One piece Invincible ch 78

Chapter 78: Takes something from you!
    The huge lightning ray crashed down and turned the ocean directly.
    Around the bleak moment, the world seems to be only the front of the direct thunder and lightning thunderbolt light beam … … shines the whole world!
    When the ship of the Kuja Pirates was on the way, the huge waves that were picked up were rolled back. If the ship had special equipment to hold it steady and live in the sea, I am afraid that everyone will fly straight out.
    The storm is raging, and the waves are rushing out like a raft.
    “What power is this?!”
    A female soldier’s eyes were horrified, and the palms couldn’t help but tremble and even the words shouted out were shivering.
    Not only is she alone but all the female warriors of the Kuja Pirates, including the three sisters were all shocked by the sight of this last day!
    They have seen powerful and terrible power, but they have never seen such destruction, such as the horrible power to destroy the entire sea.
    [God’s Judgement] completely refreshed their understanding of power!
    The huge lightning beam lasted for more than ten seconds, and eventually faded as the light gradually dimmed, disappearing completely without a trace.
    There is only one deep abyss of the ocean, and the leaves of the black robes that are floating in the air.
    A yellow-colored flash illuminates and comes directly to the ship.
    “Now have you seen my strength?”
    Re-standing on the deck, Raj and Hancock face to face, with a confident smile on his face, “I don’t know if you can promise to help me spread the news now?”
    All eyes suddenly gathered on Hancock.
    The female emperor saw Raj’s bright and clear eyes and looked at herself. Without a reason, she felt that the heart was suddenly beating faster and there was a feeling of inability to prevent it. The eyes flashed a sense of overwhelming feeling.
    But she quickly recovered and used two coughs to cover up her confusion.
    “I saw it all over the place. It is not difficult to deal with the black beard with your strength. When I go back, I will immediately release the news.”
    Hancock did not dare to look directly at the eyes of Raj, always in the dodge and the opposite of Raj.
    “In this case, it is time to leave!”
    Raj laughed.
    “Get off? I have not even spread the news, you can’t wait to run away?”
    Hancock immediately asked.
    “If you don’t go back to Amazon Lily with me, how can you get black beard?”
    Raj’s eyebrows pick, “When you let people spread the news, don’t mention my name. Let him think that you are provoking him… The chances of success will be much greater.”
    “Oh… um!”
    Female emperor paused and her face turned red. “Then you have to come back with us to Amazon Lily, if you dare to escape in the middle, I will not spare you!”
    Hancock finished, the robes waved, and opened the beautiful ~ legs turned away.
    Raj looked at the devil like back of female emperor and her eyes were confused.
    This woman is too sensitive?
    The female emperor can sit in the position of Shichibukai. How is IQ?
    He did not continue to stay. Kuja Pirates set sail and he returned to his ship with Gayatri.
    “Gayatri, go and cure him.”
    Raj pointed to Laffitte, who was tied up by the rope and still in a coma.
    Gayatri did not respond for a while.
    “Go, this guy I have great use.”
    Raj smiled slightly.
    Although Gayatri did not know why Raj had to let herself cure the big bad guy, but since Raj said, she would be willing to obey unconditionally.
    The hands are crossed and the white glare lights up.
    The wound on Laffitte is healing quickly.
    Because Laffitte was hurt too much, Gayatri was so tired that she was sweating.
    “Gayatri, eat a physical strength Dan, today allows you to eat a cake!”
    Raj said with a smile.
    “Really, great!”
    Gayatri heard that she could eat more cakes today and jumped up.
    With Laffitte, he enters inside a special storage room for storing things. …..
    “I know you’ve been awake, do not play dead in front of me.”
    Raj said.
    “Hey, you saw it through me.”
    Laffitte opened his eyes and sat up directly on the ground.
    A soft bang, the rope tied to Laffitte breaks directly.
    “This is a bondage that wants to trap me, but it’s not that simple.”
    Laffite flex his muscles and did not put Raj in his eyes. “What about my gift?”
    Raj’s eyes flashed.
    A punch hit and slammed directly on Laffitte’s stomach.
    Suddenly, Laffitte licked his abdomen and held the wall. He couldn’t breathe for a long time. The pale face was a bit unnatural.
    But he still maintained his demeanor very well.
    “Hey, you want to kill me, why bother to save me? If you want to get something from me, you have find my gift rod first.”
    Laffitte face has no flustered expression.
    As he said, it is easy for Raj to kill him. Why should he save him in one fell swoop?
    Since the rescue means that he still has the value of use, Raj definitely wants to get something from him, so he has to heal him.
    “You are right, I really need to get something from you.”
    “Because you are only strong enough to provide me with that thing, if you are too weak, you will die all of a sudden. I can’t find anything that can replace you…”
    Raj sneered.
    “What do you mean?”
    Laffitte realized that it seemed that things were not developing as he had imagined.
    “Next, you must hold on, don’t die… understand?”
    Raj blinked.
    Light speed punch!
    Laffitte didn’t even react at all, and Raj’s fist had fallen on every part of his body…
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Yami Yami No Mi fruit’ piece!”.
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