One piece Invincible ch 75

Chapter 75: proud Hancock
    “Gayatri, let’s eat a physical strength Dan first.”
    Raj took out a physical force Dan and put in Gayatri’s mouth.
    “Big Brother… you even feed me… I was so happy!”
    Gayatri’s originally tired face was all radiant, revealing a bright and happy smile.
    Physical strength Dan entered the body, and instantly the energy consumed by Gayatri refilled and continued to treat the wounds for female soldiers.
    After a while.
    After cleaning up nearly thirty people, Raj wiped the sweat from the forehead and stood up and glanced.
    Basically, the most severely wounded, who threatened life safety have been treated. The rest can be solved by themselves without Gayatri.
    How to say is also the female warrior of the Kuja Pirates. Each of them is extraordinary in strength. The resilience is definitely stronger than the average person. As long as it is not a mortal injury, there is not much problem.
    Raj looked at the Hancock. “Put the rest of the people on the boat. It’s no big deal.”
    The female warriors of the Kuja Pirate heard Raj say so, and they were overjoyed. They quickly came forward to carry the wounded, and also stared at Raj for a long time, and there seemed to be stars in the eyes.
    Raj noticed the eyes of these female warriors, and the mouth twiched a little.
    Those female warriors who are petite ~ small, or stature ? ?
    “Don’t think that you saved my sisters, I will thank you!”
    Hancock quietly sighed, but her mouth is still filled domineering look of a strong woman. “Clarify your origins, Who are you???!”
    “The female emperor is the female emperor. Sure enough, she is able to become the existence of Shichibukai. The attitude is so strong… But can I take the liberty to ask? If I remember correctly, your Kuja pirates should be very strong, everyone cultivated Haki and they can also wrap around the arrow. With this strength, how can even the cadres of the three black-bearded pirates beaten you so badly?”
    “Raj is certainly not polite.”
    “Not to look at the beautiful appearance of the female emperor, Raj is even too lazy to talk nonsense with her.
    In any case, the female emperor is the most beautiful girl of the “One Piece”. A beautiful woman, Raj naturally wants to kiss her.
    But if the female emperor is too tough and has no meaning at all.
    Raj is not the kind of guy. There are so many beauty around the world, why you also set your eyes on arrogant Hancock?
    “you ……”
    Hancock, there is fire in her eyes emerged, her face has gloomy look, she is clearly angry.
    “benefactor You say too much, today is her period started, so you she can’t use her full strength, don’t blame the snake Princess!
    Female soldier quickly said,
    “Period?” “
    Raj didn’t understand for sometime.
    “Shelley, shut up!”
    Hancock face turned red.
    “Don’t say that to outsiders, Shelley!” “
    All of a sudden let other female soldiers were all blushed.
    Shelley realized that she had made a mistake, and quickly smirked and shook his face and bowed his head.
    “Oh… the weak period you said, it won’t be…”
    Raj’s face is a bit awkward.
    He hadn’t thought of it yet and now the female warriors were all embarrassed and he immediately realized.
    Women have a few days each month… it should be their weak period.
    With that said, the gang of black-bearded pirates should not know that today is the weak period of the Kuja Pirates, so they have pick the challenge today.
    That’s really… too sick!
    “But are they all have on the same day?”
    Raj came up with this question but he didn’t bother to ask.
    And here is the world of pirates, plus Amazon Lily is a magical country with only women, all women come to the same day, it is not a strange thing.
    “Ahem …… weak things of the first skip that female emperor, now put Blackbeard crew members were spread out – get rid of the message it …… This is your territory, you should have a way to spread the news.”
    Raj said directly.
    “Why do you want to help us?”
    When she heard that Raj wanted to do things for herself, the female emperor finally felt that she had pulled back and she did not ask why he wanted to spread the news. Instead, she directly asked if Raj had this qualification to ask her to work for him.
    Seeing the female emperor holding her head up, her face was arrogant, and Raj’s mouth was twiched.
    He knows that the description of the female emperor in “One Piece” is vivid but it was only because she looked beautiful that she was neglected.
    In “One Piece”, in addition to Luffy, who is the woman’s face?
    A kitten and a puppy that are kicked if they come in her way.
    Regardless of the facts, Margaret and others were directly petrified and even threatened to break their stone statues.
    Even her mother was also kicked by her.
    All kinds of misdeeds can already explain that the female emperor is more clever than when she is in love. At other times, she has a domineering image of the queen, and her character is rather bad.
    “I just saved your sister and also avenged your sisters who died. If you feel that such great kindness can be ignored, I have nothing to say.”
    Raj said with a blank expression.
    He no longer wants to have much communication with the female emperor.
    This kind of self-centered woman has a lot of difficulties in communication, and Raj can’t stand the way she always looks tall.
    The female emperor stared at Raj, her eyes flashing. This person does not consider her beauty and his tone of speech is not a bit pleasing.
    Has the charm of myself been weakened? .
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  1. Karbonz

    Boring, come on. Punching people for shards is more entertaining than this

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    From what I read in this chapter, the mc is horny and would want any beautiful girl he meets.


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