Peerless Emperor System ch 12

Chapter 12: Shocked by the strength of Ninja team!
    The journey of sailing is destined to be long and dangerous.
    From the Kingdom of Haryana to the sea where the Simmons family headquarters is located, it takes nearly a day to sail at full speed.
    Under the moonlight, three warships sailed, the sea breeze roared, the sails creaked, and the blue-and-white flag of the Kingdom of Haryana fluttered in the wind.
    Among the cabins in the middle of the main ship, in a comfortable and luxurious room, Pulkit sat on a soft and comfortable sofa, holding a ‘A History book’ in his hand and watching it quietly. Behind him, the little maid Salsa was gently holding his shoulders for him, and a pair of beautiful eyes secretly looked at Pulkit’s side face, and her face flashed a smirk from time to time.
    “The sea calendar is 1510 years…that is, there are still ten years from the beginning of the plot? Hey, this timeline is quite good, I don’t know how the Hancock is at this time??… Really, The original owner knows too little about other things. At the very least, He also care about the current situation in the sea…”
    Turning to the chapter of history book, Pulkit muttered while watching, and the little maid Salsa was stunned. She didn’t understand what Pulkit was saying at all.
    Knock Knock! !
    The knocking on the door suddenly sounded, and Pulkit put the book on side and said: “Come in!”
    “His Royal Highness Prince…”
    The former guard and the current head of the army, Stanley walked in cautiously, half a squat in front of Pulkit, although he did not see the Ninjas in black clothes in the room, Stanley did not dare to look at Pulkit, because he knew that those powerful Ninjas did not know where to hide in the corner. If Pulkit has any danger, they will appear like a ghost, and kill the enemy without mercy.
    Of course, the most important thing is that he don’t know why, now, when he face Pulkit, he has a feeling that he can’t look straight.
    That feeling is like facing a certain supreme emperor.
    “what’s up?”
    Pulkit naturally did not know what Stanley was thinking, while enjoying the massage of the little maid Salsa, he said.
    Stanley looked at Pulkit carefully, swallowed his saliva, hesitated and said: “His Royal Highness, although you have given orders, but will be blunt, only we have more than two thousand soldiers, if we attack Simmons family in this condition, it is tantamount to sending them to death. His Highness, now the soldiers’ emotions are somewhat uneasy. In this state, even if they reach on the island of Moore, I am afraid that they can’t even fight properly.
    ” Well, I know.” Pulkit nodded faintly.
    “So…” Stanley breathed a sigh of relief, just what he was going to say, and Pulkit went on.
    “So, I have no plans to rely on you to solve the Simmons family.”
    Pulkit waved his hand and said: “Go out, let the soldiers rest well, tomorrow morning, we will arrive at Moore Island, I was very busy now.”
    “His Royal Highness Prince…”
    Stanley suddenly smiled and wanted to say something. He just looked at Pulkit’s expressionless face and could only sigh and get up and step back.
    He did not understand at all that Pulkit’s ‘something busy’ could be completely different from what he imagined!
    “Speaking of it, although the strength of the army extracted by the system is very strong, but after all, the number of people is limited. It may be more difficult on a large battlefield. It is necessary to think of ways to improve the strength of these kingdom soldiers…”
    Watching Stanley close the door and leave, Pulkit touched his chin and muttered.
    Pulkit suddenly turned his head and looked at the little maid Salsa, who was smirking behind him. He said with a funny voice: “You have been smirking since the beginning, is it so funny to help me massage?”
    “Ah? His Royal Highness… I… …”
    The little maid, Shasha, suddenly turned red, and wanted to explain something, but found that she couldn’t even say a word, and suddenly she almost burst into tears.
    “Oh, I don’t tease you anymore…”
    Pulkit stood up and laughed and touch the head of Salsa. He smiled and said: “Don’t get tired, go take a break, and you will be busy tomorrow.”
    “Yes… His Royal Highness…”
    Little maid nodded her head with a blushing look, then ran out of the room.
    “It’s no wonder that it’s good to pass through… It’s sending the system and sending the girl. Who doesn’t want to…”
    Looking at the back of the little maid who hurried away, Pulkit smiled slightly, then walked to the lounge.
