Peerless Emperor System ch 11

Chapter 11 The Simmons Family! Perish!
    When Ante changed his face, he took the lead and reacted. He couldn’t wait to go back and flew directly to the side.
    Clyde gave a low voice and finally turned into a kangaroo, the action is as fast as lightning.
    And the face of Milan, who had been faceless, flashed a bit of struggle, then his eyes recovered and she was sober, and she couldn’t wait to gasp, her body was awkward, and she looked around to the side, then there was no pause and she ran straight away.
    Not far away, A ninja opened his eyes and looked at Milan whispered: “Can fight against my Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu? but still nice work…”
    and in the next moment… …
    bang! ! !
    A huge palm was shot down from the sky, and the other five evasive cadres were directly flattened. The ground slammed, a large number of cracks appeared on the ground, and blood flowed down from the huge palm.
    Looking at this scene, Clyde and Ante only left.
    “Damn! Milan have already ran! Can’t waste any more time! Must escape from here! Otherwise I will really die!”
    Clyde, who turned into a kangaroo, noticed that Milan had fled, suddenly his face became ugly snoring, no longer wants think about leader Ante, the two feet to step, the powerful force makes his speed like lightning, ran to the distance.
    However, before he even ran a few steps, a ninja was stopped there, and his hands were sealed.
    “Looking for death!”
    Clyde glanced around and saw that there was only one ninja, and his eyes flashed a cruel smile and rushed straight toward the ninja.
    In his opinion, these ninjas are indeed very strong, but if there is only one person, with the super-fast speed and strength that the kangaroo fruit gives him, he has confidence to solve!
    “Tsukuyomi: Nightmare Phantom!”
    However, at this time, Clyde suddenly heard that ninja saying something he could not understand, and then everything in front of him changed dramatically.
    Around, it is a sea of ​​fire!
    Gunfire roar! The limbs are flying!
    There are screams and laughter everywhere!
    Here is… my hometown?
    Clyde stopped and looked at the picture like hell on earth. Gradually, his face spread with fear. He recalled the scene he didn’t want to recall the most!
    “Clyde! Run!”
    A young and beautiful girl ran to Clyde, but behind her, a smirk of the pirate came, he ruthlessly cut move the sword, blood splash, girl face with a desperate look fell to the ground.
    Clyde eyes red, only feel the pain in his heart, crazy rushed up …
    Clyde rushed forward and fell to the ground, automatically changing back from the kangaroo’s appearance to the ordinary appearance, horrified and stunned eyes, the body constantly twitching, and the ‘giggle’ sound came from the throat.
    Opposite, ninja’s illusion was released and walked directly to Clyde. The eyes under the mask did not have any feelings. Kunai wiped on his neck.
    When the blood spewed, Clyde stopped struggling and there was no movement.
    “Fire style: Fireball jutsu!”
    A Ninja of the right hand was placed in front of the mouth of the mask, and a large fireball was blown out directly, and spurred to Ante with a hot high temperature.
    Ante, who was also planning to escape was stopped by a Ninja. He disappeared instantly and appeared behind the Ninja, his body rotated 360 degrees, and a side kick kicked directly into the Ninja.
    The Ninja raised his arm and block it. The powerful force directly kicked him out, but in the air, the Ninja moved his body.
    At the same time, the body forced a twist from it, landed on the ground and skipped a distance backwards, then stepped directly on the foot, turned in the hand, and another Kunai appeared in the hands, rushed to Ante.
    “This kind of thing…”
    Ante disdainfully smiled, and his arm turned into a shadow, and even the three Kunai were caught in the hands.
    “Who do you think I am? I am the supreme leader of the Simmons family! Simmons Ante! I am different from the wastes that have been killed by you! Although I don’t know who you are! But you dare to destroy my Simmon family. The Simmons family, who I worked so hard, no matter who you are, I want you to pay the price! Now, let you first experience how much the price is!”
    Ante looked at the death of Clay De, a smack of waste, then looked at the Ninja with a mocking smile.
    He knows that the Simmons family is over!
