One Piece Invincible Ch 55

Chapter 55 grabs!
    “Just say it and I will buy it for you!”
    Raj patted his chest.
    “When I just picked up clothes on the street with Gayatri, there is a jewelary store opposite, there is a necklace inside, I think it is very beautiful…”
    Rashmi face is red hot with shyness.
    She didn’t want to say this, but when she thought that he was buying it for her, she couldn’t help but be happy, as if she was eating sweet sugar.
    “No problem, isn’t it a necklace? Go! I will take you to buy, Avishek, you look at Gayatri, we will come back.”
    After Raj finished ordering, he pulled up the Rashmi’s Soft little hand and go to the jewelary store in the street just now.
    “He… he took my hand!” The heart of Rashmi suddenly accelerated, and the redness on her face spread out. Like the red apple, the whole person was surrounded by a huge happiness!
    She felt the eager eyes of the public, and she was still seen with Raj.
    How much she hopes that Raj can hold her hand like this and keep going!
    “Let’s leave! Let’s run from here!”
    “Now the navy began to search for pirates!”
    “They kill all the resisting pirate directly!” “They even awarding for telling the whereabouts of the Pirates with the minimum reward of 100,000 Bailey!
    At this time, a group of armed, uniformed navy soldiers patroling the city. The head of the navy officer wearing a robes of justice shouting.
    “It’s the navy! “
    Rashmi was shocked and quickly hid behind Raj.
    Raj’s face did not change little bit colour but the footsteps stopped, facing the shops on the street and facing the navy soldiers.
    “The Navy’s action is quite fast.”
    The reason why these navies appeared here, Raj know the reason.
    The World Noble’s incidents were not publicized. The Navy could not find the murderer and could only find some other pirates to vent there anger.
    They want to kill a thousand innocent rather than missing a criminal one!
    However, although the navy soldiers are weak, if he deal with them, they will certainly alarm the navy, and then they must start to escape.
    It is not the time to publicize it.
    Major Yavik, who was patrolling in the crowd, stared at Raj and Rashmi. “You two, turn around!”
    Rashmi face became more white because of fear.
    “Don’t worry, there is me.”
    Raj whispered a word at the Rashmi’s ear then reached out and took the Rashmi waist into his arms.
    Feeling that the hot body temperature was uploaded from the chest of the Raj, Rashmi head became blank, and it was awkward.
    “Sir, what’s the matter?”
    Raj turned his head with Rashmi, and smiled and said to Major Yavik.
    Major Yavik looked up and down the men and women in front of him.
    The beauty of a woman is like a fairy, and the man is quite handsome. The two stand together like a beautiful landscape.
    More importantly, Major Yavik did not find that Raj had the characteristics of a pirate.
    “Nothing, you continue.”
    Major Yavik made a gesture.
    “Thank you, sir!”
    Raj smiled and responded, then took the hand of Rashmi and walked slowly into the jewelary store.
    “Continue to increase the intensity of the search, must not let go of any pirates, can you understand?”
    “Yes!” The Navy soldiers are neatly arranged.
    No one noticed that the real murderer was just in front of them and spoke to them!
    “Raj, thank you.”
    Rashmi said with love, “just….. just if you are not here with me, I will definitely confess it.”
    “This is the disaster that I have provoked, I should thank you.”
    Raj smiled slightly.
    On the way, he and Avishek had contradictions with the World Noble, and finally he directly killed the Dragon.
    So Rashmi knows that they are now have a criminal identity, and it is inevitable that she is afraid!
    “Where, which necklace do you like?”
    Raj and Rashmi went into the jewelary store, and there are lots beautiful jewelary, the price is very expensive, for women, it has great lethality!
    Rashmi went to the cabinet of the exhibition and pointed to a beautiful diamond necklace on the top. She said with joy, “I like this necklace at first glance, especially like it!”
    “Like it then buy it!”
    Raj was preparing to let the clerk pack the jewellery and buy it. Suddenly, a discordant voice came over.
    “Husband, I like this necklace!” The tone was full of scent, and Raj only heard it and felt that the goose bumps were all erected.
    I saw a woman dressed a gorgeous dress, dressed as a demon ~ Yan, extremely thick and thick, and quite a pretty woman with a big man’s arm.
    And the direction of her fingers, it is the necklace that Rashmi looks at it.
    Suddenly, Raj frowned.
    “Good! What do you want to buy, haha! Anyway, Laozi has money!” The strong man is also very gorgeous, and looks muscular and has some scars on his face. Raj only took a look and can conclude this brawny must be a pirate.
    There are suffocating murderous smell on his body.
    “The clerk, wrap this necklace for me!” shouted the brawny.
    The clerk rushed over and prepared to take the necklace.
    Rashmi saw this and her look was somewhat lost. She looked at her favorite things and was directly taken away by others. Her heart was not happy.
    Just then, one hand slammed out and grabbed the necklace.
    “Sorry, this necklace is what we look at first.”
    Raj took the necklace and said coldly, “Buy things, you have to come first, aren’t you?”
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    Boring, what a waste. Causing trouble to be spotted because of a weak aśś woman. Why did he even give her that fruit bet you she can even kill someone


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