One piece Invincible ch 65

Chapter 65: Top War
    The Dragon incident has no other clues from the beginning to the end except for the call for support.
    There is no wreckage ship found in the sea.
    Covering a few kilometres, it also makes it impossible to find a clue.
    It can be seen that the murderer who killed the Dragon also understands that he must not leave the slightest clue to be found. Therefore, even if the Navy has done its best, it is difficult to catch the murderer.
    “Marshal Sangoku, A Dragon is killed! The world nobleman, the descendants of the Creator! And the child of my ‘Alvin family’. He is not like your navy’s cats and dogs, please pay attention to this problem!”
    As he said, the death of the Dragon!
    The noblest race in the world!
    And still his son!
    It was killed by an unknown pirate, how can he calm himself?
    He did not directly move all the holy land of Mary Joa’s to come to the war with Sangoku, it is already under his mercy.
    “Yarvis, I understand your feelings, but our navy is already trying hard to find the murderer, I hope you can give us some time.”
    Although Sangoku felt very dissatisfied with the words of Yarvis, but as a soldier, he still chose to be patient.
    At this time, someone knocked on the door.
    “Yalves, Sangoku, you are all here.”
    Kizaru walked in.
    “Kizaru, what’s the matter?”
    asked by Sangoku.
    “I find a hint but the requirements of the other party are relatively high. I need to ask for the opinion of the Marshal Sangoku.”
    Kizaru sat directly on the chair, leaning his legs, and said lazily.
    “Directly say, in your case, everything feels tricky… You are always afraid of troubles, when will you change your habit?”
    Sangoku shook his head.
    “This is not the same.”
    Kizaru eyes flashed and glanced at the side of Dragon, “Have you know Portgas D. Ace?”
    Sangoku said, “The captain of the white beard’s second team has a very strong strength and has a lot of fame in the new world. What happened?”
    “He lost.”
    Kizaru lazily said, “lost to Marshall D. Teach. He claimed to be a black beard.”
    What do you mean?”
    Sangoku frowned.
    “Marshall D. Teach defeated Ace and found me. He want to use Ace in exchange for a position in the Seven Warload of the sea. He hope we can promise him.”
    Kizaru directly tells the truth.
    “Marshall D. Teach, this guy’s name also has D… Kizaru, help me contact him, I want to talk to him personally!”
    Sangoku realized the seriousness of the matter, “Yalves, I am sorry, now I have very important things to deal with, you can rest assured that the arrest of the murderer, we will do our best, please give us some time!”
    “Marshal Sangoku, my patience is limited If you can’t give me a clear answer as soon as possible… Believe me, I will make you sad!”
    After he said the threatening words, striding away from the Marshal’s office.
    “World Noble are especially difficult to talk.”
    Kizaru smiled lightly, and his sunglasses reflected in the sunlight. “Always put their position on the top of their head and put our position under the soles of the feet.”
    “Do not talk about that, now Contact Marshall · D · Teach …… I have a feeling, a major event is about to happen! “
    Sangoku said solemnly.
    “Of course there are big things happening.”
    Kizaru lazily leaned back and looked up, some screaming, “The son of white beard… He will hate us, with his character, he will never sit back and ignore. The Navy is going to fight an unprecedented hard battle… It’s really troublesome!”
    The crew are all diligently practicing.
    “Rashmi, yes, that’s right, you can easily use the ‘five-color line’… The last time I taught you the ‘super-hook whip’, how much have you learned?”
    “Don’t worry, little Manny, you are too worried, the ability to heal the fruit is particularly strong, we all need it, slowly cultivate, I believe that after a long time, you will be able to cure me in an instant!”
    Raj while practicing, he also teach his partners how to use their abilities.
    Although they are all beginners but there is Raj who is familiar with all the skills and they can naturally develop a lot faster.
    This is not, only a few days, Rashmi has been able to fully grasp the super-twisting whip… This trick is similar to Spider-Man’s, the palm can instantly spray dozens of nearly transparent silk, and then these threads are wrapped around each other to form a thick column of hair.
    The power is big enough to cut everything into two halves… It is not difficult to cut off the other’s head if it is difficult for the other party to detect it.
    Karls himself has a bit of strength, just need to concentrate on increasing the growth of Moa Moa No Mi fruit.
    It is a hundred times longer than the predecessors, and there is still a distance.
    As for Avishek and Gayatri, Raj do not worry to much.
    Gayatri’s healing fruit is inherently an auxiliary type of ability and it is a bit slow to cultivate.
    Avishek is not willing to become the devil’s fruit ability user and he is concentrating on the sword fight. After taking the physical strength Dan, day and night cultivation, he has become much stronger than before.
    “Newspaper bird!”
    Raj waved and the letter bird responsible for the newspaper fell on the ship.
    Take a newspaper and put a gold coin in the letter bird bag. The letter bird is excited and thankful.
    Opening the newspaper, Raj only looked at it and his eyes immediately solidified.
    “Ace… was arrested.”
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