One Piece Invincible Ch 58

Chapter 58: new member
    “You!” When the hood was smashed by Raj, the white leopard had not reacted to his face. When he realized that the hood was taken by Raj. His subconscious figure immediately retraced, and there was an incredible look in his eyes.
    “This guy’s strength is beyond expectations!”
    White leopard saw the strength of Raj in the jewellery store but he only thought that Raj is somewhat capable in strength and should be equal to himself.
    But he did not expect that Raj was not only powerful but also fast and astounding…!
    “You are so cute, it’s a waste to hide all day long, and you can use your true face in the future.”
    Raj said with a smile. “Look at the fact that Rashmi likes you so much and you also have certain strength, I welcome you to join my pirate group!”
    When Raj actually saw the white leopard at the first moment, he already had the thought of wanting him to join.
    Later, when he saw the strength of the White Leopard. Although it is not particularly strong, there is a synthetic system. Even if it is not strong, I have the ability to make my partner stronger!
    Of course, the most important thing is that Raj thought of his own partners, who seems to be lacking a sharpshooter.
    The white leopard can use the bow to this level. If you put on a real rifle, he will be more lethal than now!
    “Can I really join your pirate group?”
    White leopard seems to be somewhat surprised.
    He has already seen the strength of Raj, and there is no need to say more about the degree of terror… Those who can become his partner must also be strong.
    He thought I was quite strong, but when this guy attack, he didn’t even have a chance to react.
    However, he did not expect that when he thought that he was eliminated, the other party actually took the initiative to open his mouth and agreed to join him to the pirate group!
    “Why, don’t you?”
    asked Raj.
    “No, just feel a little unexpected.”
    White leopard shook his head.
    “I didn’t expect to go out to the street. There are still sharpshooters who come to my door and luck. So I want you to be my partner!”
    Raj smiled and stretched out his hand to the white leopard. “Official introduction, I am the captain Raj of the death pirate group, this is the chef and combatant on our ship, Rashmi, welcome you to join the death pirate group!”
    ” Hey … I am called ‘Yuri Karl’, good at using bow.” Karl hesitated and stretched out the furry palm, and gently gripped with Raj.
    This human being is not the same as everyone else!
    In Karl’s cognition, human beings always hate him. As long as they sees him, they will inevitably trying to catch him.
    Over time, in order to protect himelves, karl had to strengthen his own strength.
    He secretly practiced Navy six style and got a bow.
    With his natural talent, karl has survived till now.
    This human being can treat him like his ordinary human being friend. He is completely unbiased because of his different races and different shapes.
    He is a weirdo.
    “Karl, welcome to join the Death Pirates, let’s go! I will take you to see the other partners!”
    Then Karl wear his hood.
    Now, during the naval arrest, all suspicious personnel will be checked. In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, Karl chose to walk on the familiar roof.
    “Raj, there is a bad news.”
    Just as soon as he walked into the clothes shop, Avishek came over and sighed.
    “What’s wrong?”
    Raj did not explain.
    “I just heard someone on the street talking about the pirate ship. I went to take a look…It was our ship that was discovered by the Navy.”
    Avishek was annoyed. “I thought it was hidden and it was impossible to be found but this time did not think the Navy is so smart and find our boat.”
    “It was my fault, I underestimated the ability of the Navy.”
    Avishek as a member of the Pirates group lost the pirate ship… This kind of thing is a very serious matter whether it is changed to a pirate ship or another ship. It is no wonder that he will blame himself.
    “I thought it was a big deal.”
    Raj heard, patted him on the shoulder and smiled. “You already know that we were going to change a pirate ship. It was collected by the Navy. Just to help us recycle broken copper and iron! This little thing, you don’t have to blame yourself!”
    “If you really feel that it happen because of you, remember to pay more attention when you buy a boat, don’t let the profiteers cut corners.” Haha!”
    Avishek nodded.
    He is really blaming himself. The pirate ship was found by the Navy is such a big thing because of his own fault. If he didn’t do anything, he would be upset.
    “Well, these things are put first, Gayatri? I want to introduce her to a new friend, she will definitely like it!”
    Raj laughed.
    “Big Brother, I am here!”
    Not to wait for the Avishek to answer, Gayatri ran in a bunny princess dress.
    “Big Brother, how is it, looks good, Right?”
    Gayatri turned the skirt in front of Raj and asked with a sweet smile.
    She dressed so beautifully, she just wants to give Raj a good look at her beautiful side.
    “It’s beautiful! Little Manny is now a little princess!”
    Raj smiled, then his face showed a mysterious expression. “But this time our pirate group has a new partner to join, you see him. You will be especially happy!”
    “Is there a new partner to join?”
    Avishek also show a curious color.
    “Where is he? Let him come out and see me!”
    Gayatri said to Raj, she couldn’t wait to take a look.
    Raj shouted, and immediately a shadow quickly entered the clothes shop, if not Avishek knows in advance, he will cut him on the spot.
    “I am Yuri Karl.”
    Karl picked up his hood and revealed his true face.
    Gayatri groaned, then his eyes glowed and she rushed up.
    “Oh wow… so cute!”
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  1. Karbonz

    Tch, why can’t he have useful people in his crew two uselss woman and the guys are not bad they can be strengthened. Compared to luffy’s his crew is rather dull

  2. LaoSenpai

    What happen to the money on his ship?


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