One piece Invincible ch 73

Chapter 73: Thunder burial!
    [Wan Lei] How many horror Ye Jia has seen.
    Thunderclouds in the sky, just a thunder are enough to rival the power of Judgement of God!
    If you can reach that level, don’t say what the navy headquarters is, Mary Joa, and it has to be instantly turned into a gray fly!
    The idea is good, but the reality is very cruel.
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Yami Yami No Mi fruit’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get ‘Yami Yami No Mi fruit’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get ‘armed color Haki’ pieces!”
    “Congratulations, Get a ‘armed color Haki’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘blood jade’ piece!”
    System sounds constantly popping up, seeing Raj is speechless.
    “Is there any mistake? The Yami Yami No Mi fruit fragments have exploded nearly 30 pieces. The armed color Haki is even more explosive.” This kind of thing has appeared. The physical strength limit of Dan has not appeared yet. You should not play with me. “
    Raj voice just fell.
    “Congratulations, get a ‘body power limit Dan’ piece!”
    Sweet mechanical electronic female voice sounded.
    Raj did not care.
    “Okay! Only the last two are left, give me a burst!”
    Raj continued to beat Van Augur.
    Soon, the physical force limit Dan fragments appeared.
    The spirit of Raj was greatly enhanced.
    Van Augur was beaten.
    In the face of the violent attack of Raj, he did not even have the slightest effort to fight back. He could only suffer from pain.
    Van Augur said in a mosquito-like inaudible voice, he couldn’t support it anymore, his eyes closed and spit some blood. After the spit, the breath was completely cut off.
    Van Augur has killed countless people in this life.
    Especially after joining the Black Beard Pirates Group, the number of people killed is increasing.
    His only pleasure is to enjoy the quickness of the moment when the prey is shot by himself… He enjoys this feeling.
    However, the ordinary beast prey could not meet his needs at all, so he joined the Black Beard Pirates Group and had the normal identity of using a gun to blow the human head!
    It has been unknown how many times he has used a gun to headshot before.
    But this time, with Laffitte, he come to invade the territory of the Kuja Pirates. He killed more than 100 villagers today!
    Whenever he kills someone, he always faintly says: “This is your destiny…”
    Now, this sentence falls on him.
    He was killed by Raj and this is his fate!
    “Congratulations, get a ‘physical limit Dan’ fragment!”
    But Van Augur finally did a good thing before he died.
    “Ha ha ha… luck can’t stop the block!”
    Hearing the tone, Raj laughed.
    “Congratulations, success in getting the ‘physical limit Dan’ fragment, is it synthetic?”
    Colorful progress bar flew past, about three seconds later, the tripod set off, a freshly released physical limit Dan was presented in front of Raj!
    Raj did not say anything but swallowed it directly.
    It feels like the last time, there is not much change.
    Raj took out six physical strength Dans and put them all in his mouth.
    “Full to full physical strength, it is really happy!”
    “There is a feeling that you can’t help but vent your power, Van Augur, thank you for giving me a physical limit Dan to me, I will give you a funeral here!” “
    flashed and jumped up, spilled from the surface skin of Raj, lingering the whole body, and shaping him into a lightning armor.
    “12 million volts, thunderstorms!”
    A loud noise, the waves picked up.
    The place where Raj was located suddenly burst into a horrible light, and the blue thunder light cluster suddenly swelled and exploded.
    “How did it explode?”
    The female warriors of the Kuja Pirates Group saw the great movements in the distance and were puzzled.
    “Is it a black bearded pirate group guy who is dying have detonating something?”
    A female warrior worried.
    “Pray that he must not die… If it weren’t for him, we can’t help the sisters now. He is our benefactor, can’t just die!”
    Another female soldier has prayed for Raj with her hands crossed.
    “This guy…should there be something wrong?”
    Hancock couldn’t help but frown. Even she didn’t realize that she was worried about a man who she only seen one side and didn’t even speak.
    The glare gradually dimmed, and the thunderbolt light cluster gradually narrowed and eventually annihilated.
    On the sea, a semi-circular pit is formed.
    The Ship and Van Augur… all disappeared, leaving only Raj… and Laffitte, who had a stun in his hand.
    With the body of Laffitte, Raj became a yellow-colored flash and went directly back to the Death.
    “Avishek, tie him up.”
    Raj throws Laffitte’s body on the deck, “Gayatri, let’s go, let’s save some people!”
    She needed by Raj, Gayatri is very happy.
    “Raj, what about me?”
    Rashmi saw Avishek and Gayatri have tasks, could not help but ask.
    “You and Karl stay on the boat first. I will introduce you to some new friends to you later!”
    Raj smiled.
    Rashmi is obviously somewhat lost.
    “Gayatri, let’s go!”
    Immediately, Raj took Gayatri and quickly went to the place where the Kuja Pirates were.
    “Come! The benefactor is coming!”
    “Wow! He is so handsome!”
    “Do you feel that this yellow ~ color flash is a bit familiar?”
    “Yes , I thought this yellow ~ color flash seems to be where I have seen it, but I have never had an impression.”
    “I remembered it! Isn’t that the ability of the Admiral Kizaru’s Pika Pika No Mi fruit?”
    “It really seems… wait for him to come, ask him what fruit ability he has!”
    The female warriors on the ship of the Kuja Pirates have been discussing.
    Being reminded by this, the female emperor also found out that Raj did not only have Pika Pika No Mi fruit ability of Admiral Kizaru, but also the unknown lightning power ability… Can he eat two devil fruits?
    Obviously impossible! .
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