One piece Invincible ch 79

Chapter 79: Lucky!
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Yami Yami No Mi fruit’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘armament Haki’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘blood jade’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get ‘armament Haki’ piece!’
    The ascending sound madly popped up, and Raj’s fist was faster than the rain. The horror power of two thousand fists per second almost made him unable to see the fist. The hands almost disappeared, and only barely saw the yellow-colored light flashing on both sides.
    Laffitte’s strength is obviously stronger than everyone who met with Raj and in the face of such a stormy attack, he could even speak consciously.
    He wanted to use hypnotism to Raj but he did not give him any chance.
    “Don’t underestimate me!”
    Laffitte was angry.
    He saw a pair of wings behind him broke out and shook his wings. He wanted to escape the attack of Raj with a strong body.
    “Want to run?”
    Raj’s smiled and a punch directly hit Laffitte’s face.
    Laffitte couldn’t respond at all and his face suddenly start bleeding.
    After a punch, when more than a dozen punches were on Laffitte’s face, Laffitte no longer had the angry arrogance before and feeling the whole world was spinning around.
    “After the body is strengthened, the strength of the fist is also getting bigger… Fortunately, your body is stronger than anyone I have met before. I really should thank you for it!”
    Using electric energy to enhance the body strength, Raj’s body is strong. ~ Hard level is obviously improving every day.
    Especially after he ate the second physical strength limit Dan, this feeling became more and more obvious.
    His current physical strength, it can reach the point where it can resist the shells with his bare body.
    This is the benefit of the physical limit Dan, so that the strength of Raj has unlimited improvement!
    “There are still 36 pieces of debris, you must support me!”
    Raj glanced at the synthetic formula of the devil fruit.
    The distance is decreasing and there are only 36 pieces left.
    “Congratulations, you can successfully make up the ‘blood jade’ fragments, you have 10 blood jade, is it synthetic?”
    Suddenly, an unexpected reminder sounded.
    Raj surprised.
    Can you synthesize 10 blood jade?
    Immediately, Raj quickly looked at it, only to find that the blood jade fragments got together 1000 pieces!
    “System, can you synthesize one with taking up 100 pieces?? Why have you not reminded me before!”
    Raj has never been concerned about the acquisition of blood jade, always paying attention to the Haki, devil fruit, physical strength limit Dan’s acquisition status. .
    As a result, he didn’t expect the blood jade fragments that had been hanging around, are I even got a thousand pieces!
    “The system is for you, 10 pumps at a time, you can get one hundred percent of the devil fruit!”
    Sweet electronic female voice sounded.
    Ten pumping must get the devil fruit? !
    Isn’t this the behavior of the money-stricken mobile gamers on the planet?
    Even in such a place… but it feels very cool, ten will have a devil fruit, this sale is cost-effective!
    Under the command of Raj, 1000 pieces of blood jade fragments were immediately thrown into the huge furnace, and the colorful progress bar flew over and over again.
    Until the end of the tenth second and 10 pieces of red jade, such as blood, floated out.
    “You currently have 10 blood jade, is it used?”
    All of a sudden, a gorgeous and shiny Russian turntable emerged in Raj’s mind and turned quickly.
    “Devil fruit … physical strength limit Dan … Haki … are all things I need! Ten consecutive pumping, no need, just come to one!”
    Raj is excited.
    Gambling disk can currently draw items: devil fruit, physical strength limit Dan, Haki, physical strength Dan 100, purchase point 100 points.
    No matter what result he got, Raj earns it a lot.
    And how many strengths can you gain by getting so many treasures that ordinary people can’t even reach at one time? Raj is excited to think about it.
    The blood jade gambling disk turns into a colorful circular phantom, rotating at high speed.
    “Which is OK…whichever comes… Hahaha… I am happy to get anything! “
    Suddenly, Raj felt that the scene around his mind was black, and a group of colorful rays quickly burst open.
    A thread-shaped, golden-colored devil fruit appears.
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Human-Human Fruit!'”
    Human-Human Fruit?
    Raj remembers that there is more than one person in the One Piece who mythical Zoan fruit.
    Luffy crew member Chopper is one.
    Marshal of the Navy Headquarters, Sangoku is one.
    Human-Human Fruit has a morphological division. He don’t know the fruit of the person he got, what kind of form will it appear?
    The idea of Raj has just emerged and the information about the Human-Human Fruit is immediately spread out in his mind.
    [Human-Human Fruit – Big Buddha Form: It can be changed into a huge Buddha image, and it emits a strong shock wave.]
    Sangoku Mythical Zoan type fruit!
    Raj’s eyes were pleasantly surprised.
    This is a precious devil fruit that is rare in the Zoan Mythical devil fruit!
    The devil fruit that will be drawn out of ten consecutive draws is so powerful, hahaha… Then the next ten items that are pumped, isn’t it even better?
    Raj filled his heart with joy and was ready to welcome his rich trophy for the first time.
    Who knows that he just looked at it and immediately became dumbfounded.
    “Physical Dan 100”
    “Physical Dan 100”
    Correct, pumped ten times, except for a devil fruit that must be out, The other seven are blank, only two barely pumping 100 physical strength Dan!
    “The system you pit people but do not bring such a bad luck! You did not say that the gambling disk actually has a blank statement!”
    “And the only two of them are actually physical strength Dan… What are the physical strengths of Dan? Even if the physical strength limit Dan is OK!”
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