One piece Invincible ch 70

Chapter 70: 10 million volts!
    “Laffitte, the black-bearded captain but he appreciates him. He has escaped without fighting. It is really let the face of the black-bearded pirate group lost… Augur, it’s time to go! No more, we can not handle these women!”
    Doc Q said, an apple was thrown out.
    Apple exploded again, but it was not firepower but a thick smog.
    Then there was a roar of sounds. They saw that Doc Q and Van Augur had already run in the direction of Laffitte’s departure!
    “You don’t want to leave!”
    Female emperor’s face was gloomy, and raising her hand was a Slave arrow.
    But horse’s movement speed is too fast and the slave arrows have not arrived yet, they have already escaped from the scope.
    Hancock looked back at the tragic situation of the Kuja Pirates.
    The female soldiers were wounded and died.
    Someone was blown up and ruined, and half of the body was in a burning state.
    Someone was blown up and broke her arm and she was in pain, rolling on the ground.
    Some people were blown up and simmered in fresh blood, hot and sore wounds, so many female warriors are biting their teeth~
    And these are just the people of the surviving Kuja Pirates.
    In just two or three minutes of fighting, they suffered varying degrees of damage and fell into pain.
    And those who were killed, the bodies either sink into the sea, or lie quietly on the pirate ship, no longer moving.
    Hancock was in tears.
    A battle, which happened quickly and fiercely and the other side died, and the attacking party escaped safely.
    Obviously, she have tried very hard to solve her opponents and protect her sisters.
    But in the end, it is still impossible to stop the sisters from being killed and injured.
    Especially when watching the living people holding the dead corpse and crying, Hancock felt that the whole heart was smashed with a knife.
    “Black Beard Pirates… I will revenge for everyone!”
    Hancock is full of hatred and the crystal tears are spinning in her eyes.
    “Laffitte, I will definitely say this to Captain Black Beard when I go back. You are the first to be a deserter.”
    Doc Q smiled.
    “Doc Q, don’t you look at my feet now, but it’s just a matter of moments to kill you,” Lafite showed a cruel smile.
    “This is fate… Laffitte, you…”
    When Van Augur was preparing to speak in a faint voice, suddenly –
    rumbling ~~~
    On the plain sky, suddenly the clouds rolled in, obscuring the sun. Let the heavens and the earth linger in time.
    The electric light jumped in the clouds, and the thunder echoed in the clouds.
    “Snake Princess, look! What is that?”
    Under the reminder of a female warrior, the Hancock erased the tears in her eyes and followed her pointing direction.
    Suddenly, the female emperor also groaned, revealing a trace of misunderstanding.
    “That person, he seems to be chasing the cadres of the Black Beard Pirates…”
    Hancock looked at the sky, a black robe figure was flying and quickly approaching the Black Beard Pirates.
    “Who is he?”
    All the female warriors of the Kuja Pirates, including Hancock are looking at the black robe in the sky.
    “Oh… it’s really my lucky time that I meet the Black Beard Pirates!”
    “It’s a pity that the black beard is not here. Otherwise, I can get a good idea of the power of his Yami Yami No Mi fruit… But these guys are enough. Look at these guys, who can even fight with Hancock, the strength must have a bounty of more than 100 million!”
    “Ha ha… new devil fruit is coming, What is it? I am looking forward to it!”
    Raj is very excited.
    Because of the long distance, it was only when he was close to the boat that the crew of the Black Beard Pirates had begun to escape.
    Finally, he caught a few pirates who have the 100 million bounty and it was the crew of the famous Black Beard pirate. Can Raj let them go?
    Immediately, he did not say anything, directly use the flying ability of Goro Goro No Mi fruit, chasing in the direction of Black Beard Pirates running!
    boom! boom! boom! …
    As soon as he approached, there were several bullets passing through Raj.
    Needless to ask, it must be Van Augur’s guy… It’s a pity that this guy is not very strong now, and he doesn’t even have Haki. Otherwise, when he is dealing with Ace, he can easily beat Ace.
    “Logia Fruit user”
    Van Augur put away the gun and said.
    “A Logia Fruit User also dared to chase us? I am going to kill him and dig his heart out!”
    At the same time, Laffitte, who turned into a white pigeon, also found the figure of Raj chasing, without saying anything. Directly changed into a human figure, turned around and waved his sword toward Raj and trying to kill the chaser.
    “Hey, roast pigeons!”
    When he saw this, he suddenly grinned.
    Zizizizizi –
    His blue light jumping, and a fascinating atmosphere filled out, and the thunder in the sky seemed to be provoked by him, causing a burst of thunder.
    “10 million volts!”
    The horrible thunder and lightning power suddenly turned into a Raytheon soldier with a long gun, full of killing, lightning rush to Laffitte!
    “Thunder and lightning Logia fruit?”
    Laffitte frowned, trying to use the sword to resist the attack of thunder but suddenly found that thunder did not care about anything, the whole body straight through his sword, directly rushed toward him!
    Sudden change made Laffitte unexpected, and his face was shocked.
    Next second.
    The Raytheon soldiers completely overlapped with Lafitte’s body.
    “Hey… roast pigeon, start!”
    Boom! !
    Raj lightly hit a finger, and suddenly Laffitte was wrapped in the thunder and lightning, a thunderstorm spread and opened, and a huge blue light burst in the sky!
    When the lightning was returned to silence, Laffitte completely lost consciousness, blackened, black smoke, residual electro-optic light, behind a pair of wings broken, flesh and blood, fell from the air.
    The color of the surprise broke out in the eyes of the female emperor.
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