One piece Invincible ch 60

Chapter 60: Cut an arm
    “Death pirate group? You are not mistaken?”
    Gold teeth heard, suddenly became excited.
    “It is impossible to be wrong, that is the flag of the Death Pirates mentioned in the information… The gimmick wearing a cloak, the blood of the Death Scythe… All the characteristics described are consistent!”
    Hearing Dennis’s words, Golden Tooth Gabriel quickly looked at the pirate group.
    “Ha ha ha… God really cares about me! Not only will the navy give me the opportunity to leave but now he have sent me a hundred million bounty pirates! This time I will be able to make a name in the underground! “
    Golden teeth Gabriel is extremely excited.”
    He had already received an underground reward order issued by the joker himself.
    The bounty is one hundred million, and the goal is the death pirate group!
    Who is Joker?
    The king of the entire underground black zone!
    The task he personally released, regardless of the amount of the prize, as long as it can be completed, will be appreciated by the joker, with a good privilege!
    Such a good opportunity, who does not want to take?
    Therefore, the news spread throughout the underground intelligence network, all the pirates connected with the underground are all became excited. They can’t wait to meet the unlucky guys who were rewarded by the Joker and take their heads off, and personally rewarded by the Joker!
    Golden tooth Gabriel is also hot, want to find the guy who is rewarded by the Joker before anyone else…100 million bounty but he is a pirate with a bounty of 110 million, don’t underestimate this 10 million. Suffice to say that his strength is above the other side!
    But on the sea, there is no clue how to find it, Jinmao Gabriel, although watching this reward, but also had to dispel the thoughts.
    However, he did not expect that it would take no effort to break through the iron shoes. The pirate group that was rewarded by the Joker appeared in front of him!
    “God, it must be God’s will! This is a gift from God! Hahaha!”
    Golden Tooth Gabriel laughed excitedly.
    Immediately, Jinya Gabriel’s arm screamed: “Guys! Now our goal has changed! A broken town in the district, what good things can be grabbed? There is a pirate group that is rewarded by the Joker, as long as it is destroyed. We can not only get 100 million Bailey’s bounty, the reputation of ‘Golden Teeth Pirates’ can spread throughout the underground world!”
    “It is that ship! Guy, go and kill those guys Who can bring their heads back to me, there are many rewards!”
    The crew of the Golden Teeth Pirates have a reward of 100 million Bailey, killing the guys can get Reward, suddenly shine in both eyes, waving the machete in his hand, just wait for the pirate boat to land, immediately kill them!
    “Do you want to avoid them? I know where there is a safe place, they can’t find us.”
    The voice of Golden Tooth Gabriel was very loud, and Raj and others all heard it. Karl looked solemn and directly said.
    “No, it’s easy to deal with these guys!”
    Raj smiled.
    “Don’t underestimate the Golden Thief pirates, not only their captain is a pirate with a bounty of 110 million, but also the deputy captain Dennis, who is also have a bounty of 98 million, close to the billion!” Karl Reminded.
    “Really? That would be great! It seems that there are more than one kid who sent the money, haha!”
    “You are waiting here for me for a while, I will come back soon then we will set sail.”
    Raj laughed twice and not waiting for Karl to speak again, his body shape disappeared directly from the place.
    “He is too over confident, but the other party is a pirate with a bounty of more than 100 million!”
    Karl said, frowning.
    “Don’t worry.”
    Avishek smiled slightly. “You will soon know the strength of our captain.”
    “Hurry up! Don’t let the guys run! This is a big fat meat! Hahaha… “
    Golden tooth Gabriel is yelling out, suddenly –
    “Yeah, you have a large group of fat, I can see it.”
    The strange sound came from above his head.
    All the crew members of the Golden Teeth Pirates quickly looked up and saw that Raj was standing on the tower of the ship and looked at them with a condescending look.
    “. ? I just learned that Joker rewarded my death pirate group … but the bounty is only 100 million, it is too small for us?”
    Raj said.
    Of course he knows why the Joker rewarded himself.
    He ruined the Delalon family and destroyed all the wealth-raising industries in Babastan, bringing at least more than 10 billion Bailey’s losses to the Joker. How could he not hate himself?
    “Dare to come to our ship boy, you are finished!”
    Fierce light in the eyes of Golden Tooth Gabriel flashed, “Kill him!”
    His voice just fell, and the arm with the golden hook slammed from the beginning, I saw that the golden hook was pulled out, followed by a long chains.
    The golden hook directly rushed towards Raj, and the golden tooth sneered.
    His hook is contaminated with toxic venom, only need to touch the skin, he will be poisoned immediately… If the wound is scratched, the toxicity will penetrate into the blood, and the enemy will not have to wait for a long time!
    It is by this insidious means that the Golden Tooth Gabriel can kill many pirates who are fighting against him, as well as the navy who wants to arrest him.
    “Too slow.”
    “And no …… seems a little power but added that gold can not be wasted, remove your one arm first.”
    A soft bang, blood arrows rise to the sky!
    One of the arms of the Golden Tooth Gabriel was cut by something that was directly flattened, and there was a trace of burnt on the scar.
    Golden tooth Gabriel stunned, then slammed his broken arm and screamed in pain!
    “Don’t shout, your end will be more painful than this! I am afraid that you will not even have the strength to shout.”
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