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OPMW ch 11

Chapter 11: Fuck!


Lin Fei accompanied the roar and launched an unprecedented sneak attack.

However, Magneto seems to get used to this rhythm. The corner of his mouth is stunned, and even the movement is not needed and the irons that surrounded Lin Fei and Peter flew past.

Peter has long been surrounded by his own line fruit lines.

The floating iron moves, and he simply pulls it out and breaks out easily.

But Lin Fei.

He rushed, and then a strange move, and simply broke through the encirclement.

The distance between the two sides is close to ten meters.

Magneto was surprised and pointed to Lin Fei who broke through.

The weapon that disintegrated from the car was like a sharp arrow from the string, attacking it over and over.

Now Lin Fei can’t even attack, even self-protection is a problem.

Just as Magneto thought that Lin Fei was about to be worn out, Lin Fei seemed to dodge a car that was used by the attack of Magneto as if he had been a prophet.

In a short time when the flying sports car was attacked, it was just the moment when the weapon flew over.

It was such a coincidence that the flying sports car helped Lin Fei take all the attacks.

“Not good!”

When Magneto saw Lin Fei disappeared behind the falling sports car, he immediately woke up.

He rises quickly.

At the same time as the Magneto flew up, he also drove a lot of scattered irons.

In just a moment, these irons all merged into one shield.


Lin Fei’s iron fist was on the iron shield that was joined together by Magneto.

10 cm!

Lin Fei’s iron fist is only 10 centimeters away from the Magneto.

“I will make you regret it!”

Magneto has pushed him back, and the iron shield pushed Lin Fei with a powerful magnetic force.

At the same time, Magneto’s left hand called forcibly pulled the cable and telephone line in the Osborne Building.

This is not only the underground cables and wires that have broken through the solid concrete floor, and the cable telephone line forms a horrible metal wire mesh.


Lin Fei bounced back to Osborne Building by the iron shield. His feet stood firmly on the tempered glass on the smooth surface of the building, facing the Magneto.

“Accept your punishment, young man!”

Magneto thought that Lin Fei was going to apologize, but he was not a generous person, and he must beat Lin Fei.

Of course, for Lin Fei’s ability, he will only punish him.

The metal wire network is fully open, and it can cover objects within a hundred square feet.

Lin Fei seems to be unable to run this time.

Magneto Wang seems to have noticed that Lin Fei has a special ability to predict, and the urgency of using the type of sneak attack will not work. However, after all, the Magneto is a Magneto. He has decisively changed his tactics and controlled the metal wire network to slowly approach in the sneer.


Lin Fei suddenly ran up.

“Can’t run!”

Magneto Wang thought that Lin Fei was panicked, and his hand was lifted. The movement speed of the metal wire net suddenly broke out and covered the whole speed.

Lin Fei suddenly jumped.

Lin Fei flew high and flew to a height of 5 or 6 floor height.


The magnetic shield of Magneto accompanied the slam of the other hand, and the iron shield immediately slammed like a cannonball.



Lin Fei shouted, and Peter flew without warning, appearing in front of Lin Fei.

Lin Fei stepped on Peter’s back.



The body suddenly changed the movement trajectory and fired at the Magneto.

Peter used his body to give Lin Fei a pad, forcibly changing the fate of Lin Fei’s heavy losses.

“What I want to say is: fuck off!”

Lin Fei’s fist with hot air of tearing air, violently banged on the chest of the Magneto.


Magneto’s body slammed into the top of a bus and smashed through the roof. The whole person was buried by the chaotic bus scraps.

“Little monkey flying around!”

“Your opponent is me!”

Jaggernaut that Peter had teased all the time, violently grabbed a broken motorcycle and snarled: “You run again, I will crush you with this motorcycle.”

“You will have no chance to do that.”

A fiery red shock wave suddenly popped out from the other side of the street.

Jaggernaut was directly blasted into the mall on the side of the street. I didn’t know how much glass was broken and how many counters were destroyed.

“Can’t let the Jaggernaut run.”

Lin Fei looked eager.

Although Lin Fei is eager to plunder the ability of the Magneto, but the ability of Jaggernaut, is much more important.

Peter immediately flew past and prepared to fall onto the rock.

But at this time, there was a voice in Lin Fei’s and Peter’s mind: “You two, Jaggernaut can’t run away. Things are already too big, the police in New York have flocked to you, I can’t stop it for long. I hope, You can stop them as soon as possible.”


Lin Fei didn’t expect to be the first conversation with the mutant tutor and the famous professor x on such an occasion.


Lin Fei has come to the front of the public car.

But the bottom of the bus didn’t know when it was torn by a mysterious force, and the sewer wellhead at the bottom of the bus was inexplicably missing, revealing only a hollow sewer black hole.

The professor said: “Magneto already ran away.”

“Peter, let’s go!”

Lin Fei also knew that things were too big, and he decisively shouted Peter.

The stormy woman floated away and invited: “A handsome guy, do you want to take a ride?”

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