One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 30

Chapter 30: Sea floor stone?

“Someone came in from the bottom of the boat!”

“Hurry up and support!”

“Not good! It may be the devil’s fruit user. Our attack is not effective on him. Call Colonel Smoker!”

“Devil fruit user? How can devil fruit user come in from the bottom of the boat!”

. . . . . .

Luo Qing only attacked without the need for defensive dodge, and easily stunned the navy who are repairing ship bottom. As for whether they can survive or not, they must look at luck.

For the small part of the Navy who still implements justice, Luo Qing is still very admirable.

But, for his teams life and death, Luo Qing did not care about everyones life.

When Smoker stopped the shelling, he saw that Luo Qing was alone in the cabin, and the sea water that was pouring into the warship was constantly rising!

It is estimated that in a few minutes the warship will sink to the bottom of the sea.

Smoker’s face changed very suddenly, and the cost of a warship was not cheap, especially if the warship was brought from the navy headquarters!

If there is no reason to say it, he really have to report back!

Smoker took a cigar. “You are the ‘golden right claw’ Luo Qing? Actually dyed your hair black, is it a bit too much to despise the navy intelligence?”

After Luo Qing heard this wonderful title, his facial muscles could not help but twitch!

“I don’t doubt the Navy’s intelligence capabilities, so I can wait until today to see Colonel Smoker and reflect on it. The nickname ‘Golden Right Claw’ is too ugly!”

“I think the ‘Joker’ is a good name!”

“In addition, the faceless pirate group! This name will be heard often in the future, so it is best to remember a little.”

After hearing that he had established his own pirate group, Smoker’s face suddenly turn gloomy.

“In this case, I can only arrest you. I hope that you will always let me hear your name when you are in Impel Down.”

Smoker is very angry!

Not only because he may have to lose a warship, but also because Luo Qing’s ‘self-destruction’!

“White snake!”

Smoker used the devil fruit ability to turn his arm into a snake-like smoke and tried to catch Luo Qing directly!

At this time, Smoker did not think that he had any chance to escape. Although he did not know how he got on the boat, but it was surrounded by sea water, even if the warship finally sank, under so many navy guards, Luo Qing’s must also be arrested for this end!

Even if I admire him for being come alone to attack and won the opportunity to escape for his partner, but the pirate is a pirate. When Luo Qing said the words of the faceless pirate group, Smoker had already decided to arrest him.

In the face of personal emotions, first he is a navy! A navy that is naturally opposed to the pirate position!

In the face of Smoker’s sudden attack, Luo Qing has to care. He directly opened the human and animal forms of slippery fruit and Lizard fruit.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Luo Qing became the same as in the wanted order.

Smoker knows that his hair is not dyed…

Luo Qing waved his claws and smashed the white snake that had been tied up, but apparently he did know Haki. His attack did not cause a trace of damage to Smoker, who has the ability to smoke Logia fruit!

The smashed smoke quickly reconnected and continued to attack Luo Qing.

“Surrender, it seems that you should be the devil fruit user of Zoan system. Your attack has no effect on me.”

Smoker has turned a myriad of smoke vines trying to catch him directly, Until this time, he was also mainly arrested.

The sea water quickly spread out.

Luo Qing took advantage of the sharpness of his claws and smothered Smoker’s smoke vines. As for his persuasion, he was naturally not taken care of by Luo Qing.

To be honest, the smoke fruit did not develop any anti-day ability in the hands of Smoker, and the smog fruit itself does not have a particularly strong attacking power. There is also a fatal weakness in the condensate type, that is, the strength is not enough.

In addition, Smoker consciously has not used the full strength, so Luo Qing is not difficult to resist.

But only passive beatings also let Luo Qing vomit in his heart!

The ability of Logia fruit is really too BUG. If you have ??no Haki or sea floor stone weapons, you can not do anything!

Can you only delay the time and wait for the ship to sink?

But even if the ship sinks, Smoker will not lose combat power for a time, because he can fly with smoke fruit!

The warships sank little by little, and the navy soldiers were a little scared.

After another unsuccessful attack, Smoker suddenly attacked the body and waved the sword created with the sea stone directly to Luo Qing’s right shoulder.

The natural ability + sea floor stone weapon, this shameless combination is also very consistent with Smoker’s unruly character, if the ordinary ability is hit by him, directly got KO!

But is Luo Qing an ordinary ability?

Looking at Smoker’s weapon from top to bottom, Luo Qing’s eyes flashed slightly, and actually extended his hands to try to seize his weapon!

The taunting look on Smoker’s face flashed past, estimated that this kid has not seen anything like sea floor stone in his life, so it is over…

But when Luo Qing took hold of the sea floor stone, Smoker was shocked to find that he did not become weak, and did not withdraw from the state of the devil fruit ability, but clearly felt the tremendous power uploaded on the sea floor stone sword!

A bang!

Just at the moment of Smoker’s distraction!

Luo Qing crossed his wrist with his right paw, and Smoker instinctively turned that part of the body into a elementalized one, thus avoiding the blow.

However, his sea floor stone sword was hand-picked by the other side!

Then Luo Qing waved the sea floor stone and hit it directly on Smoker’s face and flew him out!

Fortunately, at the last minute, Smoker, who once again recovered the ability of the devil fruit, became a smoke body and flew back from the sea!

If he fell into the sea, he didn’t have any resistance. It’s really dangerous!

Smoker, who returned to the boat, looked at Luo Qing with horror and anger.

“Why is the sea stone not working for you?”

“Why does the sea stone have to work on me?”

Luo Qing held Smoker’s sea floor stone in his hand and reached out to his back. He seemed to use this weapon to itch.


Smoker cursed, but after discovering that the sea stone did not work for him, he was speechless!

“Are you not a devil fruit user? But a sea beast that can become a human form?” Smoker remembered the shadow on the sea before. He thought that it was just Luo Qing’s helper. Now think about the hiding. It may be Luo Qing himself!

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