One piece Invincible ch 74

Chapter 74: rebukes the female emperor!
    At the same time, Raj has quickly landed on the ship of the Kuja Pirates.
    he has seen a lot of wounded people on the big wooden cutting ship mourning.
    Either the limb is broken.
    Either look and feel destroyed.
    Either you have a bloody body.
    Seeing this scene, Raj finally got a new understanding of the world of One Piece.
    The world we see in comics is just the simplest and most innocent side of the world.
    The most cruel picture will not appear in front of the public, only with the experience, you will be understood.
    The battle in front of you is the best explanation.
    It’s just the conflict between the two pirates, which has already caused such a tragic situation.
    Imagine the White Beard War. There are 100,000 navies and 50,000 pirates are involved in it. How terrible is the purgatory scene in the bloody sea?
    Immediately, Raj landed on the ship of the Black Beard Pirates. He said nothing, and went straight up to lift a female soldier with a broken limb.
    “Gayatri, her injury is the most serious, give her treatment first!”
    Raj said loudly.
    Gayatri ran quickly.
    But he did not wait for Gayatri to shoot, the female soldier saw Raj, who was holding her, her face changed, and tried his best to push Raj away.
    “Awful man, don’t touch me!”
    Female warrior took out this sentence, she was hurt by the pain. She snorted, her face was white, and the sweat bean fell from his face.
    Raj is helpless.
    He almost forgot, the female warriors of the Kuja Pirates are from Amazon Lily Kingdom.
    In their eyes, men are no different from beasts.
    It is no wonder that the female warrior looks like this and she still resist that he touched her.
    “You are hurting too much now, or you should receive treatment first.”
    Raj did not care about the female warrior, and was ready to go up and lift the female soldier.
    Suddenly, a peach heart came straight to Raj.
    Raj eyes condensed.
    Raise his hand and shoot a laser beam.
    The heart of the peach and the laser light met in the middle of the road, and the explosion occurred directly… but it was obvious that the laser light of the Raj was superior and continued to rush toward the attacker.
    The female emperor’s face showed a strange color and then turned over and escaped the laser light.
    “Who are you really! you dare to offend our sister of Kuja Pirates in front of me. You are…”

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    Hancock screamed openly, but before she finished, she was directly interrupted by Raj.
    “Less nonsense! What Empress? Don’t you see your sister is dying?”
    Raj screamed indiscriminately. “You are the captain of the Kuja Pirates. Is that the case ?” Watching your partner die in front of you?”
    “If you want to save people, come and help!”
    Did she hear it wrong?
    A man, actually talking to her like this?
    Since she became the captain of Kuja Pirates, no one dared to talk to her, especially men!
    Hancock wanted to refute but she did not know what to say.
    Because she saw the tragic situation of the female soldier beside Raj and the bloody wounds of other injured sisters.
    For a time being, Hancock did not know what to say.
    “Gayatri, her injury is the most serious, let her treat it first.”
    Raj could not help but say that he was holding the female soldier’s arm directly.
    The female warrior was seriously injured and her strength was not as good as that of Raj. How could she resist it?
    Gayatri quickly came forward.
    Hands crossed, stacked on the broken arm of the female warrior.
    ?~~~ The
    white transparent mask lights up.
    Soon, everyone was surprised to find that the wound at the broken arm of the female soldier stopped the blood flowing.
    The new meat grows quickly, but it can only cover the wound and does not allow the lost limb to grow again.
    The wounded female soldier felt the pain disappear and was so surprised that seeing Raj’s eyes became very sorrowful.
    “Thank you.”
    Female soldier said.
    Others want to save themselves, but she resisted him… When she thinks about it, the female warrior feels that there is no face.
    “Well, the other injuries are not serious, the next one.”
    Raj took Gayatri to the next female warrior who was hit hard.
    This is even worse than the previous one. Half of the body is almost burned and some ignition light is flashing.
    “Gayatri, repair her face and the place under the ribs, blood loss is the most serious there.”
    After Raj took a look at the injury, he directly judged.
    Gayatri continued to cross his hands and stack it in the place designated by Raj to start treatment.
    Gayatri’s healing fruit is different from what Raj’s saw in One Piece.
    The healing fruit in “One Piece”, the ability to cure the wounded through tears, blood donation, etc.
    But in Gayatri, the ability has turned into a white mask, and wherever it is covered by the mask, the wound is gradually healed.
    It can be seen that the healing fruit obtained by Raj is probably an alternative that has not appeared in the world of One Piece… or it can be said that it is a unique type of variation in the Paramecia type.
    “It is really healing! It’s too powerful!”
    A female warrior saw the whole process and could not help but marvel.
    “The little girl’s ability is so powerful! It can be so incredible that even the doctors feel the tricky things.”
    Another female soldier exclaimed.
    “The benefactor is helping us, and quickly carry the injured sisters here!”
    The gap between the girls and Raj, gradually disappeared with the wounds that were cured.
    The female emperor did not speak at the side, but it was clear from her eyes that she was full of curiosity about Raj.
    What kind of person is this man, will he be so concerned about people he don’t know?
    Obviously, the strength is strong, and the means are tyrannical but when dealing with the wounded, he is so gentle.
    He has two opposite sides, let the female emperor circulate a different look.
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