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OPMW ch 16

Chapter 16: The most disgusting torture.

Lin Fei grabbed the arm of the Colossus.

The Colossus’s steel body gradually disappeared, while Lin Fei’s body was fully turned steel.

This is similar to borrowing effect.

Such a terrible ability makes people faceless in the workplace, even the calmest professors is shaken.

Colossus just looked at Lin Fei and saw his hand directly stupid.

“Is it interesting?”

Lin Fei punched him on the abdomen of the unprepared Colossus and fly him out a dozen meters.

But at the moment when the Colossus left, Lin Fei’s Steel body ability disappeared without a trace, and the Colossus’s superpower went back.

“It turned out to be the case.”

Professor came over, but he was worried.

Lin Fei asked: “Do you still want to fight?”

Colossus decisively shook his head.

Lin Fei had just punched him when he does not have steel body. His stomach is still very painful now.

The most important thing is that the feeling of losing superpower is terrible. He doesn’t want to feel again.


Lin Fei gave a snap to the Cyclops and asked for a Jaggernaut directly.


Professor sighed and asked: “Do you only borrow this ability?”

Lin Fei nodded and added: “There must be practical skin contact.”

Hearing Lin Fei’s supplementary explanation, all X-men breathed a sigh of relief, and many people were thinking about it: wear more long-sleeved clothes in the future.

Professor continued to ask: “What do you want to do with the Jaggernaut?”


Lin Fei did not answer.

He achieved his goal and did not mean that his anger was all gone.

Moreover, the brothers’ emotions have to be taken care of.

Peter looked at the eyes of all the mutants in front of him.

The atmosphere was quickly dissipated because of Lin Fei’s incompatibility, and because of Peter’s anger.

However, when the Cyclops came over with a stunned Jaggernaut.

Lin Fei looked at the Jaggernaut that was stunned by the special materials and was still unconscious. He questioned: “With the physical fitness of the Jaggernaut, he should not be in a coma for so long. What did you do to him?”

Professor replied: I used some hypnosis to let him sleep well.”


Lin Fei was a little relieved.


Cyclops threw a key to Lin Fei and said, “Be careful, although the handcuffs are specially made, but this guy is the most powerful mutant I have ever seen.”

Lin Fei calmly replied: “I am not afraid of this kind of enemy.”

Cyclops self-deprecating: “I have forgotten your terrible superpower. I have to say that your ability is really the nemesis of all power type Mutant.”

Lin Fei laughed instead of reply.

Professor reminded: “Although I don’t know why you must take away the Jaggernaut, you have to be careful about the rescue of the Brotherhood.”


Lin Fei said quietly.


Lin Fei easily put the heavy Jaggernaut on his shoulders, and Peter, who was flying all the way, quickly appeared in everyone’s field of vision.


Everyone looks to the professor.

Colossus patted the dust on his body and walked over.

Storm asked: “Are you okay?”

Colossus replied: “The stomach is still very painful now, it seems to hurt the internal organs. Lin’s body does not look very tall, but his strength is not inferior to me.”

Everyone listened more alertly.

At this time, the student who was able to move quickly ran back.

She has two contact phone in her hand.

Isn’t this the contact phone that professor gave to Lin Fei and Peter?

Storm asked eagerly: “Where did you get it?”

The student replied: “At the doorway of the school. I watched them throw it away.”

Professor looked at the two contact phone and regretted: “Hey, It seems that they are very hostile to us!”

X-men are very embarrassed.

“This is the case today.”

Professor is a little tired and wants to take a break.

And everyone is silently scattered.

They are not only being beaten today, but they have also lost all confidence.

This lesson is profound enough.


Lin Fei’s home.


Lin Fei violently threw the Jaggernaut to the ground.

This is to wake up the Jaggernaut.

“It hurts!”

“Hey, where is this?”

After a few seconds of Jaggernaut, the consciousness returned and immediately struggled.

But one foot stepped on his chest.

“Ah! How is my strength so weak?”

“What happened? Where did my strength go?”

Jaggernaut struggled with fear, roaring, but the foot on his body was like a steel pillar, suppressing him.

Always stinky socks violently stuffed into the mouth of the Jaggernaut.


Jaggernaut wants to death.

However, the handcuffs and chains on his body were not untied, and the body was stepped on, and there was even smelly socks.

Peter asked: “Why use my socks? My socks are not much.”

Lin Fei replied: “Your socks have not been washed for a few days, just let him cool.”

Peter cramped his mouth.

The Jaggernaut heard this, but he has disgust to spit.

Lin Fei leaned down and patted the face of the Jaggernaut. He asked, “Are you fine?”

Jaggernaut did not respond.

Lin Fei said lazily: “Then you will continue to taste the smelly socks.”

Jaggernaut immediately nodded.

Lin Fei reminded: “If I take out the smelly socks, but you don’t cooperate, then the next time is not only stinky socks, but Peter’s inner pants.”

Jaggernaut’s face gradually white.

Lin Fei actually added: “Oh, yes, Peter’s inner pants have not been washed for a few days. If I remember correctly, he seems to have nightfall before.”

Jaggernaut’s face was all white.

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