One piece Invincible ch 67

Chapter 67—Black Beard Pirates!
    “I am sorry, our captain has very important things to deal with. He deliberately scolds us that it is necessary as a fellow member of the ‘Seven Warlord of sea’ and came to visit you.”
    Black Beard Pirate on the boat, a tall, skinny white, holding a red staff, wearing a hat, a man like a mimikary actor is facing the female emperor Hancock.
    Laffitte, one of the earliest team member of the Black Beard Pirates.
    The former security officer of the West Sea was notorious for being over-utilized and was deported. It was mysterious in the meeting of the government to convene the Seven Warlord of the sea and asked the Sangoku to let captain Black Beard – to join the Seven Warlord of the sea.
    However, at that time, the Marshal Sangoku apparently did not know who the black beard was, and naturally did not pay attention to his application to join the Seven Warlord of sea.
    But it can be seen that this person’s strength is not bad… After all, he is a member recruited by the black beard.
    “Your door-to-door visit is to ruin the island which is under my juridiction?”
    Hancock showed the side of the strong woman. “You have robbed everything, killed everyone, and even burned the village… … This kind of behavior is absolutely unforgivable!”
    Invading the territory is basically a provocation.
    If you do not fight back, whether it is Shichibukai, or the identity of the captain of Kuja Pirates. If the reputation will be damaged and her power is seriously questioned!
    “We attacked the island because it had something we needed on the island… but the islanders seemed to be unwilling to cooperate, so we had to give them a little lesson and tell them that not everyone can be rebellious, especially to the Black Beard Pirates… Our approach seems to be nothing wrong.”
    Laffitte said with a chuckle and from his smile, you can capture his cruel and tyrannical side.
    The murder, which is said from his mouth, is as common as saying Hello.
    Hancock became gloomy and had a fierce battle in his eyes.
    “Destroy the territory of this Empress, you didn’t have a bit of remorse, and you will know what it is like to punish by Kuja Pirates!”
    “Mero Mero Mellow!”
    Hancock combined her hands and put out a Heart shape, suddenly a circle of love light radiated out, went straight to Laffitte!
    However, Laffitte did not move, letting the light of love fall on him.
    “Is this the emperor’s move? I heard that the person who took this trick will be petrified… This kind of hypnosis-like means, in fact, I can also do somewhat like that.”
    Laffitte gently swings the stick in his hand, a strange hypnotic effect will wrap the female emperor.
    Female Emperor Hancock’s pupils shrank and she could not help but take a step back.
    “I knew that this means of hypnotizing the average person would not be too useful in front of the Shichibukai Boa Hancock.”
    Laffitte smiled softly. “But this is the captain’s order. I can only perform it. Who made me inferior and has no place to live?”
    “Less nonsense, dare to attack the territory of this Empress, I will personally send you to hell!”
    He saw the female emperor Hancock put a finger on her lips and kiss it gently, changing a huge peach-colored heart-shaped substance and floating in the sky.
    Hold the tail of the peach heart and pull the peach heart like a bow and arrow.
    “Slave Arrow!”
    The peach-colored heart is turned into a pink arrow in direction of Laffitte!
    Suddenly, the sharpshooter Van Augur, who has been standing behind Laffitte, slammed the gun and pulled the trigger continuously like thunder. The bullets formed a unique firepower net, and the pink arrows were lost.
    The bullets and the pink arrows lost in the air, all of which were petrified and dropped directly on the black beard boat or in the sea.
    No mistakes, all arrow lost, all hit!
    “Augur, your marksmanship has progressed.”
    Laffitte praised with the sentence, he did not move a step from beginning to end and did not have slightest panic on his face.
    “This is fate.”
    Van Augur took back the gun, faintly sighed, wearing a single spectacle on the face without any expression.
    Van Augur, the sharpshooter in the Black Beard Pirates.
    This person seems to be not amazing but the strength is very strong, and the speed of shooting is also very fast.
    And from the fact that he quickly escaped from dodging under the attack of Ace, he is also quite accomplished in terms of physical skills.
    How to say he is also the crew member who is selected by the black beard, the strength can be imagined.
    “Destiny is often used to measure the existence value of human beings… Boa Hancock, do you want to taste an apple? It is a beautiful and wonderful enjoyment and to be chosen by fate.”
    …. .. …
    Black-bearded pirate ship has another crew member at this time.
    “Doc Q.”
    He is a ship doctor of the Black Beard Pirate Ship and he does not know what his treatment is but he is always sick and dying.
    He was on the same sick horse and had a basket of apples around him.
    Most of them are apples that will explode when they bite but only one is normal.
    The last time Luffy was lucky enough to eat a normal apple. As for the number of unlucky guys that were killed after Luffy, it is not known.
    “This guy…”
    Hancock saw it and couldn’t help herself from being shocked.
    The Black Beard Pirates Group has just become a Shichibukai, seemingly equal in identity but the strength of the other side is obviously much stronger than their Kuja pirates.
    Even the second captain of the white beard, Fire fist Ace was defeated by Black Beard… Even though the Black Beard is not here, his crew is also powerful. Female Emperor Hancock is confident if she fight with one vs one, she can solve all of them one by one.
    But if other three people fight together, she can still win, but also with a terrible damage, the end will not be good.
    The female emperor Hancock was unwilling. .
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