One Piece Invincible Ch 56

Chapter 56: Who does not want to live?
    “Husband, you see that he grabbed the necklace of others, UhhUhhh …” The demon-like woman snorted and said, she still made a crying posture.
    Raj feels that goosebumps involuntarily start to stand up.
    This kind of woman, he can’t manage for little time!
    “Kid, what do you mean?” The woman creates a scene because of that the strong man immediately stand up for her, his face became fierce, showing her strong muscles.
    “Can you not understand the simple words? First come, first serve.”
    Raj said.
    If he is in front of the average person, he can threaten him which his muscles.
    But he is facing Raj, a person who even dares to kill a dragon, will he be afraid of a local pirate?
    “My wife like something, you kid dared to tell me first come, first serve?”
    The strong man came up directly, stood in front of Raj. “Boy, I will give you another chance to reorganize your language. Put down the necklace and everything is negotiable… Otherwise, if you annoy me, you are going to die here!”
    I have to say that although the brawny is reckless, he is indeed superior in height than Raj.
    Raj is already 180cm, but in One Piece World, the world i.e. filled with the monsters. His height is low.
    But is the strength judged by height?
    Obviously not.
    “I also told you the last time. This is the necklace that my woman first saw and especially liked. If you entangle it, I don’t mind letting you kneel down directly…” Raj does not give up and coldly warn him.
    “Kid, it seems that you really don’t want to live!” The strong man raised his fist and made a grappling sound. A pair of hands looked like an iron pillar cam to catch Raj.
    “Now why do so many overconfident guys before me came to die, and now you. It seems I came to this world just to clean up the garbage ah!”
    Raj spoke and his eyes flashed cold.
    At the same time, his right hand suddenly slammed out, the five fingers as claw and as fast as lightning, he grabbed the throat of the strong man, and raised his body in air which is nearly 200 kg!
    “Oh…” The strong man couldn’t even make the slightest reaction. He felt like his neck was held by Iron hand. The pain of the suffocation came, and his face turned red!
    Demon ~ Yan women saw Raj’s attack and catch the strong man like chicken. She got so scared that she directly sit on the ground.
    Other clerk and customers in the jewellery store were also surprised.
    This strong man is at least 200-300 kg, and he even raised him like he held a chicken?
    “How, now you think, who don’t want to live?”
    Raj joked.
    “Oh……I…is…it is me!” The strong man was caught by his throat and trying to open Raj’s arm and let Raj let him go.
    But with his strength, wanting to break away from the bondage of Raj is equal to idiot’s dream.
    “In this era, there are always people who have had to suffer before they know that there is always a sky above the sky. I was too lazy to take care of you but next time don’t be so arrogant… Now tell me the necklace in my hand should belong to whom?”
    Raj continued to ask, thinking a little There is no meaning to put the brawny down.
    “It’s… belong to… belong to… you…” The Strong man face blushed and there was no air intake, so he is having difficulty in speaking.
    He knows that he has kicked the iron plate today, and it is still a really really hard-hard iron plate!
    Raj laughed. “Don’t be so arrogant in the future?”
    “Yes… Yes… Yes!” The strong man said “yes” for a long time, dare not to say no word. .
    His eyes starting to turn white, he is on the verge of suffocation.
    “Today I am in happy mood, so give you a way to live, next time if You are so arrogant, I promise that your end will be ten times worse than the present!”
    Raj finished and throw the strong man to the ground.
    Suddenly, the strong man who almost met his death, he started coughing and his face filled with fear.
    Raj looked coldly and the strong man quickly got up and took his wife and run out of the jewellery store.
    He was afraid that If he would take a step back and caught by Raj to tortured again.
    When the strong man went out, the store was full of silence.
    “Rashmi, your necklace.”
    Worn it, you are already so beautiful, after wearing it you look more beautiful!”
    Rashmi heard his words and her ears turn hot and red, her small ~ face has redness and her heart started jumping around.
    In particular, Raj’s phrase “This is a necklace that my woman likes”, It directly hits the Rashmi soft inner heart, which makes her have the urge to get into the arms of Raj on the spot.
    “Raj, can you help me wear it?”
    Rashmi asked softly.
    “Of course, this is my honour!”
    Raj held the ends of the necklace with both hands, gently bypassing the neck of Rashmi, and his face was in contact with her hair.
    Rashmi feels that she has never been so happy.
    Raj helped Rashmi to put on the necklace, and took a closer look, revealing an admiring smile, “beautiful! This necklace is really worthy of you!”
    Rashmi heart is as sweet as eating honey.
    “Let’s go!”
    After paying the money, Raj left the jewellery store with a Rashmi who is still in her dreams.
    The two went to the street where Gayatri and Avishek left.
    In order to avoid the patrol team of the Navy soldiers, they choose to take a shortcut and walk from the alley.
    Suddenly –
    A sharp arrow slammed toward Raj.
    How fast is Raj’s reaction?
    Immediately raised his head.
    But he found that this arrow did not seem to hurt him, and his body shape did not mean to dodge.
    Lee arrow crossed the edge of Raj’s face with less than a centimetre from his face.
    “You… are you a pirate?”
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