One piece Invincible ch 68

Chapter 68: Attack
    The black-bearded pirate group has a total five member. Except Jesus Burgess and Black Beard all are present here.
    They directly came into the territory of Kuja pirates group, burned and looted everything.
    Such a provocative act is already a declaration of war against her Kuja pirates!
    “Snake Princess … they ruined our territory, they should be punished! Let us sisters of the Kuja Pirates group, solve them in one breath!”
    Boa Sandarsonia, Boa Marigold said.
    When they were young, they were slaves to Dragon. Because Fisher Tiger was release slaves from Mary Joa and they were able to escape.
    It can be said that the three of them are dependent on each other, headed by the female emperor Hancock and have always been the backbone of the Kuja Pirates.
    The islands under the Kuja Pirates were robbed with merciless aggression and this incident itself made them extremely angry.
    Now face-to-face questioning, the other party seems to have no apologies. They listened to those words, and they were angry and directly wanted to fight with the black-bearded pirates.
    “Now is not the time to start the war.”
    But the female Emperor Hancock has reached the seriousness of the consequences.
    Behind these group there is Black Beard, if you kill or beat his crew, the black beard is likely to retaliate.
    At that time, not only the islands under Kuja Pirates, but even the main Amazon Lily islands would be the victims of the black beard!
    Hancock, the female emperor, heard that the guy black beard has used a strange ability when he was fighting Ace. He turned a whole town into a black-eyed… Can you fight on the Amazon Lily Island? Winning is another matter but almost all the Island will be destroyed!
    “These are just cadres under the black beard. It is not difficult to deal with.”
    “But behind them is a black beard. If the black beard enters the Amazon Lily Island, it will not be a real disaster!”
    In the short-lived match, the female emperor Hancock has already roughly understood the strength of the other side.
    It’s really easy to deal with them one by one, plus she have entire Kuja pirates.
    But if Blackbeard comes for revenge, the female Emperor Hancock has no confidence to block the anger of the black beard…and does not want his sisters, the people of the Amazon Lily Kingdom to became victims of war!
    “Snake Princess, what should we do? Do you let the other party rob us of our island and letting them leave without punishing them?”
    Two sister eagerly said, “Snake Princess, I Willing to sacrifice my life for you, let me go, I must let them know, what is the consequence of offending Kuja Pirates!”
   “Bao Marigold, don’t be impulsive, since they dare to come, there must be plenty of prepare to deal with us.”
    Female Emperor Hancock raised his hand. “But… our Kuja pirates are not just anyone who can bully. We can hold it for a while. If they don’t know how to behave then we must let them know the power of Kuja Pirates!”
    Under the trade-off, for the Kuja Pirates, for Amazon Lily Island, Female Emperor Hancock decided to take a step back.
    “Black Beard Pirates, what you have done before, I will give you a meeting… But now, you must leave the territory of this Empress immediately!”
    Female Emperor Hancock, sweet voice sounded with unquestionable majesty and solemnity.
    “If you insist on offending then don’t blame me for not having the guests’ courtesy!”
    “Snake Princess…”
    The crew of the Kuja Pirates looked at the female Emperor Hancock and could not help but feel bad.
    “I am sorry, Princess, our captain has ordered this time we must take three islands in order to be considered as we have completed the task, otherwise we will be punished.”
    Laffitte turned his hand to reveal a pale smile, “If you can, I hope that Princess will give us two more islands as a meeting gift for our captain, so that our Black Beard Pirates and the Kuja pirate can have a friendly relations, isn’t it?
    “You are a shameless guy, go to hell !”
    The sisters of Kuja Pirates were all angry when they heard Laffitte’s shameful words.
    They knew that the black beard was so powerful that’s why they have to endure the arrogance of these guys, and even they could endure the destruction of an island under the Kuja Pirates.
    But these guys not only shameless and even asked to give them two more islands!
    It is unbearable. The members of Kuja Pirates are suddenly on fire. One of them pulls the arrow and shoots directly against Laffitte.
    As soon as the bow and arrow flew out, the gunshots rang.
    An arrow broke from the center and was completely penetrated and blasted into a sieve.
    When the gunshot is over, the second one will follow.
    The female warrior with a bow and arrow, the arm was shot, blood splattered, can no longer hold the bow and arrow, fell directly on the ground.
    “This is fate… Every day you experience is a split of fate. If you accidentally get bullets through the heart, you will die.”
    Van Augur took the gun back and said with a blank expression.
    Female Emperor Hancock’s face became gloomy and there was anger rising in his eyes.
    “Van, your move is too reckless… How can you treat a woman with a gun?”
    Laffitte pinched the hat and the white face showed a sly smile. “To treat a woman, death should be used.” It’s right with violence!!”
    “Dare to shoot out the sisters… You are looking for death!” The female Emperor Hancock couldn’t stand it anymore, her eyes were cold and the slender beauty’s legs jumped up. “Sisters, kill them!”.
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