One piece Invincible ch 63

Chapter 63—The Fragment Acquisition Guidelines Change!
    After using the armed color Haki, Raj felt that there seemed to be more of a thing in his body, but this feeling could not be described by language, and it was somewhat weird.
    “Congratulations, you have successfully obtained the ‘armed color Haki’, please enter your Haki interface and view the level.”
    Sweet electronic mechanical female voice prompts the sound, and Raj is stunned.
    There is also a Haki interface, but also to view the level?
    Raj quickly opened the interface of the synthesis system, only saw a black light flashed, and on the right side of the gambling disk, a card interface appeared.
    As soon as you enter, you will see three icons.
    One is already lit, the other two are still gray.
    Needless to ask, the other two gray, it must be “Observation Haki” and “conqueror’s haki”.
    “The formula of the Haki debris that can burst out is only Armament Haki and Observation Haki. The Conqueror Haki is not in the formula. Is it true that you really have to understand your own development?”
    Conqueror Haki can not be owned by birth, and the Armament Haki and Observation Haki can be cultivated. However, Conqueror Haki can only be gained by people who are born to be King.
    “First look at what is the Armament Haki level.”
    Enter the Armament Haki interface, information spread.
    Armament Haki (level 1):
    Wrapped around (level 1): Attach to the fist or weapon attack.
    Hardening (Grade 1): The color of the Armament Haki is attached to the body to become pure black, and the surface of the part is metallic luster, and the hardness increases with the increase of Haki intensity.
    The Armament Haki (0/1) required for the next upgrade
    “Wrapped around, hardened… It turns out that! But what is the ‘Armament Haki’ next time? Is it difficult to raise Armament Haki to Level 2”
    Raj smile is twiching.
    He synthesize an Armament Haki but need a full 500 Haki pieces!
    And Haki wants to explode a piece is harder than going to the sky… Follow this rhythm, want to raise Haki to level 2 is difficult!
    However, it should be difficult. After all, Haki make a great increase in strength…. After the Haki to the full level, what a horror?
    “The synthetic system fragmentation acquisition guidelines have been updated, are you looking at it?”
    Suddenly, the sweet mechatronic female voice sounded again.
    “Update? View!”
    A message was laid out in the mind of Raj.
    “The criteria for obtaining debris: attacking the people who have broken the strength of the billion, that is, the scope of normal acquisition, no longer in the form of degraded fragments .”
    What do you mean?
    Raj glanced at him, his eyes lit up and he woke up, and his eyes burst into a surprise!
    “Don’t you say… From now on, even if you attack a person whose strength is lower than 100 million bounty pirate, you won’t get the devil fruit fragments?”
    From the literal point of view, this is indeed the case.
    “But there are certain restrictions. It is necessary to attack the talents with a strength of more than 100 million yuan. So, in the future, as long as I attack people with a strength of more than 100 million, I will be able to explode the devil’s fruit, Haki and the fragments of the physical limit Dan!”
    Raj had wondered before, every time he wanted to get the devil’s fruit, he had to attack the stronger enemy than the last time.
    In the unlikely event that someone really hits a strong character, such as the Navy Admiral, after getting the debris from him, if he does not attack the characters who are even stronger than him, can he just blink his eyes?
    Fortunately, the compositing system is more user-friendly, directly changing the rules for obtaining fragments, so that you can get fragments in the future if you attack a person with a strength of 100 million.
    “Before the devil fruit fragments are difficult to explode, I just want to be able to make myself a super strongman, surpass the white beard and become the strongest person in the world… but now with this standard update, it means that my devil fruit will become endless… I can use so many devil fruits to create a real ‘death pirate group’!”
    “The ship is full of devil fruit owners. All of them can have the strength of the seven warlord of sea… The picture is just exciting when you think about it!”
    At the same time, Raj was excited but he did not forget to beat Dennis.
    Dennis can only be considered to be unlucky. When he comes to grab the Raj for bounty.
    How can Raj be polite when someone sends a “growth boy” to the door?
    “Congratulations, get a piece of ‘Moa Moa No Mi Fruit’!”
    “Congratulations, get a piece of ‘Moa Moa No Mi Fruit’!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Armament Haki’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get ‘Blood jade’ pieces!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘physical limit Dan’ fragment!”
    Sure enough, Raj did not misread, this guy really has the strength of 100 million bounty pirate but estimated a little low-key, the Navy only fixed his bounty at 98 million.
    “Ha ha ha … strength to reach the billions bounty is cool, can resist so many punches and still not dead, see you give me the Haki and send the devil fruit, I respect you is a hero!”
    Raj is Laughing.
    If Dennis was not completely lost consciousness, it is estimated that he would vomit blood three liters when he heard this.
    Finally, Dennis’s took his last breath and was completely declared dead.
    “Congratulations, success in getting together the ‘Moa Moa No Mi fruit’ pieces, is it synthetic?”
    Sweet electronic reminder made Raj a little surprised.
    “Only two people can let him get 100 pieces? It must be the reason for the bounty of over 100 million, cool, haha!”
    Raj is very comfortable.
    He came directly to his ship.
    “It’s easy to solve!”
    Raj smiled.
    Karl looked at Raj and silently lowered his head.
    Subsequently, he solemnly bowed to Raj.
    “Thank you, Grandpa Az will be especially happy if he can see this scene!”
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