One piece Invincible ch 61

Chapter 61—Moa Moa No Mi Fruit!
    The other crew members of the Golden Teeth Pirates Group saw this scene, and they were so shocked that they could not help but shake.
    Their captain is a pirate with a bounty of 110 million Bailey. In this sea area for many years, they have not encountered such a fierce opponent.
    Even when he cut out his hand. It was as simple as eating and drinking… This kind of enemy – it is terrible!
    “Hey, this strength also dares to rush to plunder the town… Also trying to show the diligence to Joker, just rush these two points, you have to die here today!”
    Raj’s figure fell on the ground, the painful sly gold tooth Gabriel, indifferently licked his golden tooth.
    For this kind of evil pirate, Raj certainly has to clean him up, otherwise how can he be worthy of his “death” name?
    Suddenly, light flashed and a knife passed through the neck of Raj.
    Dennis, the deputy captain of the Golden Teeth Pirates, shot.
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    However, he can clearly feel that his knife has completely penetrated the body of Raj and has not hurt the other party!
    At the time, Dennis’s heart sank and his face became incomparably ugly.
    “Logia devil fruit ability!”
    Known as the most difficult to deal with the devil fruit ability, because you can not hurt the opponent by any means, unless you use the sea floor stone to hit, otherwise only One end – death!
    “Oh, it turns out that what gold teeth, the bounty of 110 million Bailey, is completely low-powered, only relying on the sinister means of poisoning … you are the bounty Billion strength guy!”
    When Raj looked up, his gaze looked at Dennis who shot himself.
    He can clearly feel that Dennis is stronger than Golden tooth.
    How can such a powerful person not even break through 100 million?
    The bounty of the two of them should be completely exchanged!
    Dennis said nothing, just holding the sword in his arms and looking at him with a heavy face.
    But the sweat that oozes from the front of Dennis can be seen, the pressure in his heart is very great.
    However, whoever is the opponent of Logia devil fruit will be stressful.
    “But since you have shot on me, you should be ready to be killed by me?” When Raj said this, Dennis’s eyes suddenly shrank.
    He saw his foot twisted, one side of the body, the knife across the front, attack in the direction of Raj!
    Unsurprisingly, the knife was worn directly from the body of Raj.
    But what made everyone stunned was that Dennis jumped up to the strength of the forehead and jumped directly into the sea!
    “Denis Captain!”
    “The captain was suddenly broken and the deputy captain of Dennis escaped. Do we want to kill him and get a reward with the Joker?”
    “You are an idiot, he is the Logia devil fruit, what do we take ?” Kill him! Run!
    “The person who wants to catch the death pirate group of the golden tooth pirate group. The next second to see the captain has broken arm, rolling around, deputy captain jumped into the sea and fled. A group of people were stunned at the time, and they were scattered and wanted to run like Dennis.
    They know that even the powerful devil fruit power can’t exert strength in the sea.
    As long as you enter the sea, the chance of surviving is 80%!
    “Jumping in the sea to escape? This is a wise choice.”
    Raj corner hook.
    His arm, there is a blue electric current and between the electric snakes, there is a heart-rending momentum.
    Since he used the Judgement of God, there is always a kind of breathtaking atmosphere. If he don’t use the Goro Goro No Mi fruit, there is no difference, but once the Goro Goro No Mi fruit is presented, this momentum will be revealed.
    According to Raj’s prediction, it should be the entry of Overlord Haki… Haki in the case of extreme mood fluctuations coincides with the setting of One Piece.
    “Three million volts, discharge!” The thick electric snake slammed out, and the horrible current spread instantly!
    The pirates who had not had time to jump into the sea had an electric shock on the spot. Three million volts passed by and the whole person was basically turned into coke.
    who jumped into the sea pirates could not escape unharmed, lightning filled from, they all smoked ~ ~ twitch trembling shaking, died on the spot!
    Dennis, who was the first to escape, was also directly covered by lightning. The power of 3 million volts made him angry and swayed. However, he practiced bodywork all the year round, and his physical fitness was strong enough. He did not faint.
    “Well, You can resist my blow and not die… Then you can resist this blow?”
    Raj’s figure did not know when it appeared next to Dennis, and the feet that flashed and had been lifted up.
    A loud noise, Dennis’s head was kicked, and the body flew out like a arrow. He squatted directly on the pirate ship of the Golden Teeth Pirates and make a big hole on the boat.
    …. …… …….
    This time, Dennis could no longer stay awake and lost his consciousness with his white eyes.
    “God… so strong!”
    Karl looked at the end from the beginning, and the strong strength of Raj was so shocking that he could not understand anything.
    His big eyes were so big that he thought that he had inadvertently stopped such a terrible strongman… Fortunately, Raj did not directly shoot, otherwise how could he stay safely here now?
    “First from the weak guy.”
    Raj returned to the boat, watching the golden tooth Gabriel still on the ground, grinning, “You must hold on!”
    Immediately, his fist went directly to the gold Tooth Gabriel slammed!
    Light speed punch!
    1500 punch/second.
    The golden tooth Gabriel feel the same as the electric shock. He kept shaking and shaking. He wanted to resist. He wanted to scream. Raj accidentally punched his face and immediately said nothing. Come out, only passively beat.
    “Congratulations, get a piece of ‘Moa Moa No Mi Fruit’!”
    “Congratulations, get a piece of ‘Moa Moa No Mi Fruit’!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘armed color Haki’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get ‘Blood jade’ pieces!”
    “Congratulations, get a piece of ‘Moa Moa No Mi Fruit’!”
    “Moa Moa No Mi Fruit?!”
    Raj eyes bright.
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    Hmm it’s kinda good. Still he should be able yo get all the shards he needs with this one guy since everything has been cut down


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