One piece Invincible ch 77

Chapter 77: Power of heaven and earth!
    The eyes of the Hancock suddenly changed, and the tone was not as strong as before.
    Dragon may be just a rumored world noble, the descendants of the creator… It is impossible to see one side in life or not want to see it at all.
    But for the three sister, Dragons are the most horrible dream of their lives!
    When Hancock was young, she was abducted by the traffickers with her two sisters and sold to the world noble. She became a slave to Dragon.
    On her back, there is still a slave brand of the Dragon: the hoof of Dragon.
    Later, if it wasn’t for Fisher Tiger’s freehand climbing to the red clay continent, Mary Joa, who had released thousands of slaves, and they took the opportunity to escape from it, I’m afraid it’s hard to get out of there, let alone become a respected female emperor.
    But even in the past many years, when the female emperor heard the words of the Dragon, she would recall the cruel years of that time.
    Dragon… She always hates.
    But she can’t do anything, and there is no way to retaliate against them.
    Because the other party is a Dragon, a world noble, a group of people who are protected by the world government and navy. Even if there are many people who think that the Dragons should die, it is difficult to defeat the Dragon.
    Today, however, she actually heard someone killing the Dragon and this person is in front of her eyes… In this sea, is there such a stupid son who dares to kill the Dragon?
    “How could it be… Someone can do it…”
    Hancock whispered.
    “Kill the dragons?”
    “No! It is the world nobility! If he killed the Dragon, how could he still be alive?”
    “Dare to offend the world noble but it is a felony of murder, once it is discovered, all The Navy will come to him for trouble! How could it be like this now!
    The female warriors of the Kuja Pirates Group heard that Raj had killed the world noble and suddenly start discussing.
    but most people still report skepticism.
    The impact of killing the world noble is too great. How can the Navy be willing to give up?
    “It’s true! It’s true! I didn’t lie to you! Big Brother really killed the world noble, we saw it with our own eyes!”
    Gayatri was just a child.
    As soon as the child is questioned, the first reaction, whether it is a secret or not, must first restore its reputation.
    She jumped and yelled and described what happened that day through her dry language.
    “Just… that day! I and Rashmi sister came out from the boat, the sky was full of thunder! Dragon is also dead! That is the case. I didn’t lie, didn’t lie to you!”
    Gayatri tried to prove his innocence.
    However, the female warriors of the Kuja Pirates group shook their heads again and again, and did not believe that Raj had killed the World noble.
    Suddenly, the female emperor shouted loudly, and the penetrating voice made Raj clearly heard and turned her head.
    “Do you really kill World Noble?”
    Hancock then asked aloud, her eager gaze seemed to be eager for an answer… the most wanted answer in her heart!
    Raj suddenly stunned.
    How does she know that he has killed the Dragon?
    “Big Brother, you tell them! You killed the Dragon! They don’t believe me! You tell them, help me prove that I have not lied to lie to them!”
    Gayatri snorted.
    At the time, Raj heard and his mouth twiched.
    Is this kind of thing that can be said casually?
    If it spread out, the Navy Admiral will come to kill them, then it will be troublesome!
    But Raj glanced at the crowd of the Kuja pirates and his eyes fell on the face of Hancock.
    Raj smiled slightly. “I killed him on the spot… Together with him, the Navy’s vice admiral Bastille was also killed by me!”
    “This answer, are you satisfied?”
    Raj said this, the Kuja Pirates immediately exploded.
    They opened their eyes one by one, as if they heard the most incredible things.
    Killing the World Noble… This kind of thing that they can’t imagine, even someone actually did it!
    “Snake Princess…” said Boa Sandarsonia.
    “I didn’t get it wrong. He said that he really killed the Dragon?”
    “This kind of thing, no one dares to talk about it.” . . . As long as there is any wind coming out, he will be finished… Who will lie about this kind of thing?”
    Although Boa Marigold did not believe it, she told her rationally, what Raj said was a bit Reliable.
    ….. …….
    Hancock lowered her head in silence and no one could not see her expression.
    Only one glimmer of light flashed and fell to the ground and crystallized.
    The female emperor moved.
    There is an inexplicable warm current in the heart, so that she can’t stop the urge to cry.
    “Hey! You are not very curious, how did I kill Dragon?”
    Raj grinned and screamed. “I will let you see now, how angry the world is… and this power is the anger of heaven and earth.”!
    rumbling rumbling ~~~
    Raj voice just fell, the sky suddenly thunderous, thick black clouds rolling in, the sun is covered, the world is faint.
    In the eyes of the public, Raj’s figure slowly rose into the air, and a black robe danced in the wind.
    the thunder and blue lightning wrap around Raj and if there is any unpretentious momentum, it will come out.
    When the blue light of the thunderstorm gradually intensified, Raj raised his hand and palmped up.
    “Let’s feel it, what is it… [God’s Judgement]!”
    Booming and banging…
    Suddenly, the clouds broke open, and a huge lightning beam descended from the sky, directly slamming in the position where the black-bearded pirate ship was, and Raj also wrapped in it! .
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