One piece Invincible ch 66

Chapter 66: Boa Hancock!
    A large headline in the newspaper, Ace’s bounty image has taken up the largest space.
    “Navy officially announced today that the most evil pirates of the century, the captain of the white beard, Portgas D. Ace was arrested, the result of the trial, the crime is extremely evil, has been detained to Impel Down prison, waiting for the final “execution!”
   On the headlines of the newspaper, there are still many description articles, all of which are praised the Navy. They add fuel to his “bad deeds” that the White Beard Pirates have committed, and make Ace’s as the most hateful pirate.
    But such an article can only deceive the uninformed masses of the world.
    Those who truly know the inside story, such as Raj do not even believe a single word.
    “He don’t need to say anything about Ace’s character. Even the white beard is pulled in. They really know how to defame someone.”
    Raj snorted.
    Who is white beard?
    Known as the “world’s strongest man” super Pirate!
    This kind of character will burn and kill for money?
    Only silly ~ melon will believe this.
    “As soon as the news of Ace’s arrest came out, the whole world would fall into a shock….”
    Raj, who is familiar with One Piece, is very clear.
    Ace was arrested and preached by the Navy. This incident is to fuse of the war.
    The big event that ignited the whole One Piece has far-reaching effects and has greatly promoted the development of the entire future plot.
    Especially the four Emporors, the white beard died, the black beard appeared on the scene and captured the fruit of the white beard… Of course, the most regrettable thing is that Ace was killed by Akainu on the spot.
    “If I don’t participate in such a interesting event, how can I say I came to One Piece World.”
    Raj smiled.
    Ace was arrested and One Piece’s greatest war of the top was about to start. He is powerful now. If he don’t join in the fun, isn’t it too regrettable?
    “If I remember correctly, after Ace was arrested, in order to cope with the Whitebeard Pirates, the Navy quickly summoned the Seven Warlord of sea, so that they must participate in this war.”
    “Since the seven warlord are coming, Joker is sure will be there!”
    “This guy… he is very arrogant when he is in White Beard war, especially like watching the fun. I’ve been watching this guy for a long time…just, this time he dared to shoot me. Then I will go and take him down!”
    ??? –
    Raj’s palm has became a blue electric light.
    “After cultivating a lot, I feel that the progress is huge. I don’t know how far the current strength is. It is time to go and find someone to test!”
    Before matter of killing World noble is exposed, Raj had to make himself stronger.
    Otherwise, how do you deal with the attack of Admirals?
    He must know that he is not the same as Luffy… Luffy beat the dragon and he have not killed them!
    Based on this, the horror Raj will have to face it when it is reveals. It is not just Kizaru, it is likely to be Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru!
    “Captain! There are two pirate boats found!”
    Suddenly, Karl shouted.
    “Two pirates ship?”
    Raj heard and then quickly followed the direction of Karl pointed to.
    He saw that there were two black shadows in the place where he is pointing. He could barely distinguish between two ships, but the specific form could not be seen at all.
    “Karl, there are pirate flags on these two ships, You will describe them to me.”
    Raj said.
    “Yes , they are all pirates!” Karl said through the sight of the sniper rifle. “The pirate flag on one of the ships has nine snake heads! “
    Nine snakes pirate group?
    When Raj listened to Karl, he immediately thought of the most beautiful woman in One Piece, the female emperor Boa Hancock!
    At the beginning, Raj was also very fond of the female emperor. How could she have such a perfect face and figure, which is completely in line with his oriental aesthetic and belongs to Raj’s dream lover.
    Unexpectedly, he was able to meet here!
    “According to the current timeline, Luffy is still on the road to fight Moriah, he not even reach the Sabaody Archipelago Islands, let alone meet Bartholomew Kuma, who send to the Amazon Lily island.”
    Raj smiled “If that’s the case, then it’s so nice!”
    “Karl, another boat?”
    “The pirate flag of another ship… there are three hoes on it !” Karl said.
    “Three gimmicks? Are there other characteristics?”
    “Yes! This pirate ship is different, like the raft, tied with three huge wooden stakes!”
    It is him!
    Hearing the words of Karl, the sharp light in Raj’s eyes flashed and immediately thought of a fierce evil, the biggest villain in the world of One Piece – Black Beard!
    “Blackbeard met with the Empress? How is it changed in this period in One Piece! And Black Beard Pirates current strength, the Empress is certainly not their opponents, right?”
    “First look at the scene “What the hell is going on!”
    “What about your captain’s black beard? Let him come out and see me, this thing is always to be told, isn’t it?”
    The head of the nine-snake pirate ship, Demon like exquisite body is standing on a pink snake body, red and white color dress has been wore, revealing her white slippery long ~ legs.
    The black hair are like black waterfall falls down, and the delicate face reveals a serious expression.
    This is the female emperor Hancock, a beautiful girl who can destroy a country just by relaying on her beauty!
    However, it is obvious that her mood is not very good today.
    The territory under his command was suddenly attacked and turned into nothing, and countless people were killed. The female emperor came directly with a large army to attack. She encountered the culprit of the attack, the Black Beard Pirates.
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