One piece Invincible ch 62

Chapter 62 Synthesis! Armed color Haki!
    Raj remembers very clearly that the owner of Moa Moa No Mi fruit is Byrnndi World, known as the “world destroyer”!
    This guy is dangerous, a man who is equal to Roger and White Beard, Even the world govt feared from him.
    If not because his subordinates betrayal, he is locked in Impel Down. His reputation definitely spread all over the world, maybe even become one of the four emperors!
    His most powerful place is not the Haki and Navy six powers, but his Moa Moa No Mi fruit ability.
    Anything that he touches is reduced by a hundred times!
    Not only that, but even his own speed and strength are within his range of growth!
    It is because of this powerful fruit ability that Byrnndi World has a terrible ambition to destroy the world government.
    However, the final end is the same as other villains, even if the strength is so strong, it can not escape Luffy’s lucky aura.
    “This fruit can freely zoom in and out of the object that is in contact with it by 100 times and if it is properly developed, it may be more than 100 times, a 1000 times, 10,000 times more likely!”
    Moa Moa No Mi ability is really powerful, Byrnndi World is known as the world destroyer. “If this fruit can enhance my other devil fruit abilities, it may be very important to me… but if it can’t increase than it is just a waste fruit for me.”
    Moa Moa No Mi fruit most powerful ability is to make things bigger, and the power is also increased, and it is a hundred times increase!
    Imagine how horrible the power would be to increase the Judgement of God by a 100 times.
    Destroying a city is just a matter of seconds!
    However, this situation is impossible to happen.
    Raj has already tried it, combining the ability of Pika Pika No Mi fruit and Goro Goro No Mi fruit, such as laser light. If it can be charged with 8 million volts, how terrible is it?
    But Raj tried it countless times and never succeeded, even if there was no sign of success.
    “A person can’t eat two devil fruits, because it will make the body explode… By the same token, the two devil fruits should repel each other, so even if you like Black Beard, you can accommodate two devils in one body. The existence of fruit ability can only coexist, and can not make the ability blend.”
    “In this case, Moa Moa No Mi fruit is not much use to me… but it can be given to Karl, he is a sharpshooter, if you shoot ~ The bullet that went out could be increased by a hundred times, and the destructive power was enough to directly sink a ship!”
    Thinking of this, Raj decided that after synthesizing this fruit, he immediately presented it to Karl.
    “Congratulations, success in getting together the ‘Moa Moa No Mi Fruit’ pieces, is it synthetic?”
    At this time, the sweet mechatronic female voice came out.
    “Is it so fast?”
    “Oh, yes, I have a fast synthesis effective number now. It takes only 10 pieces to synthesize a devil fruit. No wonder so fast!”
    “But this opportunity is hard to come by .” I am going to use it for Haki.”
    Raj continued to beat gold tooth Gabriel.
    “Congratulations, get a piece of ‘Moa Moa No Mi Fruit’!”
    “Congratulations, get a piece of ‘Moa Moa No Mi Fruit’!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘armed color Haki’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get ‘Blood jade’ pieces!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘physical limit Dan’ fragment!”
    Prompt sound popped up with the madness of Raj, and his mind was almost all the sound of a sweet girl’s sound card.
    “Haki debris! This time your turn!”
    Other pieces of formula, Raj, did not pay attention to it, staring at the number of Haki fragments.
    Armed color Haki (32/50)
    Armed color Haki (35/50)
    Armed color Haki (37/50)
    Haki debris acquisition speed is too slow, simply can not compare with other pieces of goods.
    It turned out that the physical limit of Dan’s debris is the most difficult to explode. After the Haki formula appeared, it directly stabilized the first place of the “minimum explosive rate debris” throne!
    I have to say that although the real strength of the Golden Tooth Gabriel is not better than that of the deputy captain Dennis, it can be said that the physical quality is still quite good… How to say that the Navy government is recognized as a pirate with a bounty of 100 million, and it is not Devil fruit ability, if there is no strong physical support, how can he fight navy?
    In 20 seconds, the Golden Tooth Gabriel smashed by the 3000 punches of Raj.
    The armed color Haki debris has finally entered 40 pieces, leaving only the last 10 pieces to synthesize a Haki!
    However, the Golden Tooth Gabriel was finally unable to hold back at all, and died.
    The tone in his mind came to an abrupt end, and Raj immediately realized that the Golden Tooth Gabriel was dead.
    “Fortunately, this time I have get one and one free… With his physical quality, the last 10 pieces of Haki debris, Will it burst out?”
    Immediately, Raj directly lifted it up his one foot.
    The pirate ship of the Golden Teeth Pirates was smashed through a big hole.
    Raj caught the stunned Dennis and threw it at the gold tooth Gabriel, his eyes flashing.
    “The next step is to rely on you, be sure to give me resistance!”
    Light speed punch!
    After the Golden Teeth Gabriel pumped up, Dennis turn came.
    Listening to the constant sounds coming from his mind, Raj knows that he is getting closer and closer to Haki!
    Armed color Haki (42/50)
    armed color Haki (45/50)
    armed color Haki (48/50)
    armed color Haki (49/50)
    “The last piece! The last piece!”
    Raj was screaming in his heart.
    I don’t know if the system is deliberately against him. It is clear that it has reached the last piece. It has been bombarded for three or four seconds, and several thousand punches. Even a Haki piece has not exploded!
    “No, system, you are off the chain at this time? For a long time, all the demons and blood jade fragments can do, fast! I want Haki debris!”
    Raj prayed in his heart.
    Finally, after the long-awaited calls, the tone with the Haki words sounded again!
    “Congratulations, success in getting the ‘armed color Haki’ fragment, is it synthetic?”
    Raj almost screamed to say this.
    When 50 Haki pieces were thrown into the huge furnace, Raj’s mood became very tense with the beginning of the colorful progress bar.
    The Haki synthesis is obviously much slower than other formulas, and the colorful progress bar crawls a little bit forward.
    But no matter how slow the progress bar is, it will always be completed.
    “Congratulations, you have successfully obtained a ‘Armed color Haki’, is it used?”
    Haha, finally came.
    Raj was so excited that he couldn’t wait to laugh three times.
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