One Piece Invincible Ch 53

Chapter 53: angry!
    “Yes ah, to see that huge Thunder, I thought we were dead …… Then see you fly in the sky, I know that this is your attack on the bad guy’s ……”
    Rashmi is not much older than the Gayatri, She is like falling in love for the first time. In every world, beauty likes to worship heroes.
    When she saw that Raj could actually do something that only the gods could do, Raj’s figure was just as dazzling as the sun in her eyes, handsome and compelling, in line with all the illusions in her heart!
    The robes that danced in the wind, the handsome side faces that were illuminated by the thunder, and the cold eyes of the killings… everything seemed to correspond to the Prince Charming in the dream of Rashmi, and was impeccable!
    Rashmi’s face start blushing… revealing this little girl’s gesture that only appears in front of the person she likes.
    All of a sudden, Rashmi and Gayatri are like the little fans.
    Only knowing what happened just now, Avishek expression on his face starts changing.
    World Noble is killed!
    Raj personally killed the Dragon!
    This kind of big event will shock the world!
    “Avishek, I know what you want to say, you don’t have to persuade me, That guy dare to threaten me, indicating that he is ready to be killed by me!”
    Raj’s eyes flashed, “He wants to hurt my family, so I want his life! I let him go to hell to confess what he said! Dare to provoke me is the biggest mistake of his life!”
    Killing Dragon, Raj did not regret a little.
    No matter who, as long as they dare to threaten Raj’s family, he will never mind killing them all!
    The World Noble is the first one. If there is another guy like the Dragon in the future, Raj will still kill him.
    “I understand…”
    Avishek took a deep breath and relaxed his mind. His eyes regained confidence and calmness.
    He is indeed afraid of the forces behind the World Noble. He knows that the consequence of killing the World Noble. Avishek is very clear that this kind of attack with their power is not what he can resist at present, nor is the death pirate group can directly facing it!
    So he persuaded Raj and wanted to stop the dispute from continuing to entangle.
    But everything happened after all.
    Raj still killed the World Noble and the navy soldiers, they are all annihilated!
    Since things have already happened, it’s useless to worry about it.
    “Next, start to take care of the rage of the world government, the pursuit of the naval headquarters!”
    Avishek revealed a helpless smile.
    This type of captain, I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but since I made a choice, I will go without regret!
    “Reassure, the world government and the navy are not so easy to find us.” Raj said, “Look, their ships and people are gone, there is no evidence of their death, there is no clue to check, there are enough headaches for them!
    ” Let’s go, let’s leave from here first. I use the barrier to push the boat away from the big hole first, and then set to sail!”
    “Haha, let’s go! Go!” Raj used the barrier to push the ship out of the big hole.
    Leaving the range that was pulling in, returning to normal seas, and then continuing to follow the original route.
    Just an hour or two after their ship gone from there, several black shadows gradually emerged from the sea level, approaching the big hole at a very fast speed.
    When these black shadows revealed their faces, it was discovered that all the ships were armed with naval warships!
    The blue seagull sign that represents the navy is particularly conspicuous. It is not just a few warships, but a dense one, at least twenty or more, all coming in this direction!
    “Admiral Kizaru, this the place where the ship signal disappeared, just in front… there is a big hole!”
    The soldier standing on the tower of the ship saw the big hole that was pouring water into it, and was shocked and shouted.
    On the deck of a warship, A tall middle aged old man is standing who wore a yellow dress with a robe of justice on his shoulders, a pair of glasses, a monkey-like look, but a lazy pair of everything. Middle-aged man who don’t even want to stand.
    He is one of the three Admiral of the Navy headquarters – Kizaru!
    The first Pika Pika No Mi fruit obtained by Raj is the ability of Kizaru. However, Kizaru is naturally much more powerful than Raj.
    “Big hole?”
    Kizaru heard the words of the soldier and glanced at the distance. “Oh, this is like a big black hole in the painting.”
    “Where is the World Noble?”
    “Admiral Kizaru In addition to the big hole, I did not see any boats or figures!” Soldier said immediately.
    Kizaru’s eyes are shining.
    With the experience as an Admiral, he has already guessed what happened today.
    “I will go and see.”
    Leave a sentence, the figure of Admiral Kizaru disappeared from the place.
    A yellow-colored flash travelled towards the big hole and inspected all the surrounding conditions.
    Then he returned to the warship.
    “It is confirmed.”
    Admiral Kizaru still with a lazy look said “Soldier inform the headquarters that the world noble is dead, the ship was destroyed. This is an extremely vicious event. It is recommended to set the alert to The highest level.”
    The naval soldiers on board heard this and suddenly they were so scared that their eyes fell out.
    Someone dared to kill the World Noble?!
    What kind of guy is that?
    Could it be one of the Four Emperors of the New World?
    I am afraid that only they have the courage to kill the World Noble!
    At the same time, the news was sent back to the navy headquarters, and the whole navy headquarter is shocked like an earthquake!
    Not only the navy headquarters but also the world government that received the news. After a brief silence, the violent thunder!
    “Dare to attack World Noble, damn! These wicked pirates are becoming more and more arrogant, and must be severely punished!!”
    “Through my command, starting from the vicinity of the Dragon being killed, try to cover as much area as possible and just look for the pirates, immediately arrest them. If they dare to resist, kill them on the spot!”.
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