”

“I just wanted to tell you that we should go, or else we can’t go.”

Without paying attention to the grievances, Luo Qing just helplessly pointed to behind her.

Nami turned her head and immediately shouted: “What are you waiting for? Go quickly!”

“Luo Qing went to the helm, Kobi start sailing!”

Luo Qing quickly returned to his post after a glance at Kobi, whose face is swollen.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Just a short distance from the Goa Kingdom, a domineering warship is quickly heading here.

It was also a coincidence that when Navy, who stayed here, contacted Smoker with a telephone bug, he patrolled in the waters not far away.

Upon receiving the news that the suspected ‘Golden Right Claw’ Luo Qing appeared in the Chamber of Commerce in Goa Kingdom, Smoker immediately turned around and returned.

Originally, he also arranged for the person to be responsible for following Luo Qing’s ship, but Luo Qing’s daring is to have shopping and he is accompanying Nami to go shopping. He does not need Smoker’s arrangement of these backhands who blocked in this sea area.

“Captain Smoker, the other party seems to have found us.”

“It’s fine. If the speed is the same, it is impossible for the other ship to escape the pursuit of this warship, but it is their last struggle.”

A man with a cigar said disdainfully.

“But from what we have learned, the other party does not seem to be a vicious and wicked person. Instead, the heroes of the Cocoyashi village, who were rescued from Arlong Pirates and the colonel.”

At this moment, a female navy with a sword around her waist come. She very hesitantly said.

“Hero? Tashigi, do you think so?”

After the female navy hesitated, she pushed her glasses firmly and said: “Yes! I think he is the hero who protects the people. Those who help to remove the Navy scum, is a Hero. The practice of covering up the truth makes me feel confused. The belief in my heart does not match with this!”

Smoker took a sip of cigars and spit out a thick smog, making his face looming in the smoke and not seeing his true thoughts.

“Don’t say this later, at least we need to obey the orders of our superiors when we wear this dress.”

Tashigi really got stunned and couldn’t help but vomit in his heart: “Submissive command? Is this really speaking from your mouth? If you really want to obey the order, you won’t be exiled here… ”

“But after catching him, I can give him a chance.”

“When you can get him, you will see you.”

Smoker threw the cigar in his hand into the sea, and then pulled out a point from his chest pocket.

Tashigi immediately got surprise: “Yes! Guarantee to complete the mission!”

This world does not need a hero, but it also needs some fools who can follow the truth of their own heart to sweep the darkness.

And such a person should not be reduced to a pirate, and should not die as simple as that.

Hidden under the smoke is Smoker’s unwilling eyes.

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