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OPMW ch 10

Chapter 10: Half-way interception!

Professor Connors, future lizard professor.

The biology professor who specializes in cross-species genetics for the regeneration of human limbs, the personal ideal is to build a world without the weak.

Unfortunately, he made the wrong choice at the wrong time.

Now, he is also making a wrong inquiry at the wrong time.

Lin Fei played yesterday early in the shot Peter, solemnly replied: “Professor Connors, my father leaving only some of the photos during his lifetime, leaving no experimental information at all.”


A suit man came.

Professor Connors saw this person and said with dissatisfaction: “Dr. Ratha, I am still receiving guests.”


Dr. Ratha replied with a smile: “I am an old friend with Parker oldman. My friend’s son came to visit, how can I not come over and greet him?”

Professor Connors was forced to shut up by the power of the other party.

Lin Fei’s heart sighed.

Dr. Ratha is a villain in the film. He used the identity of the head of Osborne to force Professor Connors to inject his own genetic agents in advance, which eventually led to the tragedy.

The most unfortunate thing is that Dr. Ratha also intends to deceive the disabled military personnel to do Osborne’s free human test, and his heart is extremely vicious.

Being stared at by such a guy, the next days may not be too easy.


Dr. Ratha looked at Peter’s identity card and said falsely: “Your father’s accident is a major loss for our company.”

Peter’s eyes showed a sad color.

Dr. Ratha was dragging and pulling, making some nostalgic and sad topics, and succeeded in letting Peter lose his mind.

He asked, “Peter, I hope that you can come here as an intern, assist Professor Connors, and fulfill your father’s wish that he had not.”

“Let me think about it. After all, I have not graduated yet.”

Fortunately, Peter has not completely stricken, free to find an excuse to stall for time.

Dr. Ratha knows that he will not come, and falsely supports Peter’s decision.

The first time I met, it was no longer the case.

However, Lin Fei, who has been watching the movie, quietly came to Professor Connors, and quickly left a sentence in his ear, and then walked into the elevator.

When the elevator door closed, Professor Connors did not respond.

Because Lin Fei left the words:

You come to contact me if you want to return your hand.

The key to Professor Connors in this middle is almost fatal.

They walk out of the Osborne Building.

Standing on the side of the street.

Lin Fei looked at Peter and asked, “Are you still intoxicated in the false sadness?”


Peter asked angrily: “What do you mean?”

Lin Fei replied coldly: “Don’t you? Can’t you see Dr. Ratha’s problem?”

Peter calmed down, but his eyes were still very confused.

Lin Fei reminded: “His words are intentional, even malicious.”

Peter did not confuse the end, asked: “What you mean is that Dr. Ratha is deliberately telling those sad stories, so good to take my father and left behind dream…”

Lin Fei waited for Peter to finish his words and slammed down Peter’s head.

The traffic light signs flew over the other side of the street without warning, directly smashing the tempered glass of the Osborne door.

The fierce broken sound was screaming again and again.

“What happened?”

Peter, pale, looked up.

At the back of the lane, which is in the red light, one car after another was knocked over, and the direction of the collision still rushed to Lin Fei and avoided them.

At the same time, a figure floated from the sky.


Magneto actually played a half-way killing game.


When the famous car in front of the red light was tumbling and exploding, a small giant wearing a weird helmet emerged from the flame.


This guy has the power to compete with the Hulk in the Marvel comics. It can resist the horror of the Thor god bombardment and Wolverine’s Edman alloy claws. It is definitely a reverse character.

It is a pity that he was greatly weakened in “The Battle of the X-Men”, only possessing super-physical qualities and an invincible head. It is the most known variant of the meat and body strength.

However, this guy is one of the mutant criminals who was rescued by Magneto when he was arrested. It took a long time to appear. How come out now?

I have no reason to think that Lin Fei looks at the Magneto.

Magneto asked: “Two young people, who do we know?”

Lin Fei said: “I don’t like to lookup and talk.”

Magneto laughed and said: “Unfortunately, you have no choice.”

“Is it?”

Lin Fei indifferent glance float in all directions, and Peter himself surrounded by iron, but still indifferent.

Magneto said: “In order to find you, Raven has spent a lot of time. So, guys, please don’t waste my precious time, join us.”

Lin Fei sneered: “Join the Brotherhood? If I replace you then are you going to die?”

“What you say?”

The face of Magneto changed dramatically.

However, Magneto always like to take action rather than talking.

The vehicles that had just been knocked over by the Juggernaut suddenly disintegrated, and a sharp weapon was disassembled from the car, and they were gathered at the side of Magneto and all aimed at Lin Fei.


“I know you m!”

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