One piece Invincible ch 71

Chapter 71: Two Death God can’t exist
    “Snake Princess, is that person beating the crew of the Black Beard Pirates?”
    The female warriors of the Kuja Pirates looked at each other with surprise.
    This person is so strong!
    Even when he attack, he immediately beat the most powerful guy in the Black Beard Pirates Group!
    “Snake Princess look over there, there is a pirate ship coming in our direction!”
    The person reminded that the female emperor looked in the direction and saw the death that is gradually approaching.
    “The flag… the pirate flag that I have never seen before, is it an emerging pirate group? If they can come here, they should have some strength.”
    Hancock looked at the emerging pirate flag and then looked at the sky.
    “Damn… Where did this guy come out, even beat Laffitte in one hit! Laffitte’s strength is second only to the captain!”
    Doc Q saw Laffitte turned into coke. He was directly grasped by Raj with one hand.
    In the Black Beard Pirates, Laffitte ranked second in strength and settled behind Captain Black Beard.
    How many times did Laffitte destroy an island with them.
    Even some Pirates with a bounty of more than 100 million have been killed by Laffitte.
    But even he was defeated in the hands of a completely unknown person…
    “Augur, run at full speed, and attack with everything quickly… Otherwise, we can’t escape today!”
    Doc Q anxiously urged.
    “This is the fate…”
    Van Augur faintly said, and quickly increased his speed.
    “Hey! You want to run without caring about your partner.”
    Thunder lightning jumps again and Raj in the sky overlooks the two black beard pirate crews who want to escape.
    “try this!”
    Doc Q sneered, biting an apple and throwing it directly at Raj.
    A huge explosion sounded, followed by a violent fire.
    “Idiot, that is, Logia fruit user, will he be injured when it is blown up!”
    Doc Q laughed.
    “Is it?”
    The yellow-colored photon gradually condensed the figure of Raj. Raj held the fist in the chest and joked. “But if I am fast enough, then the big explosion is just illusory.”
    “When is he…”
    Doc Q eyes slammed hard and wanted to turn his head, but it was already late.
    The feet of Raj have been lifted up.
    The yellow-colored light suddenly emerged, giving off a glare.
    Light speed kick!
    Doc Q was kicked out by Raj as if it was broken, and drawn on the surface of the sea, picking up a white wave.
    “Not finished yet!”
    Raj’s figure appeared beside the Doc Q, his mouth glimpsed.
    “I heard that your nickname in the Black Beard Pirates is ‘Death’, unfortunately, mine too.”
    “There can be no two gods of death in this world, so you must die!”
    Raj raised his feet again, facing on Doc Q’s face, kicked it back again!
    This is not over yet.
    Like the kicking the ball on the sea, Raj kicked the weak body of the Doc Q again.
    “This is the fate of the Doc Q… miserable.”
    Van Augur was uncomfortable with a spit.
    At the last foot, Raj kicked him directly into the sky.
    “You are a god of death. The body is too weak. It is estimated that I have beaten you. If you can’t hold it for a minute, you will die directly…!”
    Raj smiled gently, grabbed the body of the Doc Q directly from the sky and then turned it into a yellow-color beam, and smashed it into the Kuja pirate group ship.
    The female warriors of the Kuja pirates suddenly came in a battle mode.
    They did not know whether Raj is good or bad guy and the power of Raj was too terrible.
    “Hey, he came over!”
    Hancock’s eyes also became fierce. If the other side wants to attack them, they will fight back in an instant!
    But Raj clearly had no intention of fighting them.
    “Hey! The female emperor, see you for the first time, you are really very beautiful!”
    Raj smiled slightly and waved his hand. “This guy will be the gift that I will give you, and you can dispose him.”
    “There is another guy waiting for me. In a few minutes, I will come back soon!”
    After that, he don’t wait for the female emperor to respond and the direct and meticulous transformation turns into a yellow-color flash.
    Hancock wanted to ask him what his origins is, but she could only dispel the thought when she saw that Raj has left.
    At the same time, the female emperor began to be a little surprised.
    Just that person, He saw me and run away, Is am I not beautiful?
    The average man can’t hold it when he sees her and his eyes can’t be so clear.
    “This man ……”
    Female Emperor began to have some curiosity, “a little weird.”
    “That’s him! He killed our sisters, I want revenge for the death of the sisters!”
    Kuja pirate, When the female warrior of the regiment saw the Doc Q, the scene of the bitter pain just rushed to their heart and rushed toward him.
    The Doc Q “death”, now surrounded by the angry Kuja pirate group female warriors, really became a “death”!
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