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OPMW ch 15

Chapter 15: Gambling

“It’s better than this. I am playing you all alone.”

Peter said calmly: “If I lose, I will go out and even apologize to you.”


All the X-men are quiet.

They were all shocked in the same place, as if they heard the world’s best joke.

The only professor who didn’t think it was a joke looked at Lin Fei, but he saw the smile on Lin Fei’s mouth, and he felt an uneasy thought in his heart.

“Do you not believe it?”

Peter smiled coldly, his hands wide open, and with the waving of the fingers, the atmosphere of the scene was sharply different.

“Ah! How is my body uncontrollable?”

“What happened? How do you hit me?”

“Ice, what are you doing? He is a Colossus (steelman), what are you attacking him?”

“Phantom cat, how do you go Stormy? These two strangers are our enemies!”

The students who have not yet grown up collectively lost control and launched attacks on Storm, Colossus, Angel and so on.

“My goodness…”

Professor finally woke up and shouted loudly: “He uses the invisible line to control you like a puppet. Stop him!”

But the professor then asked: “Peter stop, This will cause civil war!”

Lin Fei sneered: “This is the scene we want to see.”

“No, their line is not invisible, just transparent.”

Professor’s brain is worthy of the super brain, making it instantly a new judgment.

Cyclops suddenly pressed the eyebrows and launched a small red laser wave against the air, which was crossed at the top of each person’s head.

Peter immediately lost control of the students.

“I am free!”

“It feels terrible! I don’t want this to happen again for the second time!”

Students all retreated in horror.

“Let’s get out of here soon.”

Cyclops is the captain of the X-Men, commanding: “His line is either invisible to the naked eye or almost transparent, so your physical fitness is easily controlled.”

Peter asked “How do you feel?”

Lin Fei reminded: “There is actually more novelty to play, just looking at the imagination.”


Professor said with the request: “Do not create confusion again.”


Colossus decisively stood up: “Don’t start with the kids, it’s the man’s challenge to take over.”

Colossus have always been the strongest guardians of the students, and the strongest barriers in the school, Say: “If I lose, I can apologize to you on behalf of the school. I can even kneel down for you, let you beat me as much as you want. If you lose, please don’t come here again.”

“No, I modify the bet!”

Lin Fei suddenly stood up and asked Peter: “Peter, give me this opportunity, can you?”

Peter unconditionally trusted Lin Fei.

Lin Fei said to the professor: “I accept your challenge on behalf of both of us, but I don’t want your apology. I only need Jaggernaut. If we win, you have to hand over Jaggernaut to me.”

Professor asks: “Why?”

Lin Fei said: “You don’t want to know the real purpose of Magneto, don’t you want to know my true ability? Promise to bet, you will see my true ability.”


It was just a Jaggernaut, and the professor was able to sacrifice him for that.

If you can know Lin Fei’s card and know the plan of Magneto, it’s a profit.

Lin Fei came to the open space with Colossus.

Dang dang dang!

Colossus hammered his chest 3 times and reminded him: “Lin, your ability is restrained by me, be careful.”

Lin Fei replied: “You can rest assured, I will beat you as an ant.”

There is Peter’s example in front, this time everyone dare not think it is a joke.

“I hope you are not bragging!”

Colossus is angry.

He is a steelman, except for the fear of Magneto, the other brothers are not his opponent.

Now he was underestimated by a young man, who told him that he will beaten like an ant.

Lin Fei smiled than say, please.

The steel man rushed straight through his shoulders.

The fully tempered steel man is horrible and the impact is even more terrifying.

He hits all the way and can knock a bus directly and can easily break the brick wall.

And his steel body can protect him from the pain caused by the impact, and can be immune to high-intensity ice, fire, shock waves and other super-power attacks.

It can be said that the Colossus (Steel Man) is the nemesis of most Mutants.

Unfortunately, he met Lin Fei.

A passer with a One Piece system.

He saw Lin Fei’s strolling step by step to his side, like the most handsome bullfighter, avoiding the brutal impact of the Colossus.

The lost steel man had to come to an emergency stop.

As he turned suddenly, he was horrified to find that Lin Fei was standing by his side.

Lin Fei Da hands on the arms of the Steelers, as an old friend told: “.. I said Steelers, do not bother you at random assault hit a bad person, trampled plants and flowers of the same bad way”

Colossus want to take advantage of Lin Fei’s opportunity to give him a glimpse.

But when he raised his hand, his hands showed an unprecedented horror.

Not only the expression of the steel man is so exaggerated, but all the mutants who watched the duel are even more surprised, each one has a big mouth. Ba, can not be closed for a long time.

And even Professor, almost trembled.

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