    Overnight, it was easily destroyed by more than forty unidentified people!
    He admitted that he is not an opponent of these people!
    But against a single ninja, he is definitely not afraid!
    He swears that in the near future, they must pay for this!
    Before that, let’s collect the interest first!
    “Let you see! This is the ability of few people in the Grand Line! The ability of the real strong guys! Armed color Haki!”
    Ante raised his arm, an invisible force began to entangle his hand. His face showed a confident look, just trying to solve the Ninja that rushed in front of him. Suddenly, his ear moved…
    “What sound?”
    Ante frowned, looked down and saw that he used to kick the fly. On the ankle of the Ninja, I don’t know when it was affixed with a strange piece of paper, and it was burning quickly, leaving only the last bit.
    “This is…what…”
    Ante stared blankly at the burning of the paper on his ankle…
    Bang! ! !
    The violent explosion instantly drowned Ante, and the powerful air waves were splashed with gravel and mud.
    Ante’s screams rang from the explosion, like a ruined ragdoll. The powerful explosions directly threw Ante, and the right leg was directly blown up.
    The speed of the Ninja that rushed to Ante never fell. The explosion of the detonator just exploded and the Ante bombed. He stepped on the foot and the whole person jumped up. At the same time as the Ante in the air crossed, a cold flash Over.
    The blood splattered, Ante’s screams stopped, and the lost body fell to the ground.
    The shadow of the Ninja also followed the ground, looked at the body of Ante, clenched the blood on the hand, and spurred away to other members of the mafia who were still fleeing around…
    step on! ! !
    In the dark woods, the sound of the foot quickly stepping on the ground sounded, under the moonlight, a delicate face of Milan, full of dignity and fear.
    “It is too strong, so many people are actually the devil fruit ability user, who are these guys!”
    Listening to the screams from time to time, Milan is full of shock and fear.
    She never thought that as one of the highest cadres of the Simmons family, she would be the second most powerful family member, and she would one day fall into disarray.
    “The Simmons family is over! Next, where should I go? Yes, that Haryana Kingdom seems to be good, the head of the army has been killed by Clyde, and the army seems to be seriously damaged, it is better to take control of that country. And then develop on your own force!”
    While rushing in the direction of the escape boat, Milan thought in his heart.
    Suddenly, a knife light flashed from the side.
    Milan’s look changed, and the long knife at the waist was instantly held in the hand to the side.
    A short knife was blocked, and the owner of the short knife was a female Ninja with a mask and purple long hair.
    “You catch up so soon!” Milan suddenly sinks into his heart.
    The purple hair Ninja has no meaning to stop. There is no one hit, and the short knife in the hand is like a storm, and it has been attacking Milan.
    Ting ting ting! ! ! ! !
    The long knife and the short knife are turned into countless afterimages, and the sharp swordsman cuts a trace on the surrounding ground and trunk, and the powerful shock wave blows everything around.
    Milan sighed softly, using a knife to avoid the Ninja directly, rubbing a small wound on her face, staring at the purple hair with a dangerous look, “I thought you were all devil fruits.” Those who are capable! I didn’t expect to meet a sword master, the short knife? Let me see, how powerful you are??!”
    “Mirror flow!”
    Milan sighed softly, and the long knife flew in his hand, and numerous swords rushed to the Ninja.
    Boom! ! ! !
    Numerous swords are directly shrouded in the place where that ninja girl is standing, the soil splashes at any time, and a large amount of smoke rises.
    “But so.” Milan smiled.
    “Shadow clone jutsu!”
    Swishhhh! ! !
    Accompanied by a cold and low voice, in the smoke, the three purple hair Ninjas rushed out like ghosts, just a moment, they staggered from Milan, and then two of the purple hair Ninjas disappeared into white smoke, the middle purple hair Ninja put away the short knife and walked away.
    Swishhh! !
    “How… maybe…”
    Blood sprang from Milan, and Milan suddenly looked back at the purple-haired Ninja and fell to the ground.
    In this regard, all the seniors of the Simmons family, all died!
    This night is destined to be bloody!
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