One Piece Invincible ch 50

Chapter 50: kills!

If I kill him, it will create a lot of trouble.

but if I release him. He will try to kill him through navy but definitely matter will not be that much big.

Raj looked back at the room of Gayatri and Rashmi.

Both of them have not come out of their own room till the battle is finished. Raj already instructed them not to come out till he said so.

They are waiting for him to go back and celebrate the joy of escaping from the World Noble and the Vice Admiral of the Navy.

They are still weak, they can’t handle the whole army pursuit.

For the companions, he can kill World Noble.

Similarly, for the companion, I can also give up killing the World Noble!

“Well, I will listen to you once.” After hesitating for a long time, Raj finally nodded and agreed to let go of the life of this Dragon.

As soon as this statement came out, Avishek get relaxed.

He was afraid that Raj killed the Dragon in anger.

At that time everything was late!

“Hey! Ugly Pig, this time you are lucky. I let you go once, next time, after I become more powerful, I will definitely come back to take your dog life!”

Raj left a word for him and turned away.

If his strength is strong enough, he will not only kill this dragon, he will destroy whole Holy place Mary Joa.

What world noble?

What Celestial Dragon?

Does this kind of pig really need to exist?

Seeing Avishek and Raj turned and left to return to their boat. Navy soldiers also relaxed.

If Raj really kill the Dragon, as a security guard of this ship, they could not escape the blame.

Who does not know the temper of the Dragon?

Angry, no matter whether you have any fault or not, all have to die!

The compromise of Raj also indirectly saved their life.


Upon returning to the ship, Raj immediately threw the body of the Bastille onto the ship of the Dragon and the navy soldier quickly caught it.

“Let’s go, today my luck is very good, I have beaten a world Noble, So lets party at night and let Rashmi make some special dishes to celebrate!”

Raj squeezed a smile.

Their ship slowly started moving, and under the control of Avishek it began to return to the original route.

However on the other side.

Everyone did not notice that at this time, Dragon who was in a coma and suddenly woke up miraculously.

It seems that this strange costumes representing celestial Dragon have a certain healing effect, and the kick Raj used a little bit strength so that he can torture him before killing because of that he wakes up so quickly.

“What happens to me??!”

Augsburger staggered and stood up, his mind a bit fuzzy.

But soon he remembered about what happened just now, all of them recalled perfectly.

“This damn untouchable! He dares to beat the honourable me… He is dead… I must kill him!!”

Augsburger gnashed his teeth, screaming, angering and lingering in his heart.

His blurred eyes gradually became clear and he saw a pirate ship, which was gradually leaving.

“The pirate ship… is the pirate ship of the damn untouchables!”

Immediately, Augsburger rushed out.

When the naval soldiers saw him, they wanted to help him out but they were pushed away by the hand of Augsburger.

” Don’t touch me, you useless waste!” “Don’t you see that? He insulted me, and you let him escape by his pirate ship. What are you doing here, shoot him down immediately? ”

Augsburger is violently shouting.

Then he ran to the edge of the ship and watched the pirate ship, which was setting sail and ready to leave, especially when he saw Raj is standing on the deck, who insulted him and even laughing about his misery, his heart rose endless anger and his face changed because of it.

“It’s him… damn untouchables! You insult me and still want to run!”

Augsburger felt that his heart filled with anger and he couldn’t release it.

Suddenly, Augsburger’s screamed in the direction of their ship:

“Despicable Worms! I will be cursed you to go to hell!” “You can’t escape! No one can escape from me! This is The world created by the World Noble, I am a descendant of the creator god, you offend the god, God will curse you, you will always fall into the darkness forever, life will not be better than death!”

Death Pirate ship has not left too far, Raj, of course, can hear the words of Augsburger.

“It seems that he is not only Ugly Pig but also mentally retarded! Do he really regard himself as a descendant of God?!”

If the swearing thing is useful, what else does the Navy do? What about the devil’s fruit?

Raj was too lazy to have such a general opinion with the waste, so he didn’t even turned back and looked towards Augsburger.

“Despicable Worm! I will find out your family one by one, and let the people around the world witness how they are tortured to death little be a little bit of pain… I am a dragon, I can do anything, I am offended because of you. I will be your greatest misfortune in this life!”
“I want to torture your loved ones and even your future children’s will be my slaves from the childhood! I want them as slaves forever, forever!!”

you have given me the pain that I have never tasted, I will return it a hundred times, thousands of times, ten thousand times to pay back to your loved ones! I want them to know how painful it is to be your family… I want all of you who offend the majesty of the dragons to witness this punishment!!”

The roar of Augsburger came in succession.

This time, Raj became silent.

There was no expression on Raj’s face, standing in the same place, and the whole person seemed to be vibrating.

“Raj, what’s wrong with you?”

Avishek did not take the words of Dragon serious at all but when he saw Raj suddenly lowered his head and said nothing, he could not help but ask strangely.

“Avishek, stop the boat.”

Raj indifferent said.

“Raj, don’t be irritated by the words of the Dragon, we should be alright now…”

“I said you to stop the boat!!”

Raj interrupted Avishek with a roar and turned sharply. –

then Avishek feels the danger from Raj. His body also started shivering because of that.

What he fears is not the roar of Raj, but the eyes of Raj!

That’s right, His are bloody red eyes. They are filled with the coldness of hell!

No feelings, like the eyes of the beast, from beginning to end there is only one feeling –

kill! ! ! ! ! !

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