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OPMW ch 14

Chapter 14: I am playing you all alone.

“Peter be careful!”

Lin Fei’s reminder is obviously late.

John rushed to Peter with a clear intention of attack. When Peter turned back, the moment he hadn’t heard Lin’s voice, accompanied by the lighting of the lighter, a huge flame swallowed toward Peter.

Peter take a quick response, but this kind of sneak attack without any warning, even he can’t escape.

When the flame was about to swallow Peter, Peter rushed out with the help of the line.

This is the case, his half body is still lit.


Lin Fei generally flew towards him.

Seeing a water dispenser halfway, he did not hesitate to cut the water fountain and grabbed the cans and smashed toward Peter.


Cold mineral water destroy the flame on Peter.

The fireman still doesn’t know the mistake, and ridicules: “With such reaction, you also want to defeat the Magneto?”


Lin Fei angered.

His eyes chilled toward the John.

John who feel the danger can no longer laugh.

He instinctively controls more flames and protects himself.

This is purely a sense of self-protection.

“Lin, don’t be impulsive, I’m afraid there is something wrong with this!”

Storm rushed to stop the violent Lin Fei, and wanted to persuade Lin Fei.

Unfortunately, Lin Fei ignored her.

Lin Fei’s eyes are only on firemen in flame protection.

Even, Lin Fei’s breath began to change.

His right hand nail suddenly became longer, the extension was not so exaggerated, just half the length of the nail; and it also showed a metallic luster, exuding a stinging chill.

This texture is not metal, but rather a bit like a polished bone.

If it is a bone, it is impossible to give such a suffocating edge.

This is not only the case, Lin Fei’s breath has also become a smash, like a prehistoric beast.

This is the super power of the sabre-tooth tiger.

Lin Fei wants to tear Jhon.

“Lin, don’t mess!”

Colossus and other also came.

They looked at Lin Fei, who was completely different, and they felt a sense of fear in their heart.

They seem to see that Lin Fei has become a sabre-tooth tiger.

But there is nothing behind Lin Fei, but they just feel it.


The sabre-tooth tiger moved.

Roaring and rushing over.

too fast.

Only when they actually contacted did they know how terrible Lin Fei’s speed was.

Lin Fei rushed into the flames.

There is no flicker, only the purest straight line attack.


The fireman saw Lin Fei, who broke through the flames, instinctively ducked to one side.

But he overestimated his physical resilience and underestimated the speed of Lin Fei.

The fire man’s chest have five bloody marks, each with at least 10 cm of blood.


The fireman screamed.

Lin Fei smiled coldly and turned back. The fireman’s abdomen had five more blood outlets.

The screams are even more fierce.


Storm, Colossus other people really can’t stand it and in anger attack on Lin.

Colossus and angels are slower, but Storm is different.

She did not want to hurt Lin Fei, just want to stop Lin Fei. So she pointed, a small lightning bolt to stabbed at Lin Fei.

However, Lin Fei’s spider sense work and let John come in front of him. When this action is completed, the small lightning of the storm also happens to attack, the spine of Jhon.

This is the magical spider sense.


Lin Fei’s mind rang the professor’s persuasion.

Although the professor was a bit late, he finally calmed Lin Fei’s anger.


Lin Fei took a hand and the fireman was thrown out.

Fortunately, Colossus and Angel who just came over, catch him, otherwise the fireman did not know whether he would smash his head on the wall.

But Fireman was not lucky enough to go there. There were five blood holes in his shoulder, and one of the blood holes was rushing with blood.

Look at its surging posture, fearing that the blood vessels are pierced.

Colossus asked: “Lin, although the fireman is wrong, but it is not good to torture him like this?”

Storm also followed and asked: “Lin, you just can instantly kill the Fireman, but you choose Torture him like that, this is too much.”


Peter stood next to Lin Fei.

His hair burned a lot, and even his eyebrows burned a little, and there were signs of burns on his face.

However, the anger of his heart is even more crazy than the damage on the surface.

Peter, who was a little out of control, turned out countless lines and asked: “Lin, do you want to make a big break?”

“Everyone calms down.”

Cyclops pushed the professor’s chair over.

Professor trying to appease everyone’s mood, said: “All this is the John’s fault, but Lin, you also to vent your anger, and I hope that both sides can calm done, enough is enough.”

Peter refused and said:. “My anger did not disappear.”

Lin Fei asked: “Professor, if you are inexplicably attacked, although you hit back, but can you be happy?”

Professor did not know how to answer this question.

“Well, we will use a man’s way to solve.”

Colossus stood out and said: “John is my friend, I challenge him instead of you, and you two can attack together.”

“Challenge, Two of together?”

Lin Fei seems to hear the world’s best laughter.

The Colossus (steelman) thought that the steel body could ignore Lin Fei’s fist and immunize Lin Fei’s claws, which he thought was Lin Fei’s nemesis.

But the truth is the opposite.

At the speed of Lin Fei, to reach the Colossus, it is basically the same difficulty as drinking a glass of water.

The steelman who was deprived of his ability to contact him is still called the steelman?

Peter looked around the mutants of the entire school and said, “It’s better to do this. I am going to beat you all…”

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