One piece Invincible ch 81

Chapter 81: Buki Buki no Mi fruit!

    He is too familiar with this dark mist!
    When the black beard found him and let him join the Black Beard Pirates, he did not agree. Until the black beard showed this terrible dark fruit ability, absorbed his irresistible resistance to the front, and curbed his devil fruit ability, he realized how terrible the dark mist which looks like ordinary!
    He has seen countless times such dark mists on black beard, and he has learned from the black beard that it is the power of Yami Yami No Mi fruit.
    The reason why Laffitte is willing to follow the black beard is because he believes that the black beard with the ability of Yami Yami No Mi fruit will become unparalleled and powerful, and at the same time, he will become the hegemon of this sea!
    But he did not expect that he could see the same dark mist in the hands of another person…
    “No… impossible… this is impossible!”
    Laffitte’s eyes was shaking.
    He does not believe that there are two people in the world who have the same devil fruit ability at the same time.
    It must be wrong, maybe the dark mist on the guy’s hand is not a Yami Yami No Mi fruit, but other devil fruit ability.
    “There is nothing impossible.”
    Raj laughed.
    He understood why Laffitte was so shocked.
    As the No. 1 general under the black beard, Lafitte is sure to know about the Yami Yami No Mi fruit of Black Beard.
    Now he see that I also have the ability of Yami Yami No Mi fruits. It’s not surprising that he be surprised.
    “As you can see, what you feel now is the ability of the secret fruit… If you can’t believe it, you will know it yourself!”
    Raj shot, aiming at Laffitte, dark mist forming a vortex, changing into a state of constant rotation like a fan blade.
    “Dark water!”
    Lafite only felt that there was a strong attraction that sucked himself up from the ground and quickly approached in the direction of Raj!
    He grabbed neck of Laffitte in his arm, and Raj grinned.
    “How can you still use the ability?”
    Laffitte was shocked and found that his power really disappeared.
    He actually has the ability to have Yami Yami No Mi fruit!
    No… If his ability is a Yami Yami No Mi fruit, what about the lightning power that he had previously applied to himself?
    Can it be said that he is the person who has the ability of two devil fruits?
    Has the black beard captain said that the great plan that he wants to realize?!
    “You have already seen it. Next is the time to die!”
    Raj looked cold.
    A punch banged out!
    Laffitte, who had no devil’s fruit ability, suddenly became weak and windy, and his body suddenly squirmed and spewed a large mouthful of blood.
    “Before you die, give me some more contribution!”
    Light speed punch!
    Raj two hands rushed to Laffitte.
    This time, he will not be interrupted.
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Buki Buki no Mi fruit’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘Buki Buki no Mi fruit’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘armed color Haki’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get ‘blood Jade ‘shard one!’
    “Congratulations, get a ‘blood jade’ piece!”
    “Congratulations, get a ‘physical limit Dan’ fragment!” The
    pop-up prompt keeps Raj constantly harvesting debris.
    “Buki Buki no Mi fruit… If I remember correctly, it should be the ability of the Doflamingo’s family cadre baby-5 ability, which can turn any part of the body into a weapon, but it is of no use to me. Keep it for the next partner!”
    Although the Buki Buki no Mi fruit is not particularly strong, it is also the ability to develop more potential.
    In the unlikely event that the Buki Buki no Mi evolved to the point of “Pluto” that rivals one of the three ancient weapons?
    Everything is possible!
    In contrast, Laffitte’s trauma is obviously not over. Even if he can resist the fist of Raj, the growing wounds and his increasingly weak body are all signs that he is very likely to die at any time.
    “No… no… I am not willing…”
    This is the only last words before Laffitte died.
    After finishing this sentence, Laffitte kept his eyes open, his head lowered, his body completely soft.
    Raj was not surprised at the death of Laffitte.
    “There is one less criminal in the world.”
    Laffitte himself was notoriously deported in the West Sea because of excessive use of violence.
    After joining the Black Beard Pirates, they looted the island and slaughtered the civilians… With his sins, it is no exaggeration to die 10,000 times.
    “You scum, even the funeral is not worth having!”
    “Dark hole!”
    Raj’s big hand pressed to the ground, suddenly a lot of dark fog appeared on the ground.
    Laffitte’s body slowly sank into the dark mist and was completely submerged.
    Raj opened the storage room and walked out step by step.
    Behind the black fog all the way to follow.
    He saw Avishek and Karl. In the eyes of Gayatri, Rashmi, he walked to the side of the ship.
    The dark mist formed a tornado-like column that rushed to the sea.
    “Release!” The dark mist poured into the sea, they don’t know what to spit out, and the sea suddenly became bloody!
    “Raj, what are you doing… what?”
    Avishek looked at the black mist with surprise. His experiance told him not to get close to these black fog, otherwise it would be dangerous.
    Rashmi, Gayatri, Karl are even more afraid.
    The ability of the Yami Yami No Mi fruit is to absorb, to suppress the power of any devil, but also to absorb any happiness.
    So everyone will have an inexplicable anger and fear for the dark fog… especially the devil fruit user.
    “Hey, don’t worry!”
    Raj took the dark mist and grinned. “This is my new ability. It’s very powerful! I will give you a good look tomorrow, and make sure you see it properly!”
    “You have made me stunned .”
    “I have never seen such terrible power.”
    This is the first time Karl saw Judgement of God. Before that, he thought that Raj was only a little stronger, but at this moment, Raj in his heart is a godly existence!
    “Well, these words are left to be said slowly, now keep up with the pirate ship of Kuja pirates and enter the Amazon lily!”
    “Why go to the Amazon lily?”
     Avishek asked.
    “A good show is about to be staged, and you will know when you get there.”
    Raj mysteriously smiled.
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