One Piece Invincible Ch 57

Chapter 57: Cute white tiger.
    Raj’s heart was surprised. Was he discovered?
    He looked at the place where the arrow was shot and saw a short figure wearing a black coat and even his face covered with a black hood.
    Yes, short figure looks like a child.
    And the voice has a hint of childishness and tenderness.
    “Are you a pirate?”
    Raj looked at the short figure and said indifferently.
    Although he doesn’t know why other party asked him this but now Navy is looking for the dragon murderer. Raj did not act rashly, ready to inquire about what the purpose of this person is.
    “First tell me are you a pirate??”
    The short figure turned his head and stood in the side of the sun. Raj could barely see his black outline but could not see his true face.
    “You admit the wrong person, we are not a pirate, just a passing by.”
    Raj held Rashmi’s shoulder in his arms.
    Rashmi showed a sweet smile and felt an unprecedented sense of security as if she had Raj, she would not be afraid even if the sky fell.
    “I saw your strength.”
    The short figure said, “In the jewellery store, I have seen all your actions… You can solve that kind guy with one hand and your strength must meet my requirements.”
    “Follow your requirements?”
    “I am looking for a pirate group to leave this island, if you can make me leave this island, I will join your pirate group.”
    The short figure said his purpose.
    Raj heard this request and smiled at once.
    Standing in such a high place, and use archery to stop himself. And still not let others see his appearance and ask yourself if he is a pirate… The original purpose is to join his own pirate group?
    “Why do you have to join the pirate group to leave this island? As far as I know, there are often merchants on this island. It should be very convenient to come and go.”
    Raj began to question this uninvited guest.
    He was curious as to why he did not choose to travel to a convenient merchant ship but to find another way to choose a pirate ship.
    Short figure heard the question of Raj and became silent.
    Raj was not in a hurry. He could see that the short figure was slightly lowered his head and thinking about his own problems.
    After about ten seconds or so.
    “I can tell you but if you get your answer. I will join your pirate group.”
    The short figure said.
    “It’s not too late to talk about it.”
    Raj laughed.
    I saw a short figure leaping up, and the light figure fell in front of Raj but there was no loud sound at the foot.
    From this point, Raj can judge that this person’s body speed is very fast.
    “Look at this.”
    Short figure went in front of Raj.
    He hesitated for a moment, stretched out his hands and put down his hood that covered his face back to reveal his true face.
    Rashmi saw the true face of the short figure, and suddenly exclaimed, licking her small ~ mouth, the eyes were full of surprises.
    “I didn’t expect it… it turned out to be like this.”
    Raj blinked.
    He saw a face that was not human.
    The shape is like a young leopard, grey and soft fur, dark gold pinhole-like pupil, two pointed ears, mouth ~ bar does not protrude like a leopard, but more tends to humans … This is a white leopard.
    However, unlike the general leopard, he has no spot on his body and is pure white.
    “Wow… so cute!”
    Rashmi surprised, and couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch it.
    Women, by nature, have a special preference for sparkling and cute things that are hard to resist.
    The white leopard was originally a childish-nature young white leopard image, plus a little humanoid element, it looks like the characters in the anime, even Raj also feels particularly cute.
    However, the white leopard was obviously not willing to contact with humans, his eyes flashed, his figure quickly retreated, and he put on his hood again.
    “Can I join now?”
    said the White Leopard.
    Raj finally understood why he refused to take the merchant’s boat.
    Once exposed, human beings will definitely kill him in the first place… or arrest them, treat them as pets, or other kinds of animals for imprisonment.
    All in all, with the average human being, he has to bear enormous danger.
    Relatively, the pirates that are generally feared by humans are indeed a good choice for him.
    “You want to join my pirate group, it is not impossible, but my pirate group cannot be joined by anyone… you have to have the strength to match.”
    Raj smiled slightly.
    “Strength… I understand.”
    His voice just fell, and the white leopard suddenly turned into a quick shadow and bounce.
    At the same time, he pulled out a bow and pulled the trigger in the direction of Raj.
    The White Leopard did not stop, he jumped around on the roof.
    a sharp arrow breaks out, and the whistling wind can be clearly audible.
    When the white leopard fell back in front of Raj.
    The sharp arrows that were launched out were tied to the ground, and the tails trembled. They formed a circle around Raj and Rashmi.
    “This strength, can I pass?”
    white leopard said.
    Swift and sensitive speed, accurate arrow method, the judgment in high-speed movement… Each arrow basically wipes the body of Raj and then nails it to the ground.
    It is a complete archer.
    “It’s ok ok.”
    Raj smiled.
    “ok ok?”
    White leopard was suddenly dissatisfied.
    “Yes, okay, in fact, my death pirates have high demands on strength, such as this…”
    Raj’s voice just fell, his body shape suddenly disappeared.
    The next second, the White Leopard had no time to react and one hand had already caught. And his hood was removed.
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