One Piece Invincible Ch 59

Chapter 59: Lucky
    The face of the white leopard was revealed, and the image immediately attracted Gayatri and even the Avishek looks bright.
    cute little guy!
    Seeing Gayatri rushing up, Karl groaned and subconsciously wanted to dodge.
    For many years, he has been expelled and attacked by human beings. He is hostile to human beings, has a mustard in his heart to not to close to humans.
    When humans come to him, he will subconsciously retreat.
    But this time the face of the people is different, the other party is not only a little girl who is unbiased by himself but also a partner of the same pirate group, Karl did not dodge, let Gayatri hold him in his arms.
    “Wow! Karl, your body is so soft~soft! You are all furry and feel comfortable!”
    Gayatri was so elated that like she found a beloved toy and couldn’t put it down.
    Karl is somewhat helpless.
    This is the first time he has been so popular with humans.
    In the past, humans have never treated him so tenderly. They are always cold guns, machetes, bows… and they never say this to them. “Stay away from him” “You are a dead demon”. Karz listens. For many years.
    He didn’t expect to hear these words that made him feel warm in humans today. Karlz didn’t know how to respond at that time.
    “Karl, you are best at bowing, but the bow is too small, and once the arrow is exhausted, your combat power will be reduced… now I don’t have the devil fruit for you, you will familiar with the use of guns.”
    Raj has an unused dinosaur fruit in his hand but this demon fruit has no use for the sharpshooter.
    “I will use guns.”
    Karl said, “I have not used it because the noise is too loud, it will attract people, so I have been using crossbows.”
    I see.
    Raj nodded. “Well, the previous pirate ship can’t be used. I have to get a bigger and more powerful pirate ship. You have to go shopping and play in the town in the past few days. After a few days, when we got the pirate boat, we will leave immediately.”
    “Great! I can buy more clothes!”
    Gayatri heard that they are not going to leave for a while.
    In the next few days, Raj and Avishek were dedicated to the pirate ship. Gayatri and Rashmi were under the protection of Karl and enjoyed shopping in the town.
    The Navy patrolled day and night, and during the period, it discovered that many pirates hidden in the town could not escape.
    And not only the pirate ship of the Death Pirates was discovered but other pirates were all searched by the Navy.
    After a few days of turmoil, the island is basically completely free from Pirates.
    However, it seems that there are some cases in the other islands around and the navy have been summoned there, making Raj and others finally relieved.
    A huge ship officially went to the sea, wearing a black cloak, two knives with bloody flags flying in the wind, especially conspicuous!
    “Haha! The new Death pirate Ship!”
    Raj looked at his new pirate ship with satisfaction.
    This new death god is bigger than the original, the outside looks more domineering and luxurious, the internal facilities are good and the performance is also unparalleled… After all, it is a luxury ship that has cost nearly 100 million Berry, how can it be shabby?
    For this new Ship, Raj searched all the shipyards on the island and finally locked a well-known one.
    The shipbuilders didn’t take it for granted at first but when he saw 100 million Berry, they all had the spirit and they rushed to work overnight, took turns, and rushed to grab the time… Today, the new Death God went into the water and made its debut!
    “Next, as long as the materials are put on the boat, they can sail again!”
    The materials of the old ship are intercepted by the Navy. In the past few days, in order to purchase the necessary materials for navigation, Raj and Avishek worked hard. Thanks to the live map of Karls, it saved a lot of effort.
    On the other hand, a group of pirates who want to capture there new ship came.
    “Well? Pirates?”
    Raj and others all saw it.
    On the flag of the pirate ship, the skull is golden, and the crossed bones are also golden.
    A pirate group that has never been seen before.
    “Ha ha ha …… damn Navy has to stay on this island for so long, causing me to wait so many days and now they are finally gone, I want these days stuck on all the vent ~ out!”
    A dress The pirate ship captain’s costume, full of jewels, glittering upstarts, stepping on the bow, stretched out his right hand golden hook, revealing his mouth full of gold teeth.
    “Guys once we reach ashore, kill everyone on the island other then women. We will enjoy as much as possible on this island, okay?!”
    “Ok, captain!!”
    They can rob women and steal the treasure, after thinking about this the pirates on the boat suddenly have green eyes, as if they are hungry for many days, the hot greed ~ ? make them very excited.
    “110 million Bailey bounty pirate, ‘Golden tooth’ Gabriel, is a very sturdy and powerful pirate in the nearby waters, the Navy has been looking for him for a long time, and failed to catch him.”
    Karl, as a resident of the island, is obviously very familiar with this pirate.
    “110 million?”
    Raj heard, and his eyes lit up.
    Are you not missing some Haki fragments, can he provide them?
    He thought that he had to wait until the next island to meet some powerful pirate. I didn’t expect that he meet someone so fast. God sent him a “growth boy”!
    “Haha, luck is good today!”
    Raj laughed.
    At this time, a tall man behind Gabriel was coming out. When he saw the flag on the Death ship, his eyes flashed.
    “Captain, that is the death pirate group!”
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