One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 29

Chapter 29: The power of the wilderness is overflowing.

“It’s over… at this distance, with this ship, we can’t get rid of the warships…”

Nami’s face was full of worries. She finally decided to follow Luo Qing as a pirate. Isn’t their journey come to an end?

Kobi face is also not as good as Nami, he is horrified to death, and his body has been trembled constantly. It seems that he has a long way to go before he becomes a true fearless powerhouse.

Only Luo Qing’s face, which had long been expected to be in this situation, was not afraid, but it was still a little faint expectation on his face.

It seems that he is also a restless person from his bones!

Luo Qing seems to recognize at this moment what is hidden in his heart. When he was on earth, he did not try to start his own business, but when he learned that his business was booming because of his father’s business partner. After seeing the attitude on his father’s face like ‘you can’t be anything without me’, Luo Qing directly handed the business to his father and no longer managed.

And when he ventured to start a business for the second time and bluntly did not need his father’s help and did not need anyone to look at his father’s face to please him, he rushed… and the money was terrible!

Tens of millions of funds have lost at that time!

Although his father helped him manage the scene afterwards, he also lost his confidence in business, and since then he has become a stable worm.

Not willing?


Let my father be disappointed…

Luo Qing feels like a fire is burning in his heart. Maybe he did not inherit his father’s business mind, but he is himself. He is Luo Qing, he is not his father!

Since he has come to the world alone, and has unlimited possibilities, why not let yourself stand at the apex of the world, and then live a happy life freely free to do what you want!

After finally understanding what he wanted, Luo Qing calmed down.

The only thing he has to do now is to defeat Smoker and then enter Grand Line and open a new chapter that belongs to him!

“Nami, you and Kobi go first, I will drag them.”


Nami refused without thinking about it!

Her eyes are also very firm, she will not abandon Luo Qing, otherwise what does it mean if she insists on going out with him?

“I… I won’t escape…”

Even Kobi shows his position, although he is still afraid of death.

It seems that the first time when the Captain was not a failure…

Luo Qing smiled very happily.

He first knocked on Kobi’s head and then gently put Nami into his arms.

“Reassure, I will not do things that I am not sure about. I am just going to scuttle the warships behind me, and then I will come back to meet you. How can I do thing which can make me die?”

“Are you not a devil fruit user? How you will come when you slash a warship?” Nami looked at him with a look of ‘You are so deceived.’

“I am a devil fruit user, but I have never eaten any devil fruit, so the sea water is not effective for me.” Luo Qing was very serious when he spoke.

Nami is a little shaken. If it is a fake, it will cost the Captain’s life.

“That believes you once, you must come back alive.”

“Give me a little encouragement. If we leave safely this time, how about wearing a black one alone?”

Nami couldn’t help but look a little red, and gave him a direct look. When did he still think about welfare, it was a big satyr!

But Nami was not angry this time, but after shifting her gaze, she whispered.


After getting the promise, Luo Qing feels that he has endless strength!

Not to mention Smoker, even if little Akainu came, I can handle him!

Luo Qing let go of Nami, then took a straw and sneaked into the water.

Nami, who took over the helm, continued to flee as far as planned, and Luo Qing was here, waiting for the warship to pass it a few times!

At the speed of the warship, in the blink of an eye, it came to the ambush waters of Luo Qing.

Luo Qing was also not polite, directly showing the infinite gloves, and then activated the beast form of Lizard fruit. He was afraid of insufficient strength and could not penetrate the thick base of the warship.


The right claw, which was deformed into an infinite claw sleeve, easily cut the bottom armor of the warship. Luo Qing kept using his claws and smashed, and soon he created a big hole.

If it is an ordinary fishman, it is definitely not possible to destroy this kind of warship brought from the navy headquarters, unless it is a strong player among the fishmen, not the kind of goods of Arlong.

But Luo Qing relied on the sharpness of the ‘infinite claw set’ to do it easily!

Then he thought about it and changed another place to the bottom of the boat to continue his homework!

After a while, he created a big hole like a basketball!

Just then he suddenly heard the flustered voice coming from his head.

“Not good! The bottom of the boat is leaking!”

“There are some people who have missed the warship!”

“Fish man? Is there a fishman?”

“This is a warship brought from the navy headquarters. How could it be that fishmen destroy it!”

“Go and see a few people in the water!”

The sound pass through, the several navies who jumped into the water suddenly found Luo Qing like a ‘big monster’.

What kind of sea beast is this? Looks too ugly!

The first reaction of several navies was awkward.

Seeing that he was discovered, Luo Qing did not hesitate to go directly to the sea.

However, he did not directly reveal his figure, but he was holding a straw in his mouth, so he swam back in the way of backstroke.

But he seems to underestimate the IQ of the Navy, a shadow that is so obvious under the sea, the fool can’t notice!

Smoker asked a gloomy man to repair the bottom of the boat, then adjusted the direction of the warship and began to aim at the shadow with the gun!

boom! boom! boom!

More than a dozen cannons exploded at the same time!

Luo Qing’s position splash with water!

This is not finished, dozens of torpedoes are mixed with 5 catching nets and go straight!

In desperation, Luo Qing, who could only hide in the deeper water, felt the attack frequency of the Navy and his oxygen consumption. The twilight in his eyes flashed, but he did not escape and went back to the warship.

“Let you open the bombardment to Laozi!”

“You have to find yourself uncomfortable!”

Luo Qing did not say anything. He used the fastest speed to expand a hole that was previously pulled out, until he could get in and immediately drilled in.

As long as he dragged the entire warship to sink, he won completely.

Seeing a sea beast from the bottom of the boat, the navy quickly dropped the basin and rushed over to him after a brief surprise.

Luo Qing lifted this ugly state, but the pink light symbolizing the slippery fruit suddenly lit up. All the naval attacks slipped aside, and some of the unlucky ones were cut by their own people.

Luo Qing also took advantage of this chaotic opportunity to knock all the navies to the ground.

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