Peerless Emperor System ch 10

Chapter 10: ANBU ninja vs Simmons Family Cadres!
    Sudden muffled sound made the whole manor startled and hurryed to look up.
    but the Simmons family, including Ante and all the cadres, couldn’t help but widen their eyes, and gradually have the feeling of fear.
    They saw it in the sky above the manor. In the large amount of white smoke that somehow appeared, a giant wearing a black dress and a mask carrying a boundless power, descended from the sky and slammed into the manor below.
    Everyone was staring at this scene, but then, they reacted fiercely.
    In the manor, the mafia members responsible for controlling the cannon suddenly reacted. They were frightened to escape from the manor, except for a few completely irrational mafia members. In addition to jumping out of the window and dying, everyone can’t escape.
    Because the giant body of the ninja has mercilessly smashed down to the manor below.
    Rumble! ! ! ! !
    The violent roaring sound resounded through the night sky. It feels like a earthquake came on the Islans, the building collapsed, and the broken stone flew directly. Some of the mafia members who were not able to avoid it on time were directly killed. Just in a moment, the entire manor was completely collapsed, all the people still inside died. A large amount of smoke and dust flew in sky, while the powerful shock wave also blows the mafia outside the manor.
    Another large amount of white smoke exploded. In the eyes of countless people, the giants who collapsed the manor disappeared completely, leaving only a messy manor ruins.
    Around the ruins, all the mafia members were pale.
    The headquarters of the Simmons family was destroyed!
    The remaining seven or eight cadres looked at the manor that had become a ruin. Even Milan and Clyde couldn’t help but swallow their saliva.
    If they are in same situation, even with their strength, if they are in the manor, they will die!
    Ante’s face was ugly at this time, looking at the collapsed ruins, surrounded by a pale-faced mafia family. His pair of eyes bursting with strong killing and anger.
    Simmons family has been established for so many years! Even the other two families, even the Navy, have never let them suffer such a big loss!
    Today, they have not only suffered the biggest losses in history, but even the enemy’s face has not been seen!
    “Kill! Find them! Kill them all!” Ante said almost in a second.
    However, He haven’t waited for them to act…
    “Earth style: Mudslide jutsu!”
    “Fire style: fireball jutsu!”
    “Thunder style: thunder bomb jutsu!”
    A low-pitched voice from the darkness sounded. It came, and then, the Mafia did not wait for what happened.
    Bang! !
    On the ground, five or six earthworms rise from the ground…
    oh! ! !
    Countless fist-sized fireballs spurt out from the dark…
    nourish! ! !
    On the ground, the blue-and-white current is flowing fast on the ground…
    rumbling! ! ! !
    “Ah!!! Help!”
    The bombardment of Ninjutsu, one of the mafia members was directly blown up or burned, and the screams suddenly sounded.
    At the same time, the Ninja in the darkness rushed out like arrows, rushing to the mafia.
    “The enemy attack! It is an enemy!!”
    “Shoot! Quickly shoot!”
    “Rock launcher! Quickly kill them!!”
    After a brief panic, most of the mafia quickly reacted. Guns and even the rockets were lifted in a hurry, and aimed ninja that rushed over and pressed the trigger.
    oh! Hey!
    The gunshots did not ring, the rockets did not fire, only the black bugs climbed out of the muzzle.
    “What’s the matter?! Why can’t it be fired! Why can’t my rocket launcher work?!”
    A mafia with a rocket launcher panicked. A large number of bugs were shot down. Suddenly, The mafia members seemed to notice something, and quickly raised their heads, and a cold light flashed in front of them.
    Swishhh! ! !
    The blood was sprayed, and the mafia member fell down. In front of him, a ninja did not look at him and rushed to another mafia.
    In the surrounding area, Ninja are throwing Kunai. Everytime mafia member spurts the blood, and occasionally the fireball or thunderbolt rags. A large number of mafia are killed.
    Now their weapons are not working, these mafia are just ordinary people in front of ninja, so there is no resistance at all.
    The mafia, who were completely frightened, no longer thought about the attack, fled one by one in horror, and then was taken down by the ninja.
    The screams of horror, the roar, the screams through the night sky!
    “This…how is it possible…”
    Looking at this scene, including the leader Ante, all the cadres were a little scared. The Simmons family, which is famous in the West Sea, was defeated by these dozens of people.
    “Devil fruit ability… How could it be… There are so many devil fruit abilities…”
    Watching the occasional release of Ninjutsu by ninja, Mafia member thinks that these are devil fruit users.
    “Leader, what should we do, do we let these people kill us?”
    Milan’s hand was involuntarily placed on the handle of the long knife on the waist, and the delicate face could not help but reveal a dignified feared look.
    Others also looked at Ante one by one.
    Ante looked ugly and looked at the fallen mafia members, and ninja that acted like ghosts. He struggled and said: “Let’s get out of here first! These guys are too strong. First get out of here and find opportunities to investigate the identity of this guy. One day, I want these guys to pay the price!”
    All the cadres suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, to be honest, they don’t want to fight with these terrible guys.
    As for how to escape?
    They didn’t worry, except for the four docks, where they still harbored a ship, they have an escape boat built to prevent this type of situation.
    Ante and the seven cadres immediately turned around and prepared to leave quickly. However, Milan’s footsteps suddenly changed, and his expression was somewhat sluggish.
    “What happened to Milan’s big sister?” A cadre looked at Milan strangely.
    A knife flashed over, and the cadre suddenly looked pale and bowed his head in disbelief. There, he don’t know when Milan was holding a knife and piercing his chest.
    “Milan! What are you doing?!”
    Ante and the other cadres suddenly changed their faces, and quickly spread out and opened the distance.
    The cadre’s undead corpse fell to the ground. The blood on the long sword in Milan’s hand, his face showed a strange smile: “What?”
    “Of course, it is killing you.”
    A cold male voice suddenly sounded behind Ante and other cadres.
    “Partial expansion jutsu!”
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