One piece Invincible ch 69

Chapter 69: Defeat
    Kuja Pirates and the Black Beard Pirates were immediately rushed together.
    “The long-awaited scene!”
    Laffitte gently twisted the red scepter in his hand and with a bang, a sharp blade emerged from the red scepter.
    Laffite’s eyes were fierce, his expression was brutal and bloodthirsty smile revealed with his white teeth.
    Tear off.
    The clothes on the back were torn, and a pair of wings like a white pigeon fluttered out.
    Laffitte has the ability of bird. Don’t look at the ordinary Zoan Devil fruit but he is the first person under the Black Beard Pirates Group before the war. Lafite’s strength should not be underestimated.
    When he first held a meeting in Navy headquater, he once faced the Marshal Sangoku, and the seven Shichibukai and other people at that time, requested that Blackbeard to join Shichibukai and replace the position of Crocodile… If there is no certain strength, how can he possibly dare to go there alone?
    It can be said that Laffitte is the most outstanding among the three.
    And Van Augur and Doc Q, one is a sniper and the other is a ship doctor. The fighting power of the two is obviously not as good as him.
    Therefore, at the moment of the outbreak of the battle, Laffitte began to swell and turned into a white shadow, and rushed straight out!
    “How can I choose the apple of fate? This is really a problem…”
    Van Augur sighed with a faint sigh, and the single glasses reflected ~ a brilliant light.
    He was expressionless but his feet began to run quickly. While running, he quickly raised his gun, pulled the trigger, and the fire was intertwined into a net. Every bullet was swallowing a life!
    “Do you want to enjoy the taste of being chosen by fate? Try it, the explosion is very delicious!”
    Doc Q coughed repeatedly, seemingly sick, no fighting power, but his movements did not look like a patient, a red apple slammed out, falling in the crowd…
    The violent big bang directly blew many people out of the flesh and blood, falling directly into the sea, and even some died on the spot.
    “damn guy … Perfume Femur!”
    A face-to-face, Kuja Pirates group suffered heavy losses, she do not know how many members were injured and died.
    The female emperor Hancock was furious and faced Laffitte, who was rushing towards her, kick him.
    “I will come to teach you the strength of the Shichibukai!”
    Laffitte smiled coldly, his body flashed, quickly escaped her foot, the backhand stabbed, the goal is the heart of the female Emperor Hancock.
    “Even a crew member is so powerful, black beards has collected some monsters?”
    Female Emperor Hancock frowned, swinging her white slender beauty ~ legs, kicking Laffitte.
    When he approached, Laffitte’s eyes changed, and a strange force entered in the mind of Hancock.
    Female Emperor Hancock’s Haki shock not only instantly relieved hypnosis, but also attack with Conqueror Haki, which directly affected Laffitte.
    “Conqueror Haki?!”
    Laffitte finally changed his face.
    Conqueror Haki is not something anyone can have.
    For the time being, who has the Conqueror Haki, which one of them is not a big man?
    A small female emperor, Shichibukai, actually has a Conqueror Haki?!
    In fact, Laffitte did not know that the time of the female emperor’s fame was not long. In her first expedition directly received 80 million Bailey bounty and immediately was invited by the Navy to become Shichibukai, indicating that her potential is large enough.
    Laffitte thought that female emperor is a soft doll. He can pinched her casually, but in fact the female emperor is much more powerful than he imagined!
    “Pistol Kiss!”
    When Laffitte was shocked by Conqueror Haki, the female emperor’s finger touched her lips, and a peach heart floated on her fingertips, aiming at Laffitte.
    The heart exploded on Laffitte’s face, and suddenly Laffitte was hit with a punch and his body flew back.
    The female emperor immediately stepped on the foot and prepared to go up and crush the Laffitte petrochemical with a Perfume Femur, letting it completely lose its combat power… Suddenly, an apple flew over.
    “Taste the taste of fate!”
    Doc Q said with a smile.
    Female emperor immediately stepped back.
    A violent explosion came out and the female emperor then changed a huge heart.
    “Don’t want to escape… Slave arrow!”
    The Arrow of heart flew out.
    Laffitte quickly changed into a white pigeon and flew directly into the sky.
    However, on the way, he was shot on the ankle by the Slave arrow, which made his right foot petrified. The action suddenly became very slow and had to be changed back to the person.
    “It’s too much stronger than I thought…”
    Laffitte’s pale face turned whiter. “You two, don’t deal with the little shrimps, come help me!”
    “Laffitte, you said that you single-handedly beat the female emperor. You only played for such a little time and got defeated…”
    Doc Q bite an apple and threw it out. It turns out to be several times larger!
    “Laffitte, this is your destiny… die here, you can’t be redeemed.”
    Van Augur puts his gun on his shoulder, like launching a rocket, and pulls the trigger the whole person was stepped back by the recoil.
    But the mighty power slammed a group of female fighters who had hit him into the water.
    “This bunch of bastards…”
    Laffitte frowned and looked at the female emperor who was heading towards him, biting his teeth and changing into a white pigeon again.
    “If you are not afraid of death, then keep it, I don’t want to lose a little life here!”
    said, Laffitte really fluttered his wings and flew away.
    Although his petrochemical on his right foot made him physically bulky and slowed down a bit but the speed of flight was still very fast.
    “Is fate already made a choice?”
    Van Augur looked at Laffitte, who fled quickly. “This is the fate of Laffitte…”.
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