Peerless Emperor System ch 1

Chapter 1: Peerless emperor system!
    One Piece World.
    West Sea, Kingdom of Haryana.
    In the early morning, the first sun shines on the splendid palace. A blue and white flag stands tall in the middle of the bustling town.
    Inside the palace, On a beautifully decorated room, a black-haired boy lying on the bed, whose face is pale.
    “His Royal Highness, it’s time to change the bandages.”
    The door was pushed open and a good-looking maid came in with drugs and bandages. She stand neat the bed and look at the young man on the bed.
    Hearing someone is calling him, the young man turned his head and glanced at the maid. He smile and said to the maid: “Trouble you.”
    “No trouble, no trouble! Take care of you, It’s my duty!”
    Young man’s words made the maid panick. She sneaked at the young, pale weak face and her face turn reddish. She try to change the bandages with her treambling hands.
    When the bandage was untied, a shocking knife mark on the back of the young man was suddenly exposed. The maid carefully cleaned the wound, applied the medicine, and then re-wrapped the new bandage. In the meantime, the young man has been biting his teeth, and his pale face is cold and sweaty.
    “His Royal Highness, the wound is well handled. Do you have any instructions?” The maid took the replaced bandage.
    “It’s okay, go ahead first.”
    Young man endured the pain and struggled to turn over and lay, waving his face pale.
    The maid lowered her head and left to leave but looked at the pale face of the young man, she couldn’t help but say: “Please don’t be discouraged by this your Royal Highness, I believe you can lead the Kingdom of Haryana, out of this difficult time.”
    The young man stunned and then showed a smile: “Thank you for your trust.”
    Maid turned red and looked down, and some flustered ran out.
    But when the maid was off the door, the smile on the young man’s face suddenly changed into a bitter look.
    “Leading the Kingdom of Haryana to tide over the difficulties… Hehe…”
    With the bitter smile, young man closed his eyes gently.
    In fact, he is not a person of this world.
    His name is Pulkit. A week ago, an accident led him to this world. From the beginning of the fear to the current acceptance of reality, he also almost understood his situation in a week.
    This is the world of One Piece and he is the prince of the Kingdom of Haryana. It is a small country in the West Blue Sea. His name is Pulkit.
    On the surface, it is definitely a good identity to cross as the prince of a country. Not to mention that this world is full of pirates, at the very least, he can guarantee food and clothing.
    However, the situation is obviously not so good.
    In this world, almost all countries have joined to form world government and are sheltered by the navy. But Kingdom of Haryana is one of the few countries that refuse to join the world government. Naturally, The Kingdom of Haryana is also not sheltered by the world government. The country has been attacked by pirates and other underground forces for almost a hundred years but the King of the Kingdom of Haryana is also good devil fruit user.
    However, just a week ago, the Simmons family, one of the three major mafia in the West Sea, aimed at the Haryana. With just a thousand people, they used powerful weapons to defeat the army of nearly 10,000 in the Kingdom of Haryana. Not only that, but the Simmons family also has a devil fruit user. The protector of the Kingdom of Haryana was killed in front of the public. Then, he even went into the palace and killed the current king. He said, ‘After seven days, the Kingdom of Haryana must unconditionally surrender to the Simmons family, otherwise it will destroyed’.
    In the next week, the Kingdom of Haryana, which was hit hard by the Simmons family, was crumbling by the attack of the pirates. They even tried to ask the Navy for help, but the Navy did not react, and the whole country was almost in despair.
    The original owner of this body did not want his country to perish, so he went to the battlefield, but was unfortunately killed by the pirates, and then he was being possessed by Pulkit.
    “The head of the army is dead… the army is defeated… the king is killed… the country is facing extinction…. Oh, in this case, let me lead this country out of trouble, is it even possible?”
    Looking at the beautifully decorated ceiling, Pulkit did not have any thoughts to appreciate and his heart was full of bitterness and despair.
    However, at this moment, a series of mechanical sounds suddenly sounded in Pulkit’s mind.
    “Tinggg! The Peerless Emperor system is loaded!”
    “Start scanning the current world pattern… Scanning is complete!”
    “Personal panel generating…Generated!”
    “Welcome to the Peerless Emperor System, This system will escort the host to help to build the strongest empire! Please open the personal panel to view it!”
    “This is…”
    Pulkit’s body was shocked. This awkward voice was shocked.
    But then suddenly reacted, a pale face suddenly became excited.
    My golden finger… is it finally here?
    Resist the inner excitement and try to stand up from the bed. At this moment, the pain on the back wound seems to have open a little. He can’t feel the pain and Pulkit’s voice sounded: “Open the personal panel.”
    A translucent pop-up appeared in front of Pulkit.
    Host: Pulkit
    Country: Haryana Kingdom
    status: Prince
    National level: not open (the status can only open to the king)
    National Prestige: Unopened (the status only open to the king)
    Subordinate Legion: No
    exclusive armed forces: No
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  1. Abanmagan

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  2. Abanmagan

    One piece world? Anime?

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