    Sun rises, with the first morning light breaking through the darkness, a new day is coming!
    The sky was just bright, and after a day and a night of sailing, the shadow of the island of Moore began to appear far. On the warships, the soldiers clenched their weapons one by one, some with nervously watching the island at the distance.
    “Your Highness, Island came?” On the deck of the main ship’s bow, Stanley informed Pulkit, who had already reached the destination waters, to look at the island where the sea level was gradually high. There was no tension in his heart.
    “His Royal Highness, there is the headquarters of the Simmons family, is there really no problem?” Next to her, the little maid Sasha asked with some anxiety.
    “What do you say?” Pulkit smiled a little mysteriously.
    “Discover the situation!”
    Suddenly, the scout on the observatory made a scream. On the warship, all the people were nervous except Pulkit and the Ninja hidden in the dark.
    “Yes, the dock! The dock on Moore Island doesn’t know why it was destroyed! There seems to be a lot of bodies on the sea!”
    “God!! The dock in the west is like that too!”
    “I can’t see behind the island of Moore, but the east is also!”
    In this tense atmosphere, the scouts on the three warships have unbelievable look at the same time. The screaming, shouting out the content, is to make almost everyone stunned.
    Is the island of Moore, the dock of the Simmons family headquarters, ruined?
    How can this be? !
    “His Royal Highness, this…”
    Stanley seemed to think of something, and some unbelievably looked at Pulkit, who was calm.
    “Land on the island!”
    Pulkit did not make redundant explanations, faintly said.
    Soon, in the look of almost everyone’s cautious and doubtful, the fleet landed, not going to the dock that had been destroyed, but just looking for a coast.
    Anchoring, collecting sails, all the soldiers are holding the weapons in their hands, and they are cautious and uneasy to protect Pulkit in the center.
    But walking and walking, everyone look to the center of the island, a flash of doubt in the eyes, is not to say that the Simmons family has a manor comparable to the palace? Where is the manor?
    With this kind of doubt and nervousness, the group of people slowly moved forward, and finally, came to the center of the island.
    And when they look at everything in front of you, everyone is shocked.
    ruins! blood! Corpse!
    In the ruins of the manor collapsed and the surrounding sea, there are numerous bodies lying in it, and the red blood has reddened the earth. The air is filled with a very strong bloody smell!
    Everyone, including Stanley, was shocked and unbelievably watching this scene, and there was a thought in his mind that he could not believe.
    Simmons family! It was completely destroyed!
    Swishhh! ! ! !
    At this time, a Ninja team came from everywhere, like a lightning bolt, half a squat in front of Pulkit.
    “Protect the Prince!”
    Soldiers suddenly changed their faces and pointed the guns in their hands.
    However, all the Ninjas were unmoved by these guns. Pulkit waved his hand to the soldiers: “All the guns are put down.”
    All the soldiers quickly put down the gun, but they were confused.
    However, what the Ninja said, shocked everyone.
    “His Royal Highness! The Simmons family has a total of 5,361 people, and all twelve ships have been annihilated! The Ninja assassination tactical force squad mission is completed!”
    The Ninja team leader who led the mission, respectfully said.
    “Well, did you find the tressure?” Pulkit nodded, his face not so shocked by the incident.
    “Yes, all the money and armed reserves of the Simmons family are in the warehouse one kilometer in the west!” the Ninja leader replied.
    “Well, you are doing very well, go on!” Pulkit nodded with satisfaction.
    “Yes, Your Royal Highness!”
    48 Ninjas disappeared in front of Pulkit, which was like a ghost. All the soldiers suddenly opened their eyes.
    “Is this the secretly cultivated ninja assassination tactical force of the prince? Even in such a short period of time, only the dozens of people have destroy the Simmons family! It is terrible!”
    Only a few know the existence of the Ninja. Stanley, looking at the disappearing Ninja, looked at Pulkit, who was calm, and his heart was full of awe and shock.
    “Stanley.” Pulkit shouted without turning.
    “Organize the people and go to the western warehouse and put all tressure in the ship.” Pulkit calmly said.
    “Yes! Your Royal Highness!”
    Stanley wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and quickly let the soldiers who had not responded to the move to move to the warehouse in the west.
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