One Piece Invincible ch 76

Chapter 76: He killed the World Noble?
    “Snake Princess, you can help the benefactor, the benefactor has saved Didely, Camilla, Doris, and they… If they know, they will be sad.
    Female warrior pleading for Raj.
    “Snake Princess, he just wants to spread the news, help him!”
    They seem to be encouraged, another female warrior also said.
    “Snake Princess!”
    Most of the female worrier of the Kuja Pirates are pleading for Raj.
    Even the sisters of the female emperor, Marigold could not help but said: “Snake Princess, he saved the lives of our sisters, this reward is not too much.”
    Hancock impatiently shouted, she lifted her hand, the Kuja pirate group immediately snorted.
    She looked at Raj, looking at his beautiful and innocent big eyes and she didn’t know what was going on.
    “Talk about why you want to spread this kind of news.”
    Hancock returned to the topic. “If the black beard gets the news, his cadres are defeated by us, and there is another person come to attack…” You don’t want to face that vicious guy. Do you think you can beat the black beard?”
    Black Beard has been invited to become the Shichibukai since he defeated Ace and is well known throughout the world.
    Obviously the female emperor is somewhat fear of black beards and is not willing to provoke that kind of character.
    This time, the black-bearded person came to the door to provoke, killing his cadres and letting the black beard know, he will irritated. In the future, he would not dare to provoke the territory of Kuja Pirates, even if he achieved his goal.
    But Raj asked her to spread the news, clearly wanting to make things bigger.
    “What do you think?”
    Raj smiled slightly and asked.
    “You did not kill Laffitte but put him to stay because you wanted to use him to catch bigger fish!”
    “If black beard does not come, then I keep him still relevant?”
    Laffitte position, especially in the black beard pirate ship is not low.
    It can be seen from his ability to lead this Black beard pirate ship.
    “You wanted to kill the black beard?!”
    Hancock interprets the meaning of Raj and her look changes.
    As soon as this statement came out, the female warriors of the Kuja Pirate Group were also shocked.
    Who is the black beard?
    The new Shichibukai, the guy who defeated the captain of the White Beard Pirates Second Team… How strong is the strength, you can imagine!
    He actually wants to kill this kind of guy?
    Raj’s eyes flashed.
    As long as I have read “One Piece”, who doesn’t hate black beard?
    The biggest initiator of this top war, let the White Beard Pirates and the Navy carry out the top war… release the sinful prisoner, kill the white beard, and seize the white beard’s devil fruit… If it is not Shanks, he even wants to destroy The entire navy headquarters which caused more casualties.
    It can be said that Black Beard is basically the biggest block on Luffy’s future road.
    If he hadn’t met before, Raj wouldn’t care about the black beard, even if he waited until the top of the war and then he could solve it.
    But now that he has met, Raj certainly will not miss this great opportunity to solve the black beard!
    “The black beard that can kill so many people, the feeling is that if you think about it, you will feel the blood!”
    Raj smiled and his fist tightened.
    “Do you have the ability to prove that you can kill the black beard?”
    Hancock asked. “We will not be in danger with you, and my country’s people will be the same, unless you prove it to me, How strong is your ability is, otherwise I will not agree.”
    This matter should have ended here.
    The crew of the Black Beard Pirates ended up failing.
    But if Raj walks out the news, it will set off another upcoming war.
    And this war will be extremely cruel!
    “Want to see my strength?”
    Raj corner hooked, sweeping everyone’s eyes, “No problem.”
    Raj is very good at showing strength.
    This is too simple!
    Raj looked back and saw the big ship bundled with three huge wooden stakes under his feet.
    “Just pick you.”
    Raj smiled and then raised his head. “Hey, you all step back. It’s not good to accidentally get injured.”
    “I hope your performance can be as good as your confidence.”
    Hancock left a sentence and returned to the ship with the female warriors of the Kuja Pirates.
    On the ship of the big black-bearded pirate group, only one of them was left.
    “Big Brother is very strong, he will certainly win!”
    Gayatri stood on the boat of Kuja Pirates, her eyes flashed and flickered. For Raj, she felt sincerely admiration.
    “He is your captain, of course you have to speak for him.”
    Hancock snorted. “… Black Beard can defeat the guy who is the captain of the White Beard Pirates and he himself After staying in the White Beard Pirates for more than 20 years, how could a pirate who has never heard of a name defeat him?”
    Black Beard became famous.
    After the fame, many people knew that he was the crew under the white beard and followed the white beard for more than 20 years.
    Now Ace was defeated, and Black Beard was invited by the Navy to become Shichibukai… In contrast, Raj, there are not many people who know his name.
    “I believe in my Big Brother, he even killed the world noble… Oh, no, I didn’t say anything!”
    Gayatri said, immediately realized that it was terrible, accidentally said the secret that could not be leaked and quickly shook her head.
    However, her words, all the word has fallen in the ears of every female soldier of Kuja Pirates… especially Hancock!
    “You… just said that he… killed world noble?”
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  1. Karbonz

    Useless biťch, seriously. Also I hope he will still be punching that guy. Just has have that dumbo heal him

  2. LaoSenpai

    Seriously, author you made her say that so the mc can also have Hancock in his harem, and Hancock is really fucking stupid, she clearly saw him beat black beards crew and still believe he is weak. I won’t criticize you to much as every author’s first book about one piece has harem in it and it’s kinda bad and for them to learn their mistake


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