One piece Invincible ch 80

Chapter 80: Big Buddha and Yami Yami No Mi Fruit!
    I thought I could get a lot of treasures from the gambling disk.
    who thought that the cruel reality gave Raj a slap on his face and let Raj completely wake up.
    How can there be such a easy thing in the world?
    The system did not answer him.
    But Raj has found the answer.
    At first he didn’t pay attention to these blood jade gambling disc. Now, when you look at it, you can see that the above strips are the same as the Russian turntable, with blank results.
    If these gaps are added up, it is estimated that they will account for nearly 70% of the entire blood jade gambling disk.
    This means that every time you turn the blood jade gambling disk, there is a 70% chance that it will go blank!
    “The gambling disk of the potholes, of course, I should not expect too high, too pitted!”
    Raj heart whispered.
    Although the result had some gaps with his expectations, the results were still good.
    The fruit of Buddha, the super-class Zoan illusionary fruit, can extract such a precious demon fruit, let Raj make a big profit.
    And Raj did not deliberately collect blood jade, these are completely unexpected wealth!
    “I’ve eaten the Logia fruit, ate Paramecia fruit, Zoan fruit …… dinosaurs have not eaten. Even if it was good, big, hard thing is consistent with my image!”
    He directly choose to eat Buddha fruit.
    “This is the fruit of the illusionary beast that Sangoku relies on to become the Marshal of the navy. Come and lets try what kind of power it has!”
    Immediately, Raj eyes condensed.
    “Big Buddha???!”
    Raj body began to have a little golden cover and start increasing its size.
    From the hair silk began to change, the golden color as a liquid-like state, gradually diffuse.
    The golden liquid ~ covered the face of Raj, and then extended to his black robes, and his clothes were also turned into gold… but the weight of the clothes did not change.
    Then came the sleeves, pants, shoes…
    Finally, the whole Raj turned into a golden portrait!
    But this is not over yet, and Raj found that the hair on his head began to slowly roll up, as if it had been smashed, and became the “Judge” state in the impression.
    His whole person’s height and weight are directly raised a lot.
    At this time, the golden fist was inadvertently blasted, with a strong white shock wave attack, directly flew out Laffitte!
    Raj eyes change.
    Here is the storage room on the ship, if he use little bit more power before, whole ship will be destroyed!
    Fortunately, Raj’s speed is fast enough, his body shape instantly turns into a photon, and re-aggregation appears behind Laffitte. A large gold hand directly grabs the body that Laffitte flies.
    Raj sighed.
    “The power of the big Buddha form can not be underestimated!” Sangoku use this fruit to confronted the One Piece Roger.
    In the history of those famous Pirate, Sangoku is second most powerful other than Kapp.
    His ability is strong, how powerful, can be imagined by his position as Marshel!
    “There are still 13 pieces of debris that can be used to make up the Yami Yami No Mi fruit. I can not be used to use the shape of the Buddha or else he will die. The first thing to get the Yami Yami No Mi fruit!”
    Raj lifted the shape of the Buddha, and the gold color disappeared without a trace. The body type also returned to normal.
    “You… don’t be too arrogant…”
    Laffitte opened his eyes in a difficult way, coughing blood from his mouth, and a weak voice come out.
    “You can still speak? Laffitte, I really admire you!”
    Raj eyes brightened and smiled. “Then you can hold it well until I finish the things from you!”
    “As soon as the voice fell, Raj didn’t give Laffitte a chance to open his mouth again. He punched his face directly!”
    The horrible fists hit him and took away the only remaining speaking ability of Lafitte.
    But Lafitte is still tenacious.
    I have to say that this guy is really strong, although it can’t compete with the seven warlord of the sea, such as Hancock but he is still better than some vice Admiral.
    Unfortunately, his luck is not good enough, he met Raj, and fell to the end.
    Yami Yami No Mi fruit (92/100)
    Yami Yami No Mi fruit (94/100)
    Yami Yami No Mi fruit (97/100)
    Yami Yami No Mi fruit (99/ 100)
    “Congratulations, success in getting the ‘Yami Yami No Mi fruit’ fragments, is it synthetic?”
    The sweet mechanical and electronic female voice made Raj’s heart more happy.
    A few seconds later, a purple swirling fruit shaped like a pineapple appeared in the mind of Raj.
    “Don’t say more, just give it to me!”
    Apart from anything else, Raj directly chose to eat the Yami Yami No Mi fruit.
    During the time, Raj felt that his body had become strange all at once, and all his abilities had lost his effect.
    But as this weird feeling passed, all abilities returned to the body of Raj.
    “The innate ability of the Yami Yami No Mi fruit is the ability to absorb some devil fruit. Those who are touched by the Yami Yami No Mi fruit ability will immediately become ordinary people, and can no longer use the ‘devil power’… After the fusion, these fruit abilities can coexist with the Yami Yami No Mi fruit… Black Beard, you can have two devil fruits, it is indeed a genius… But compared with me, you are too tender!!
    Raj sneered.
    As soon as he raised his hand, the dark mist emerged and filled his arm, forming a “dark fog glove” that was particularly infiltrating.
    When he thought of a few days, Black Beard personally brought someone to come to the door. Raj was expecting him to see the Yami Yami No Mi fruit that he was proud of. Even when others had it, how surprised his face would be.
    Laffitte’s vitality is tenacious, and Raj even has some doubts. Is his devil fruit capable of healing wounds quickly, bearing so many punches and even being alive? It is simply a miracle of life!
    He saw Laffitte’s eyes wide open and looked at the black smoke on Raj’s hand, and the eyes were full of incredible shock.
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