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OPMW ch 18

Chapter 18: Not a superhero.

The facts turned out to be in the direction that Lin Fei and Peter were unwilling to face.

The excited May did not notice Lin Fei and Peter’s gloomy expression, and continued: “Their attitude is very sincere, and we have less resentment against them. In the exchange, they feel sorry for your father because Your father’s research before his death has been very successful, and he will soon receive the company’s super reward.”

Lin Fei did not want to listen to it.

And Peter was excited to ask: “Aunt May, what have you done?”

May replied: “Nothing? They asked to see some photos of your father, we will throw the document you yesterday on the sofa. The bag was taken out, but I didn’t expect that the research materials left by your father’s life were hidden inside.”

Lin Fei shook his head directly, and he had already guessed the result.

Peter’s eyes are extremely complicated.

He didn’t want to waste his father’s research results, but he also believed Lin Fei’s warning.

May continued to tell their amazing findings.

“One million! They actually paid one million to us!”

May said with sincerity: “They said that the money is only a small part of the bonus. If the information is determined to be useful, there will be more generous rewards. Moreover, they promised to let you go to Osborne to work in the future. If you study hard, the future is bright.”

Peter assured Lin Fei: “I will definitely get the experimental materials back.”

“Forget it.”

Lin Flying bitterly smiled: “The most critical decay rate algorithms have been seen by them, and their experiments can’t stop it. Our enemies are smarter than we think.”

Peter said weakly to Aunt May: “Aunt May, Let’s call uncle back.”

“What happened?”

May was slow again, and found the abnormalities of Lin Fei and Peter.

Peter replied: “Nothing, Aunt May, I will go with you to pick up uncle.”

Peter and May left together.


Lin Fei wanted to sigh and complain.

Half sighed, he saw a man across the road quickly into the darkness.

Lin Fei looked straight and shook his head.

The man is very strong, his muscles are extremely developed, and he has a strong scent.

In Lin Fei’s memory, there is no such dangerous thing nearby.

After Lin Fei simply closed the door, he followed.


under dim lighting, a fast shuttle people in town.

This person seems to be a bad thing, and even the most blind eyes on the road to see this person can also avoid it.

However, this person is like a frightened person chased by a evil spirit, and his footsteps are fast, and he has to pick the hard way.

In the end, he walked into the grove of the park.

But his footsteps stopped.

Because Lin Fei appeared at the end of the woods.

Lin Fei slowly walked into the woods and asked: “Man, you just walked so urgently, did you disapprove of this landlord’s greetings?”

At this time, Lin Fei saw the face of the mysterious guy.

Looks a bit thin face, actually has a strong arm, developed muscles. That undoubtedly revealed the suffocating, people dare not underestimate.

But these are secondary, the most important is the tattoo on his arm: the crossed bones.

Lin Fei immediately knew the identity of this person.

Crossbones, SHIELD quickly responds to the captain of the Special Forces, but is also a core member of Hydra, the world’s top mercenary.

He is a senior spy that Hydra is lurking inside the SHIELD.

“It turned out to be you.”

Lin Fei looked at the crossbones evilly and said, “Are you in the command of the SHIELD, or the instructions of the Hydra, to come and investigate us?”

Crossbones trembled.

The identity of Hydra is the biggest secret of his life. He didn’t expect it to be revealed here.

Without hesitation, the Crossbones rushed to Lin Fei like a leopard.

The fast-response special forces that can handle the SHIELD, in addition to the members of the Hydra inside the SHIELD, are more likely to have extraordinary combat skills.

Unfortunately, the Crossbones encountered Lin Fei.

Cross-bone is proud of the attack speed, just in front of Lin Fei.


Crossbones throw the knife attack.


The knife that crossbone throw, just hit a tree trunk.


In the end, the crossbone took out the silencer and it lost.

But the result of this time is different from before.

Lin Fei grabbed the silencer gun with one hand and reminded him: “Playing and playing, you will lose your grace with a gun.”


Lin Fei didn’t have any politeness with the crossbone this time, and he punched the crossbone.

But here is the forest. When the crossbone fly out only 3 meters, he hit a thick tree with a bowl of mouth, and struggle for a time.

Lin Fei stepped on the face of the crossbone: “I advise you not to struggle!”

Crossbone is very interesting and immediately surrender.

Lin Fei likes this kind of smart person and said: “You can rest assured that as long as you don’t bother me, I don’t bother to pay attention to the grievances of your Hydra and SHIELD.”

Crossbone sneered: “You think I am an idiot. You and Peter are both superheroes, how can you compromise with us?”

Lin Fei asked: “Who told you, we are superheroes?”

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