One piece Invincible ch 64

Chapter 64—Karl’s past
    “Az Grandpa?”
    Raj did not understand.
    “I came to this island and in accident I lost all my memories… When human chased me, Grandpa Az secretly took me.” Karl has a recollection in his eyes.
    “Az Grandpa is the only person on the island who is friendly to me. He is very kind. It is also the reason why I have not hated mankind so far… Maybe it is his teaching to me that I understand a lot of truth. “
    But just two years ago, Golden Tooth Gabriel led his pirate group to plunder on the island. Grandpa Az died in the hands of the pirates in order to protect his family… I want to help Grandpa revenge, but knowing that my strength is not enough, it is impossible to be the opponent of Golden Tooth Gabriel, so I control myself. I hope that one day can become strong man and slaughter the pirate who killed my the grandfather.
    “However, since the Golden Tooth Gabriel came two years ago, I only heard that he had robbed another island in two years. He has never stay to this place… and my strength doesnot have much improvement, I am determined to leave here, go where strong people gathers, his own strength to become more powerful …… “
    ” Your Grandpa is killed by the pirates, you have to follow the pirates, this seems a bit unreasonable _ ah.”
    “In the beginning I did reject the pirates very much, until I met a man from the ‘White Beard Pirates’, its name is…Yes, called Ace!”
    Karl recalls.
    Raj’s eyes lit up.
    But now, at this time, Ace is about to meet Black Beard in Barnaro Island?
    As the fuse of the top war, it is estimated that it will soon erupt.
    “Ace told me that not all pirates are extremely vicious, just as there are good and bad points in human beings, let me try to trust the pirates.”
    Karl said, “I chose you that day because you stand for your woman in the first place, I think you must be like Ace, a good pirate… It turns out that I have not read it wrong.”
    Your woman…
    Rashmi heard this, her face was a blush. She is very happy in her heart.
    Gayatri heard the words of Karls, and her little-face turned green.
    “It turns out that, it seems that we have quite a fate, haha!”
    Raj did not think that things were so coincidental.
    I casually settled two pirates over 100 million and accidentally became the benefactor of Karl.
    Karlz also found himself bychance, and now he is a member of the Death Pirates.
    “Come, we are dead pirates, every new partner will get a gift that I sent out. This is your joining gift, Moa Moa No Mi fruit.”
    Raj took out Moa Moa No Mi fruit, black swirl thread, shaped like a shell It looks more like a work of art.
    “Devil fruit?”
    Karl eyes light up, “Ace said he hass the devil’s fruit ability…… but since you sent, I accept.”
    It seems to be in order to thank Raj for helping Grandpa Az, Karls took over the Moa Moa No Mi fruit and said nothing, directly eaten.
    The taste was very bad but Karl didn’t wrinkle his brow.
    When he had finished eating it, his uncontrollable body suddenly became a lot bigger. From the short body that was only one meter long, he swollen and swollen to a giant of up to four or five meters!
    “Wow, it’s so cute when Karl gets bigger!”
    Gayatri eyes are shining.
    “Moa Moa No Mi fruit, can freely enlarge the body by a hundred times, and at the same time can enlarge and shrink the contacted objects, even the speed and strength can increase.”
    Raj said with a smile, “When you use the gun, every shell that shoots out can instantly become a hundred times bigger… This power, think about it, how good it is.”
    Karls heard the glory of surprise in his eyes.
    It seems that this choice is really right!
    Just joined, I got a devil fruit.
    And the captain’s strength is also amazingly strong… It’s easy to kill the Golden Teeth pirate!
    “Thank you!”
    Thousand words finally merged into one sentence, Karl said sincerely.
    “Thank you, you don’t have to. Let’s go, we should set sail!”
    The captain of the Death Pirates, how can Raj let Joker play tricks on him?
    Dare to target the Death Pirates, then don’t blame me for letting you go to hell!
    Joker… your final time is coming!
    Navy headquarters.
    A table was shot in the sky, a man wearing a bubble cover, wearing a Tianlong costume, and a tall man with a splayed character staring at the Sangoku, said in an angry voice, “Sangoku, it has been ten days! My son was killed before ten days! Your navy headquarters has not even had a clue about the murderer… Are you also called yourself the navy?!”
    “The navy should do, what the world noble want them to do. I don’t want the lives of these navy soldiers but you should at least bring me the killer who killed my son!”
    “Sir, please calm down…”
    Sangoku frowned, and his heart was full of unhappiness but he could not show it in front of the Celestial dragon.
    He is helpless, the navy itself is the “weapon” of the world government, and the world government is serving to the world noble.
    Now the dragon died in the sea and even the bodies were not left. The Navy searched for ten days, and the number of pirates caught was numerous, but they did not find the real murderer.
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    Awesome, looking forward to the next fruit he gets, I want him to get the Gura Gura No No and maybe the Hie Hie no mi


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