One piece Invincible ch 72

Chapter 72: Yami Yami No Mi Fruit!
    When Raj quickly returned and stood in front of Van Augur, Van Augur was very close to stopping his ship, throwing his gun and raising his hands.
    “I surrender.”
    This is the only time Augur did not mention the word “destiny”.
    But even if he surrendered, his expression was still indifferent like water, as if even death could not make his expression change a little.
    Typical facial paralysis.
    “Young man, you are very promising.”
    Raj smiled and patted the shoulder of Van Augur.
    “but in front of me, surrender is not an option.”
    For a moment, Raj made three punches, all on the belly of Van Augur.
    Augur’s indifferent expression has finally changed, and his face has become a pig liver color because of pain, and he is sit like a shrimp on the ship.
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Yami Yami No Mi fruit’ piece!”
    Sweet mechanical female voice rang in the mind of Raj.
    Only three punches, Raj directly get a devil fruit fragment, just in time let Raj know what kind of devil fruit he will burst out next.
    “Yami Yami No Mi fruit?!”
    Raj eyes brightened.
    “The crew of the black-bearded pirate group burst out Yami Yami No Mi fruit!”
    Although the mouth said so, but Raj’s heart was very happy!
    How strong the Yami Yami No Mi fruit is, I think that people who have seen “One Piece” will know it.
    Logia fruit, any fruit ability in front of him is nothing, as long as it encountered, just like the sea floor stone, all the power disappeared instantly!
    Not only that but when you reach out, you can immediately suck the Devil fruit user like magnet and any attack of the devil fruit ability can directly swallow it!
    Power is simply overbearing!
    Of course, there are such exaggerated benefits, and naturally there are disadvantages.
    Eat the ability of the Yami Yami No Mi fruit, you need to take twice as much as pain as the damage!
    If the body is not strong enough, I am afraid that he will have to lose the fighting power on the spot when take a punch.
    “Isn’t it just a double pain? Now I use ‘Electric Fortification’ to improve my physical strength every day, plus I have armed color Haki, enough to resist most damage!”
    “And I have Pika Pika No Mi fruit with the speed of light. For the defense I have Bari Bari No Mi fruit. For large area attack I have Goro Goro No Mi fruit. Other than the characters like Admiral class, who else can hurt me?”
    “Not to mention, I have not tested my strength for a long time, maybe even can fight with Admiral… See who is more powerful!”
    “This Yami Yami No Mi fruit, I have to fix it!”
    At the thought of this, Raj directly raised his fist and went to Van Augur’s body.
    Light speed punch!
    After this period of development and improvement of the Pika Pika No Mi fruit and continued to strengthen, Raj’s fist speed increased again.
    His current speed has been able to reach two thousand fists in one second!
    Van Augur is unfortunate and became the first person to bear after reaching two thousand punches in a second.
    “Come on! My Yami Yami No Mi fruit!”
    Storm-like attack fell on Van Augur. He couldn’t even speak and he could only vomit blood.
    His body skills are excellent but at this time it is difficult to display the slightest because of the constant damage!
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Yami Yami No Mi fruit’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Yami Yami No Mi fruit’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘armed color Haki’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘blood jade’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get ‘physical strength The upper limit Dan ‘shard one!’
    Raj screamed at Van Augur and the sweet mechanical electronic female voices continued to spread.
    “Snake Princess, what is that man doing?”
    The female warriors of the Kuja pirates are paying attention to the situation on the side of Raj, seeing the speed at which Raj waving two fists to beat Van Augur, they can’t help but wonder.
    “He shouldn’t be avenging for us, beating the crew of the Black Beard Pirates to vent their anger?”
    A female warrior squinted and surprised.
    “It is possible… with his ability, he can clearly solve the opponent!”
    Another female soldier nodded again and again, her eyes full of stars.
    “The man is fighting for us… Does he like someone in us?”
    This topic suddenly ignited the female warriors of the Kuja Pirates, and one after another began to discuss.
    “What are you doing, hurry up help the injured sister on the boat!”
    At this time, the female emperor turned around, her right hand gently crossed his waist, shouting and her face was majestic.
    The female warriors calmed down and quickly began to carry all the injured sisters back to the boat.
    “Is he really venting for us?”
    Hancock looked back at the place where Raj was, her eyes shining and her heart suddenly raised a little expectation.
    Most of the men she had met before, all of them are licking her beauty, just want to take possession of her body… No one cares about her at all.
    But today this man appeared.
    He was born like a hero when he fled, and he beat the guys and vented her anger… There is no better explanation than he likes her.
    At the same time, Rah who was beating Van Augur, did not know that he was taken as a hero by mistake.
    He is completely immersed in his own world, staring at the number of physical limit Dan recipes, counting down one by one.
    “Soon! after three pieces, he can be synthesize a Dan!”
    The upper limit of physical strength Dan (27/30) does not look at the three pieces of the only area, but the difficulty is not small.
    This is how many people Raj beaten before and it took a long time to burst 27 pieces of physical strength fragments of Dan, and now it is 3 pieces, which will immediately enable Yeka’s physical strength to raise to the upper limit!
    Before Raj raised the upper limit of physical strength, the most intuitive thing was the “Judgement of God” that was able to exert from the Goro Goro No Mi fruit.
    If this time, once again take, Raj believes that he is not far from another big move of the Goro Goro No Mi fruit! .
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    • Baber

      Despite the awful English (similar to MTL) and the exaggerated dialogue (which even the original One Piece is guilty of), this novel is able to keep me interested. Thank you (author) 🙂

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    Cool, hopefully he can getvthw fruit from killing this guy and the pigeon


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