One Piece Invincible Ch 52

Chapter 52: Dragon Killer!

They also heard thunder and saw the Thunder falling but they have never seen such a horrible thunder, covering the sky like a giant catastrophe!

The blue-light column is in front of them, as if this thunderbolt will destroy the whole world.

In an instant, they have an idea in their minds: Can they survive in the face of such dangerous power?

They know that they will die in an instant without any efforts!

Such a terrible thunder can only be displayed by the gods?

For a time, a feeling of powerless and fear came to their mind, and both Gayatri and Rashmi were trembling.

Boom! ! !

The thunderbolt of the sky has continued to fall at that place.

The Pirate Ship was like a leafy floating in the sky.

After about ten seconds of time passed, the Thunderbolt of the heavenly Thunder began to weaken and gradually narrowed.

The ocean was blasted out of a deep hole that was dark and deep, and they could not see the depth at a glance.

The sea water is reminded and tilted into the hole.

“Dragons…and there are ships…all are gone…” Avishek saw the huge ocean abyss in front of his eyes, and he was stunned.

What he cares most about is that the Dragon’s luxury ship… has completely disappeared in front of him, and there is nothing left of it!

If it wasn’t for the horrible hole in front of his eyes that swallowed by the sea and the Death ship is constantly being pulled into the big hole. He is not sure that he really met the Dragon here. What happened just now is just a dream.

It turns out that the Dragon’s luxury ship is gone.

He is called the Dragon who can not be offended by anyone in the whole world… He was also drowned by the terrible thunder and completely disappeared from the world!

The dark clouds in the sky gradually dissipated, revealing a clear and winding sky.

The first rays of the sun sprinkled through the clouds and landed on the shoulders of Raj.

Feel the warm sunshine coming back again, and Raj’s eyes that have always been cold will gradually fade away and return to calm.

“Congratulations! Unlock hidden missions: [Dragon Killer]”

“[Dragon Killer]: World Noble have caused too high crimes in this world. They have done every type of evil. They have been hated by countless people and their rank is very high in “One Piece” hate ranking. The first place! Young warriors, quickly become stronger and for the world peace kill all the World Noble!”

Raj heard this sweet mechanized electronic sound, revealing a long-lost smile.

I didn’t expect that I killed a Dragon because of anger. Even the synthesis system gave him a compliment, and also unlocked a hidden task… Is this a misfortune?

“Congratulations! Get the [Dragon Killer] mission. Releasing the reward!”

“[Dragon Killer] mission completed: the number of quick synthesis increases once!”

“[Dragon Killer] mission can be completed repeatedly and you get repeated rewards, young warriors Go and kill some more dragons!”

Killing the Dragons… The system is very pertinent, but the difficulty is not a little bit.

“Quick synthesis, this is not the first time I got the privilege of the system. I think it is the same privilage I got when I got the system at the first time?”

Only 10 pieces of devil fruit pieces are needed to synthesize a new devil fruit.

But this time, should it be different?

Raj quickly opened the interface of the synthetic system!

Not only is the limit of the devil’s fruit fragments reduced to 10 pieces, but even the physical strength Dan, the physical limit of Dan, and the Haki pieces are all reduced by a full ten times!

In other words, now Raj only needs 50 Haki pieces to synthesize an armed color Haki!

“50 pieces of debris can be combined to make a Haki… This opportunity for rapid synthesis comes at the right time!”

Raj had some surprises.

What he lacks most now is Haki. If there is Haki, not only can his attack power be greatly improved, but even the defense can skyrocket!

If you face other strong players in the future, you can handle them easily.

From this point of view, although he has recklessly attack this time, he launched a big move of Goro Goro No Mi and directly kills the Dragon together with the ship.

But it was a blessing in disguise, and even got such a rare opportunity!

Even God is helping, can he not be excited?

“The Haki debris is too difficult to acquire. I have only collected 21 pieces so far. If I want to get 50 pieces of Haki pieces, it is not difficult. If I knew that killing a Dragon would have such a generous reward. I have already kill him back then!”

But when he thought about the difficulty of getting the Haki pieces, Raj also inevitably frowned.

Haki debris is much higher than all other synthetic recipes, regardless of the difficulty of acquisition or the difficulty of synthesis.

The scary rate of the explosion rate is low, plus 500 pieces of debris can be combined to make a Haki.

The Bastille is a navy Vice Admiral. With his physical strength, he might be able to explode the remaining 29 pieces of Haki debris.

“Forget it, now is not the time to consider these, the Dragon were killed by me, the Navy will not be willing to give up, maybe they were already coming now… Fortunately, my partners in the boat will not leak this news. All witness are already died. It’s a clean, if navy wants to find me through clues is not so easy, so I have to leave quickly!”

At the thought of this, Raj began to rejoice that he made the right decision and directly used the most powerful big move and wiped out all of them.

In this way, there is no evidence of this, even a trace of clues have not left. The Navy wants to find him is equal to idiot’s dream!

In other words, the death of Augsburger is also uncliamed, because no one knows who the murderer is, let alone revenge for him.


“Raj Big Brother!”

Raj landed on the ship and surrounded by Rashmi, Gayatri and Avishek.

Rashmi and Gayatri eyes are full of stars.

“Raj Big Brother, the scary thunder just now… Did you do it?”

Gayatri looked at Raj with a look of worship.

Raj smiled and nodded.

“Oh… it’s too powerful! Raj Big Brother, you are so cool! You can release such a powerful thunder!”

Gayatri suddenly felt like a small fan who saw a big star and screamed.

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