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OPMW ch 9

Chapter 9: Visiting the Laboratory

Lin Fei asked: “How do you deal with the gangsters of the gangs? You know, those you left alive will kill more people in the world.”

“Yes, I understand this.”

Peter noded and evily said: “After they did not use the value, I let them go to surrender.”

Lin Fei asked: “They will certainly not go to surrender.”

Peter replied: “They are unwilling, but have to surrender. Because I forced the details of all their relatives and friends, threatened them to say that if they did not surrender, I would control them to shoot at each other, and even control them to poison their loved ones and friends.”

“Good deal.”

After Lin Fei applauded, he asked: “If they confess to the police, let the police encircle us.”

Peter said: “They have seen our means, they will certainly not dare to do that.”

Lin Fei wants to give Peter a thumbs up.

However, Lin Fei remembered the threat of the Brotherhood and asked: “What are your plans for the next time?”

“Now is sleeping, tomorrow is class, and later, look again…”

Peter said and fell.

After a short time, Peter screamed and slept.

Lin Fei looked straight and shook his head.

But Peter can do it like this, it is considered to be capable.

At least not as a small reporter who can only live on a little salary provided by those photos.

The incident seems to have come to an end.

Lin Fei’s life rhythm has returned to the past.

During the day, he will take classes with Gwen, and go to date at night.

Until one night.

Lin Fei sat in the hall and fry the dishes while listening to the latest news reports.

He did not establish his own intelligence agency, so news is the best intelligence information.

He listens to the news on time every day in order to get an accurate timeline.

“News News: Stark Industries’ genius chairman [Tony] won the military technology award from the military, the award ceremony is being held in Los Angeles.”

“News: Hanmer Industry is actively seeking technological breakthroughs, it is reported that they are studying An ultra-small high-explosive missile called Widow.”

“News news: Osborne’s founder Norman’s condition has intensified, and the company’s stock has fluctuated wildly. But the company’s spokesperson claimed that the company has legal heirs and stable. The board of directors and the technical team have enough ability to survive this difficult time.”



Peter sneaked in.

Waiting for Lin Fei to ask, Peter ran over with a briefcase.


Seeing this briefcase, Lin Fei knew that Peter’s story came.

Sure enough, the Peter said excitedly: “Lin, do you know what I found out what my father left my briefcase, and I also looked at his good friend Professor Connors.”

Lin Fei watching Peter take out a lot of printed manuscripts and photos, and ask: “How did you find this briefcase.”

Peter replied: “There is a leak in the house, I accidentally found it when I helped.”

Lin Fei sighed at the bottom of his heart and continue to ask: “How much do you know? Don’t you tell me that you are busy these in recent days?”

Peter nodded. “I know the contents of my father’s research, and I understand that Professor Connors’ current situation is not ideal. I have already made an appointment with him to meet tomorrow.”

Lin Fei hurriedly asked: “How many things did you say to Connors?”

Peter looked at Lin Fei with a puzzled look and replied: “I told him my identity.”

Lin Fei questioned: “He didn’t say anything?” ”

Peter replied:” he was very pleased, and invited me to visit his laboratory.”

Lin Fei asked: “he does not suddenly curious to find the source of your information?”

Peter was no brain replied: “He asked, I also answered honestly.”

“My goodness…”

Lin Fei had a kind of support to ask the impulse of heaven.

Peter asked: “What’s wrong?”

He didn’t wake up yet.

Lin Fei said: “Connors knows, that means Osborne is likely to know.”

Here, Lin Fei simply waved: “Forget it, I will go with you tomorrow, hope the worst has not happened. The situation has not yet been realized.”

Osborne, in order to get the experimental results, they can sacrifice anyone and do anything.

Even killing.

Fifteen years ago, Peter’s parents were killed because they refused to hand over the research results.

Now that Norman is going to die, he will definitely be even more crazy in order to survive.

“Thank you.”

Peter came to Lin Fei just to invite him to go with him.

Now Lin Fei took the initiative to join him, right in his appetite.

With Lin Fei, he has unparalleled confidence and is eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s visit.


“Welcome to Osborne.”

The beautiful front desk service staff assigned temporary documents to Peter and Lin Fei and directed them to get to Connor’s lab.

Compared to the nervous Peter, Lin Fei is very leisurely.

According to the guidelines, they went to the area where the idlers were free.

“Welcome, dear Peter.”

One-armed Connors saw Lin Fei and questioned: “This is…”

Peter quickly introduced: “He is my good friend, as much as I like genetically cross-species, he also like that.”

“Welcome to your arrival.”

Connors did not think so much, invited Peter and Lin Fei to enter the laboratory.

However, Connors was more anxious than Lin Fei’s imagination. After telling each other some facts and explaining his reasons for Peter’s refusal for 15 years, Connors asked: “Peter, you said your father stayed. He have given you something, I don’t know if there is any experimental data that we lost before?”

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