One Piece Invincible Ch 54

chapter 54: High level meeting!
    As the most serious news, this matter, whether in the navy or the world government is kept the top secret and is not allowed to anyone outside.
    World Noble is killed, once this is known by the outside world, how much storm will this news set off?
    Not to mention that the murderer who killed the World Noble run away. Navy has not provided the enough protection to the World Noble because of that after the world noble is killed, they can’t even find his corpse and even a little clue was not found about the murderer.
    And if this was known by the pirates that the World Noble are not as powerful as the said in stories…. The Dragon world’s noble image will be broken in the hearts of people all over the world.
    Therefore, before you can catch the murderer who killed the Celestial Dragon, this matter must be absolutely confidential, and you can’t reveal any outsiders!
    However, there is no impenetrable wall in any world, and the world government is so strict that there will always be some people who have obtained special information through special means.
    Joker is one of them.
    “Dragon is killed? Hey… This is really a good news.” Joker is lying on the sofa with a glass of red wine in his hand. “Those who are arrogant and look at themselves as gods.” Come, actually, it’s just a group of people who don’t have the strength and look down on the people who have strength as waste. Now they have finally tasted the bitter fruit! Oh…”
    “But I’m also very curious, who is so bold, even dare to kill a Dragon… Use all means to help me find out, who is so brave!”
    “This kind of person… is simply the best partner! Hehe… …”
    Not only the Joker, but also the well-informed Seven Warlord of the sea, the Four Emperors and so on, all got news about the killing of the Dragon.
    “Hey la la la… Killing the Dragon, is the new generation more fierce than my old man? Even things that I have never done in my life have been done by the new generation. Marco, I told you my time is already gone!”
    A tall man with a long crooked white beard on his face, a long man with a chin, clearly filled with various infusion tubes and respirators, but he still turned a blind eye on these equipment and still pouring a mouthful wine into his mouth.
    However, the looks of the old man is quite tough. He is also known as “the world’s strongest man” – Edward Newgate.
     He has a very famous horrifying nickname: white beard!
    “Daddy, your body is not as good as before, so drink less please!”
    Marko helplessly said. “The murderer who killed the Dragon is not catched. Maybe it is not a new generation, it is very likely “Your colleague. who got bored in his leisure time.”
    White beard sipped his drink. “The new world is starting to get turbulant. I feel that something is going to happen… What about Ace?”
    “It may be that Ace is busy recently, we have no news about him.”
    Marko said, “Don’t worry, Ace is so strong, he will be fine.”
    “Teach… Ace will bring him back, I will cut his in front of Saatchi’s grave!”
    White Beard slammed a large sip of wine.
    Marko could only shake his head with helplessness.
    “The Dragon is killed, this is not a small signal.”
    Red-haired pirates, Shanks heard the news from his men, and looked serious towards him. “Can you find out who did it?
    “Not yet.” He shook his head.
    “That should not be one of the four emperors or the revolutionary army. If they do this, they will tell the whole world about it but they are not so stupid that they will take the initiative to provoke the world government.”
    “How about Ace, is there any news?”
    Shanks asked.
    “There is no exact news yet.” He shook his head.
    “White beard is too stubborn, He don’t know how strong blackbeard is. Ace is likely to suffer big losses this time. Let’s go, it’s time to go to the next target.”
    All the giants who got the news, Talking about the killing of the Dragon.
    The civilians still don’t know about it and they are still kept in the dark. A few people who know the truth are not talking about it.
    The matter of the world government and the Dragon, let them worry about it!
    While the whole world was shocked by the murder of the World Noble, at the same time, the initiators of the event were having fun on the nearest island.
    “Raj Big Brother, this dress looks good, can I buy this one?”
    Raj took Gayatri’s little hand and walked on the street and with Rashmi walks beside him, and Avishek is also there.
    When Gayatri saw the clothes in the shop. The whole person was excited and excited, and she quickly shook Raj’s arm like a spoiled girl.
    …. ……… …….
    “No problem, isn’t it just a piece of cloth? Buy it!”
    Raj said.
    He may be lacking some other thing now but he is not short of money.
    The treasure of the entire Ship is replaced by the real gold coin Bailey… He is now have more than 10 billion Bailey’s rich, isn’t it a piece of clothing? Just buy it!
    “Thank you Big Brother!”
    Gayatri ran into the clothes shop excitedly.
    “Avishek, Rashmi, I gave you one hundred million Bailey, why don’t you buy anything? If you don’t have enough money to come back to me, don’t save money!”
    Raj said.
    “I don’t need anything right now…”
    Avishek looked helpless.
    His hands, neck and shoulders are all covered with bags… all kinds of clothes are inside!
    And these are just from the hands of Gayatri!
    If the Rashmi also started buying, there is really no place to put these things in Avishek.
    “Haha, Avishek it is really hard for you!”
    Raj smiled. “Rashmi, do you like something? Avishek can’t help you now but I can help you.”
    “There is… there!”
    Rashmi starts blushing.
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    Well this is where it gets lame, wish this romance was cut out. Ugh I miss nami and robin they where strong and normal woman who didn’t act like slùts looking for sèx from a stong man


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