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OPMW ch 20

Chapter 20: If I am Magneto!!


How could Peter kill Lin Fei with poison?

But Peter froze, and there was no action for a long time.

Lin Fei sat down lazily and sighed: “I said Raven, if you imitate as a professional, I can still know it is you.”

Peter asked: “How did you find out?” ”

Lin Fei asked: “Peter’s ability you forget about?”

Peter into confusion.

Lin Fei explained: “In order to be more familiar with the ability, Peter uses his abilities as much as possible in his life, such as the action you just opened the refrigerator to take things. He will definitely stand still and operate remotely.”

Because of Peter’s attitude, In order to be familiar with the characteristics of the line fruit in such a short period of time, he can gradually study various kinds of killing.

Peter suddenly came over.

Lin Fei continued: “But Peter is a guy who has nothing to do with me. He is more familiar with this home than I am. Can he not know that if there is any beer in the refrigerator or not?”

Peter finally surrendered and became Mystique Standard form.

Lin Fei looked at the Mystique in front of her eyes and who shook her head: “Raven, you are a good girl, don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others.”


Mystique becomes a normal human image.


This kind of Raven is so pleasing to the eye, Mystique just now is terrible.

Raven asked: “Am I really beautiful?”

Lin Fei affirmed: “Who dares to say that you are not beautiful, I will help you beat him.”

Raven gave a sweet smile.

At the next moment, Raven throw the juice bottle to Lin Fei.

Lin Fei seems to know that Raven will do this in general, and easily put dodge. The juice flies from the right side of Lin Fei’s head and squats on the wall. The juice splashes all over the hall.

A knife stabbed, the target is the heart of Lin Fei.

This is Lin Fei’s fruit knife, which is taken from the ground and is very sharp.

Lin Fei is still smiling.

After the first move, the big hand grabbed the wrist of Raven.

Then, with the trend, Raven could not resist the power of Lin Fei, and the whole person rushed to Lin Fei’s lap.

Raven was also very vicious, and even raised the elbow of the other hand, and attack towards the eyebrows of Lin Fei.

This girl is a devil.

Her ability to adapt, combat technique is terrible, and the slightly clumsy mutants and superheroes have to be killed by her.

“Be honest, Raven.”

Between talking, Lin Fei easily blocked his elbow.

Because of the inertia, Raven crashed into the arms of Lin Fei. However, Lin Fei was very stable, cleverly and gently holding Raven tight.

Face to face.

Breathing for breathing.

Lin Fei can clearly feel the breathing, body temperature and fragrance of Raven.

Lin Fei took a sip and sighed sincerely: “It’s really fragrant.”

Raven struggled fiercely, but the more she struggled, the closer she goes to Lin Fei.

Even some boobs and chest frictions made her body weak.

After discovering that his resistance was only in vain, Raven turned little honest.

Lin Fei asked: “Raven, are you finally calm down?”

Raven did not answer.

Lin Fei slowly smashed the fruit knife in the hands of Raven then he throw it aside, and then quietly admired the beautiful face.

a long time.

Raven asked: “Have you seen enough?”

Lin Fei sighed: “I don’t understand, how can Magneto be willing to let you go to seduce others?”

Raven’s heart trembled, a string of hearts was little angry complaint was immerged.

Therefore, this somewhat resentful Raven could not help but ask: “If you are Magneto, what would you do?”

“If I am Magneto?”

Lin Fei replied in color: “I will definitely take you quietly, go to a beautiful place where no one will be there, other than us and live a life that is harmless. Who dares to bother us, I break his leg and then bury it in the flower garden.”

Raven’s eyes are a little confused, with a little yearning to ask: “What are you talking about?”

Lin Fei was dissatisfied: “It seems that you think that I often lie.”

Raven smiled back and said: “The problem is that we just met.”

“Is it?”

Lin Fei paused.

At the next moment, Lin Fei’s face changed dramatically, and he did not hesitate to hold Raven back.

The sofa flipped over and the bottom of the sofa turned into a surface.


A grenade is almost Lin Fei holding Raven overturned and broke through the window.

The violent explosion was offset by the furniture. To the sofa, only Lin Fei and Raven, who were pushing the sofa and hiding behind the sofa, hit the wall and could not cause actual damage to Lin Fei and Raven.

“You hide it!”

Lin Fei snorted and he jumped out.

At the eye of the dozens of fully armed men.


A word appeared in Lin Fei’s mind first.

The Brotherhood was born with hatred of humanity, and never used the human weapons; Osborne has just got the decay rate algorithm and will not be create trouble outside this time.

Then the only remaining is the Hydra.

Combined with the reminder before the crossbone, Lin Fei has a 90% grasp of the Hydra.

But is the Hydra not curious about himself?

How to try to kill him directly.

The bullets madly poured, and the fire bullets vomited.

Lin Fei didn’t ask, and didn’t have a chance to ask.

He relies on crazy speed and quickly evades in the night.

Because of the explosions and gunshots, there are countless families in this area that are brightly lit, but at this time they are dim.

Everyone is self-protecting and avoiding disasters.

Fortunately, this dim environment gives him the opportunity to fight back.

Lin Fei walked gently on the wall, no sound, like a humanoid spider.

The opponent’s attack has stopped, accompanied by a team of captains, a team of dozens of people forced to fly to Lin Fei’s house.

Four of them took the lead and carefully guarded each other close to the house.

Everything is so orderly.

They are not ordinary elite.


A silhouette flies down, such as a giant spider hunting.

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